Matt Bacak Mind Map: Secrets of the Internet Millionaire Mind

Get inside the millionaire mind of a master clever marketer, Matt Bacak, with his mind-map and new book, secrets of the internet millionaire mind. Internet Millionaire Mindset Mind-Map by Matt Bacak: Matt is giving away an incredible mind-map for free, with no opt-in required as part of his book launch.  It’s a drawing that sketches […]

A Happy Birthday Email from a Big Name Clever Marketer

My Birthday Wish from Big Name Clever Marketer Matt Bacak

How a big name, clever marketer named Matt Bacak, who I’ve never met, and who doesn’t know me, turned “one-of-those-days” into a great one with a simple email message. Wow, I woke up this morning and was having one of those “days” that we all have once in a while. The dog got sick, I […]