5 Reasons to Use Social Media

Social Media Marketing

We all know how popular Facebook and Twitter are for personal use, but companies have quickly caught on to how effective they can be at bringing in business and creating lasting relationships with customers.   The right social media training can give you the skills and techniques to navigate the world of YouTube, LinkedIn, blogging and […]

Consistency + Quality of Your Content = Your Response in Social Media and Your Income


I just watched a great video by Greg Martin explaining the signs he looks for in his social media accounts to know if consistently posting quality content is getting a good response in social media. When you getting started online, you’re hopeful and excited and may feel that within minutes of tweeting your first blog […]

Ten Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers by Clever Marketer Kevin Rose

Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, is a clever marketer who I’ll be following and learning from in the coming months. I discovered one of his blog posts today that shared 10 ways to increase your twitter followers. In the post, Kevin shares many twitter resources and helpful links as well as the ten tips […]

Eliminate Confusion about RSS, Pinging, and Social Bookmarking

I just read a great blog that gave a great explanation of RSS, Pinging, and Social Bookmarking by Jiri Majkus to help you build your network marketing internet business. In the post he explains the difference between the three, how Google views them, and how they help you to increase traffic to your blog and […]

Building Your Network Marketing Internet Business: Think TINY for BIG Results!

Thinking “tiny” will set you apart from the crowd of other people building their network marketing internet business in social media and have your prospects looking up to you for advice on your home based business! Building your network marketing internet business in social media? Is your approach to social media leaving your network marketing […]