Ten Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers by Clever Marketer Kevin Rose

Tips to Get More Twitter FollowersKevin Rose, the founder of Digg, is a clever marketer who I’ll be following and learning from in the coming months. I discovered one of his blog posts today that shared 10 ways to increase your twitter followers.

In the post, Kevin shares many twitter resources and helpful links as well as the ten tips to increase your twitter followers. I really like that he’s explains the basics like RT (Retweeting) and #hashtags.  He also gave tips for creating a bio that attracts people to you, where to put links to your twitter profile, and how to be socially attractive by sharing fun things like pictures and holding contests.

If you don’t check Kevin out and follow him on twitter, you’re missing an incredible opportunity to watch how an expert behaves on twitter, how he engages his followers, and how he shares content, to build his list.  You can find Kevin at Twitter and his Blog.

I think we can all learn from someone with over 1.1 million twitter followers…don’t you?


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