Product Review: Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong

Underground Blogging Secrets Review Mavis NongI am honored to write an Underground Blogging Secrets review, not because I personally know and adore one of the creators, Mavis Nong, but because I’m absolutely blown away by all the information she’s included with this course and I know without a doubt if you implement it, you’ll get results.

Background on Mavis Nong:

I’ve known Mavis since August when I first joined our blog tribe, and at the time we were both fairly new to the blogging world.  In a short amount of time, Mavis has absolutely put her blog, on the map, exploded her traffic, and become one of the leading bloggers in the business blogging niche.

Mavis Nong has not skated into success without a ton of hard work, but her work has paid off!  She’s definitely turning heads and getting noticed by a lot of people online.  Here are but a few of the highlights of her impressive blogging resume:

  • 12 Female Bloggers to Watch in 2011
  • 12 Year-End Blog Posts
  • 125 Fearless Female Bloggers
  • Top 50 Remarkable Bloggers
  • 19th Position Top 50 MLM Blogs
  • 16 Best Blog Carnival Entries
  • Guest posts on top and popular blogs
  • Interviewed by top blogging experts

Mavis Nong is an attraction marketing expert who has used her blog to to build her personal brand, as well as attract traffic and leads for her home based business.

The information that Mavis has shared on her blog, before the launch of Underground Blogging Secrets has helped me increase my traffic, increase the function of my blog, helped me to improve my page load speed, the process I use to syndicate my information and so much more.

Why I Purchased Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong:

I purchased Underground Blogging Secrets myself because I was curious what she could possibly have included in the training course that she hasn’t already included on her blog, and let me tell you…Mavis outdoes herself in this product!

I don’t consider myself a beginner or even an intermediate blogger.  Of course I’ve not reached guru status yet, but I’ve devoted the last 9 months to intense focus on my blog, studying and implementing, experimenting and revising everything I’ve learned.  The last couple of blogging courses I’ve gone through have left me flat and unimpressed.

However, with this training, I’ve got to tell you, it’s a whole different story.  Mavis Nong and Phill Turner have truly created an intense powerful product that will light a fire under your blog to generate traffic and leads for your business!

I want you to listen up.  This is not the everyday blogging course you think you’ve seen before.

What Will You Get For Your Money when You Purchase Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong?

The price is affordable for just about anyone: $27

  • Underground Blogging Secrets includes about two hours of video interview with Phill Turner and Mavis Nong–packed with great content from why to start a blog, blogging myths, to how to make money with your blogging, and everything in between!
  • A list of the must-have plugins to use when you’re setting up your wordpress blog!
  • Mavis Nong’s perpetual traffic strategies system listing all the sites she has used to share her content and get traffic back to her blog. (These are not the sites you think they’ll be!)
  • Plus 30 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers with detailed responses and actionable tips.

Who should buy Underground Blogging Secrets?

Underground Blogging Secrets is perfect for the blogger who has a blog that doesn’t get enough traffic to their blog.

It’s for the intermediate and beyond blogger who wants to boost their traffic and leads and monetize (make money with their blog.)

Who should not buy Underground Blogging Secrets?

It’s not for you if you’re wanting to get your blog launched, but you’re not willing to take action.  There is no magic pill contained in any blogging training program that will build your blog for you.  You’re going to have to take what Mavis Nong teaches and put some effort into it, if you want to see the type of results that Mavis has received.

Criticism for Underground Blogging Secrets:

It’s not easy to come up with something to criticize about Mavis and Phill’s blog training product, but I would loved to have seen the ability to download mp3 files of the videos so I could listen on the go.

Why You Should Take Action Quickly:

I highly suggest you purchase Underground Blogging Secrets immediately because you will be presented with an opportunity to be one of only 10 people to participate in 4 live webinars with Mavis Nong and Phill Turner in Underground Blogging Secrets Live.   The live training starts on Monday, May 2nd!

The live training is an additional purchase, but it’s one that I encourage you to make if you would like the opportunity to ask questions live and you need the incentive to take action quickly.

In addition to the live training, if you purchase the upsell, you will receive:

  • One hour training call with Mavis Nong or Phill Turner
  • A blog audit by Mavis Nong
  • Underground Blogging Secrets ebook

With Mavis’ and Phill’s help you’ll have a professional blog set up and getting traffic within 30 days!

