WAHMs and Mompreneurs: Why are You Procrastinating in Your Home Based Business?

Mompreneurs and WAHMs Are You Procrastinating In Your BusinessIs procrastinating the reason we fall into overwhelm as WAHMs and Mompreneurs?

I promised you that I would share the 4 Routines for Overcoming Overwhelm as a WAHM and Mompreneur that I talked about in yesterday’s post.  I promise I will still do that, but I must first share something very important with you.

An no, I’m not procrastinating! 🙂

As I was thinking about the routines this morning and all the things I wanted to share with you, I realized that there is something magic about routines that does not have to do with the routines themselves.  Something that makes the routines work and without it we’re all doomed to fail.

Can you guess what it is?

Mindset.  The very same thing that either allows us to fly to greater heights in our home based businesses or sink like a lead balloon.  These routines are built on a foundational mindset, that by doing them we are blessing ourselves and others.

In the case of the Fly Lady method, she’s talking about taking care of your home and your family, but I want you to think about it in the context of your business as well.  Taking action in your business is a blessing as well!

So why are so many WAHMs and mompreneurs procrastinating in their home business?

We feel like we are spinning too many plates, and we don’t have time to get it all done, and how are we ever supposed to when our family must come first. Right?

And as work at home moms we often find ourselves procrastinating and putting our business on the back burner because of family needs that arise.  And at the same time, many of us have trouble feeling like business hours are over because the lines between work and play are blurred in a home based business.

When we’re spending time with our families we’re thinking about all the things we’re not doing in our business, and when we’re spending time in our businesses we’re feeling guilty that we’re taking time away from our families.

When we are procrastinating in our home business, are we using our family as our reason why or as our excuse why not?

Earlier this year I hit a wall.  I felt like I’d way overcomplicated my life and my business by trying to build it online.  I hit a moment of total overwhelm and thankfully I got into solution mindset and decided to go back to the basics and follow the fly lady system again.

It was hard for me to get rid of the thoughts that caused me to get into the overwhelmed feelings in the first place. For most of us mompreneurs it’s procrastination that is brought on by a big bad habit of perfectionism.

But as the Fly Lady suggests, I started with my sink and shoes which led to greater productivity and creativity in my business because the simple routines helped me get into the mindset of doing my business and taking care of my home as a blessing instead of a burden.

Why did you become a WAHM and mompreneur in the first place?

If you originally started your home based business to be able to give more to your family in both time and money, how is putting your business last on the list going to accomplish that?  Are you going to continue to remain a victim to your circumstances because you’re too overwhelmed to take action?

Your family deserves the blessings your business can bring you.  You deserve them as well, and if you keep procrastinating taking action on your business, you’re not only robbing your family of those blessings, you’re robbing all the people who can benefit from your company’s products and opportunity, and your knowledge!

If you’re like I was and you believe you can be successful in your business if only you had enough time to to get caught up, I want you to pick yourself up and as fly lady says get started right where you are.  Don’t try to get caught up!  Don’t start procrastinating again by trying to do it perfectly.  Just do it, right now.

  1. Give yourself permission to design your life in a way that blesses you and others.  Know that whatever you’re behind on, you’ll either decide it wasn’t worth worrying about, or you’ll be able to create enough time to get it done without causing everything else in your life to suffer.
  2. Create some SIMPLE routines that will help you lay the foundation for a successful and productive day.  Resist the urge to create your routines on the computer with beautiful fonts and photographs printed on lovely card stock that looks like handmade paper pressed with flower petals.   Grab a notebook and a pen and start to create some very simple routines that help you to get control of the basics.
  3. Commit to dropping the perfectionism and procrastinating  and find a way to make what you’re doing fun in the time you’re giving yourself to do it.  Do what is important in your business and home so that you can then do what it is your heart desires, whether it’s cuddling your kids guilt-free knowing you’ve taken action in your business and your home, or playing with paint on canvas.

When you take care of the important things (YOU mostly), it makes you feel empowered, energized, confident, and so darned proud of yourself.  And when you’re in a positive mindset like that, it’s so much easier to stop procrastinating and push your comfort zone and grow your business!

I’ll be back with my routines tomorrow, I promise! 🙂

Heather C Stephens, Clever Marketer Internet Network Marketing MLM  Home Business Blog Tips for WAHM MompreneursHeather Stephens

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  1. Hi Heather…I love the Fly Lady’s methods & am trying to incorporate her suggestions into my life but I also love how you suggest the same analogy be applied to our business!!

    Procrastination is probably my greatest “business killer” as it were & I find the more I procrastinate the harder business & life becomes!! I am going to adopt the slogan, “no time like the present!”


  2. Hi Heather, the key for me is being organized and having a planned routine. If I don’t do that I get lost and when I’m lost I get nothing done. It’s easy to procrastinate if there’s no set routine.

    But distractions are the other pitfall, that’s why planning my tasks each day help a lot. I follow down a list and I don’t do anything else until it’s done and email and twitter are put on timers 🙂

  3. I’m printing this post out!
    I’m the biggest procrastinator I know – it definitely has an effect on my business…I add things to my to-do list, then put them off while the list just grows and grows. Perfect example, I have to email photos to a client, instead I’m reading your blog 🙂


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