Becoming a WAHM Mompreneur Was Supposed to Simplify My Life…What Happened?

Fairy Godmother for WAHMs and MompreneursToday’s post is especially for the internet network marketers, WAHM, and mompreneurs who crave simplicity, and the fairy godmother-like superhuman ability to get it all done gracefully, without losing your mind or staying up all night long.  (Although, I suspect that these routines will may become a hit with my favorite guy readers as well, seeing as many of them who I’ve been blessed to get to know are the other group of WAHM -Work at Home Men!)

Today I’ll be sharing with you my secret fairy godmother/drill Sargent, (and a work at home mom – mompreneur herself) whose free training has helped me create simple routines and systems for the various parts of my life that need managing and control.  Have I mastered life…no, definitely not, but things are improving and they can for you too!

Having a home based business was supposed to simplify life wasn’t it?  Wasn’t it supposed to allow me to be in charge of my day and my pay?

Why is it then, that so many days, I feel like I’m running a marathon,  juggling 20+ different tasks while on the phone graciously coaching a teammate or serving a client, changing a diaper helping my kids with homework, all at the same time? Like many other WAHM s I’ve struggled at times with feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration, and a hopeless longing for life to someday be easier.

This video has been around for a while and you may have already seen it, but it tells the story of a day in the life of a mom. Then there are those of us who decide we want a little MORE excitement and we throw in running a home business and growing a network marketing team…and it’s no wonder we sometimes feel overwhelmed and exhausted!

I don’t know if it’s just being a WAHM with 3 kids and a husband who is running one successful business, building another, while learning internet marketing, managing a home and handling the family finances; but overwhelm comes easily to me!

What causes Mompreneurs and WAHM’s to hit massive overwhelm?

  • Pregnancy and delivery (Okay, I’m just kidding…I think?)
  • Trying to do too much
  • Multitasking with the wrong activities
  • Not paying attention to time or dates
  • Not taking care of ourselves: sleep, exercise, nutrition
  • Getting sidetracked with a book, TV (for some people), phone, Facebook, etc.
  • Not planning ahead
  • Not having established routines
  • Not creating systems
  • Not having discipline to do something daily until it becomes a habit

It dawned on my recently that my life was not always feeling as out of control as it had been recently and I wondered if it was because some of my daily routines had flown the coup since having my son, and starting to build my network marketing business online?

About 7-8 years ago I was introduced to the method of “fly-ing” that  Marla Cilley, aka The Fly Lady, author of Sink Relfections,* shares with her readers.  She describes herself as a personal online coach to help you get control of your house and your home, which was totally true in my case.  (She’s also a very clever marketer in my opinion, but that’s another topic!)

I wondered recently if I could apply the fly lady method to being a WAHM and mompreneur building a home based business and I’m loving the simplicity and peace I’ve felt…plus I can’t believe how much I’m getting done!  Her routines can work for mompreneurs and WAHMs to find peace in your business and your life too.

Fly Lady makes housework fun and simple by breaking things down into simple daily routines and daily missions based on the various zone of the home you’re focusing on for the week.

It starts with a control journal (that holds your daily routines, schedule, shopping lists, menus, etc.), a timer, and baby steps; while 15 minute fling boogy de-cluttering challenges, putting out hot spots, and getting things done on anti-procrastination days,  all add spice to your day while keeping you on track.

My method has been to take Fly Lady’s routines and tweak them so they fit me as a WAHM and include my buisness building activities. Think of each of the routines as setting the stage for success in the next part of your day.  It starts the night before.

4 Routines for Overcoming Overwhelm as a WAHM and Mompreneur

  1. Bedtime Routine
  2. Morning Routine
  3. Weekly Routine
  4. Monthly Routine

These routines must fit your schedule and not be overwhelming. Starting small is Fly Lady’s style and for her it began with shining her sink every day.  It helped her to feel in control and the shiny sink spread throughout her home and life.

Fly Lady, Marla Cilley, teaches her fly baby students that they can do anything for 15 minutes, so even the worst jobs have an end in sight.

  • Scared to make phone calls to prospects?  See how many appointments you can schedule in 15 minutes and then reward yourself with a break when you’re done.
  • Hate vacuuming?  Set the timer for 15 minutes and know that when the timer goes off, you’ll have made awesome progress.

Your mission today: I encourage you to check out Fly Lady tonight, and create a simple bedtime routine that sets the stage for your day tomorrow.  Include some “take care of you” time, and some time to relax and unwind doing something you enjoy.  You deserve it!

Tomorrow, I’m going to share with you more details on the routines I’ve sketched out for me as a WAHM building a home business that seem to be working great so far.  The Fly Lady routines are very personal and need to be something you build for yourself and your life, but it’s a very simple process that brings big rewards!

This is a dofollow blog and you will receive some link-love from me if you comment!  So, please share your thoughts and ideas for overcoming overwhelm as a WAHM, mompreneur, or internet network marketer in comments below and share this post with your friends in social media if you think it would benefit them!

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  1. Heather, this is a different take on the flylady site! I like how you were able to create a whole new way to look at it. I started to get into her program a couple of years ago but I can’t remember why I stopped. I’ll have to look into it again as I do know that I have taken away parts of what I learned from that site and still use some of it today.

    I look forward to your next post!

  2. I’ve never been busier – I run my business out of my home as well and I’m working 7 days a week. I recently wrote this blog and I thought you might enjoy it:
    Starting a business from home isn’t going to make your life easier but hopefully it won’t feel like work because you love what you’re doing.

  3. I just left full time corporate world to run my own freelance editing business while working part time teaching communications and I thought I’d have so much more time taking that 40 hour a week “JOB” out of the equation. Somehow it hasn’t quite happened yet – good because I have lots of work, bad because I am juggling. I am starting to get routines down now, and it helps more than I imagined. But there are still things I didn’t account for – like the speech contest my DD was in that I was able to attend (Yay) but that took 3 hours out of my working hours…hours I need to catch up on. Still on the whole, I love what I am doing, and just need to keep working on that balance.

    Great article.


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