Creative Writing Made Easy: Networking Times Article

7 tips to easy creative writing that gets results for your home based business plus a free downloadable writer’s resource for business bloggers!

Beginner Blogger: Free Resources to Launch Your Blog

launch a blog: find your way through the mechanical maze of setting up your wordpress blog!

Most marketers who want to launch a blog, struggle with two big challenges: limited technical knowledge, and limited financial resources. If you are a home based business owner who is stuck in the mechanical maze of launching a blog, today’s post will help.  It’s a map showing you where to put your money, and where […]

Consistency + Quality of Your Content = Your Response in Social Media and Your Income


I just watched a great video by Greg Martin explaining the signs he looks for in his social media accounts to know if consistently posting quality content is getting a good response in social media. When you getting started online, you’re hopeful and excited and may feel that within minutes of tweeting your first blog […]

Perilous Pinging – Is Your WordPress Blog Spamming the Search Engines?

wordpress blog ping spam

Are you a search engine spammer? Your blog could be blocked as spam in ping directories, killing your SEO, and you may not ever know it!   I’ve researched the topic and will be giving you a simple solution in the form of a plug-in to make sure this doesn’t happen to you! One of the […]