Clever Marketer Seal of ApprovalThe links within this post are my affiliate links for the training, but as I always promise you, I will never recommend any product to you that I don’t use myself or have personally reviewed to know it’s quality is exceptional.

As An Extra Bonus:

If you purchase Underground Blogging Secrets through my link you will also receive a one hour coaching call with me and my 125 Blog Marketing Secrets training for free!

Please send me your click bank receipt showing you’ve purchased Mavis’ course and I’ll send you the training and we’ll set up an appointment for your coaching.

I give Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong the Clever Marketer, Marketing Training Seal of Approval!






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  1. Thank you sooo much, Heather! Wow, what an amazing review! 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion about mp3 files.

    Phill and I appreciate you taking your time writing the review and spreading the word! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    • I’m so glad you liked it, Mavis!

      It’s an awesome product! I’m happy to spread the word!

      Happy weekend to you as well!


  2. The product has the mp3’s now, Heather 🙂

    Thanks for the seal of approval!


  3. Heather,

    Both you and Mavis are amazing bloggers and marketers. I have been following both of you for a couple of months now and I am blown away by both of your creativity, hard work, and results.

    Great review, by the way. Thanks for the scoop. I will have to take a look and, of course, I want to support both of your efforts.

    Getzie R. Lamar

    • Hi Getzie!

      Thank you so much for the awesome compliment! I know you’ll be blown away by Mavis’ training! You can’t go wrong. 🙂

      Have a great weekend and thanks for the comment!


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Getzie! 🙂

      Heather is my source of inspiration. She ROCKS!

      All the best,

  4. Heather,

    Oh,Yeah. I’m running to get Underground Secrets. 🙂


  5. Heather, great review of what I am sure is an outstanding product. with Mavix creating it, it has to be good. The content on her blog is consistently excellent. Like you, my only would be what could she possibly put in it that she hasn’t already shared with us on her blog. Looks like I better get my copy ASAP. Again, thx for the review.

    Mavis, CONGRATUALTIONS on the first of what I know will be many product launches.

    Best wishes to you both for a terrific weekend. Aloha. Janet

  6. Awesome review Heather and I have no doubt that the product co-authored by Mavis is first class as this is what I have come to expect from all she puts out.


  7. Heather,

    Thanks for a great review. I am ready to get serious about my blog this summer, and can’t wait to try out this course. I have been following you and Mavis and you are both awesome role models.


  8. Hi Heather,

    Wow, what an amazing review! I had seen Mavis mention her new product on her blog, but this is the first review I’ve seen of it, and it’s extremely convincing!

    Not only that, but I can totally see the faith you have in her and in her product with your own affiliate offer, as well. It must be fabulously awesome if you’re also giving away valuable time and products just to incite people to buy from Mavis.



  9. Great review Heather and I also cannot believe that Mavis has more up her sleeve to share with us.

    Mavis is a talented marketer who has already proven herself and I’m sure her latest product will be sort after by marketers worldwide.


  10. Awesome Review Heather!

    Since I found out Mavis was putting a product out, it’s been on my list to get over and grab it.

    You’ve just pushed that action a few steps up the list – I know how much incredible value Mavis puts out, so I can’t wait to see what’s inside!

    Thanks for sharing your take on what I’m sure is an absolutely killer product!

    All the best,

  11. That’s a very substantial review Heather! Personally, I admire Mavis because I’ve read her post (which are very useful!) and have seen the number of comments on them. And since you’ve bought that wonder book, I believe you’ve just turned from being great to being awesome! Thanks for the info!

  12. I’ve visited Mavis site and yep you’re right! Lots of good stuff to learn from there. Reading one of her blogs, I can see the reasons why she is considered as one of the 12 Female Bloggers to Watch in 2011.

  13. Hi,Heather,
    I see you really admire Mavis and the review you wrote is excellent.I can notice you appreciate her efforts in blogging and what she accomplished so far. Your reasons for purchasing Underground Blogging Secrets from Mavis Nong are well presented, and I will seriously take in consideration buying it for myself.
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. I am regular visitor of Mavis Nong blog.Her each post is full of knowledge. I have got a lot of marketing knowledge from here blog.