CleverMarketer.com was recently reviewed in the MLM Blog Code bonus webinar:

Ann  Sieg gives Heather C Stephens feedbackAnn Sieg Attraction Marketing Pioneer & Network Marketing Expert

“You provide so much value in this blog, right now. It’s over the top.”


Ty Tribble gives Heather C Stephens FeedbackTy Tribble

Top MLM Blogger & Social Media Entrepreneur

“…the content is frankly, amazing.”

“I would recommend you read this blog, by the way. It’s a great one and one that you can certainly learn a lot from, as Heather’s obviously a student of different people out there who are talking about this kind of thing.”

“Everyone subscribe to Heather please, the content is really good!”


Krista Embry gives Heather C Stephens feedback

Krista Embry

Celebrity Make-up Artist

“…you are an amazing advertising guru! WOW…amazing suggestions that are truly appreciated! Thank you again Heather and I appreciate you kindness,”


Karlene Miller gives Heather C Stephens Coaching TestimonialKarlene Miller


Listen to Karlene’s Testimonial

“Hi. This is Karline Miller. I am here to give it a testimonial on the work that Heather Stephens is helped me to do. I’m so honored to be a friend of Heather Stephens. This is one amazing woman who totally over-delivers on her part.  She writes awesome blogs on a daily basis and has been a good guest blogger for Ty Tribble.  I’ve been struggling with getting my wordpress site up and running and felt like it was so totally over my head.  So after only two sessions with Heather, my site is now in a functional mode, and I feel like I am in business.  So check out this a phenomenal lady at clever marketer.com and find out how her over-delivering can help you catapult your business to a forward motion of building momentum.  Have a great day.”

Ana Hoffman gives Testimonial for Heather C Stephens Clever MarketerAna Hoffman

Traffic Generation Cafe

“I’ve been very impressed with your tenacity, great business skills, and the ability to produce high-quality engaging content – can’t wait to see you guest post for my blog!”