Using Guest Blogging to Fill Out a Portfolio

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Guest blogging is excellent to create a bigger, better portfolio to showcase your talent. Discover a 3 step process for getting started guest blogging.

Marketers Secret Codes: Curiosity Captures Leads with Quick Response QR Codes

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QR Code Marketing opens up options for marketers and home based business owners! Click to get the Q and Q on using QR codes in your online business.

Clever Marketer Unplugged in Chicago!

Unplugging in Chicago this Weekend

A personal letter to you, my friends online… I think I’m one of the lucky people in this world who has found the thing in life that they love to do.  I could lose all sense of time when I’m working (and I sometimes do), which has caused some stress at times in my family. […]

Product Review: Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong

Underground Blogging Secrets Review Mavis Nong

Underground Blogging Secrets Review. Clever Marketer’s praise and the criticism of Underground Blogging Secrets training course by Mavis Nong and Phill Turner.

Peace, Love and List Building | Groovy Plugings that Get More Subscribers!

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Discover 3 groovy list building plugins that will help you get more subscribers as well as help you treat your list to bonus goodies they’ll love and share!

Get Your Marketing Moxie On

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Need Marketing Moxie? Learn a lesson from the marketing slogans of Moxie, a bitter tasting beverage, with a cult following that has lasted since the 1880’s!

Personal Growth: Seeing Progress Every Time You Change Your Underpants

Personal Growth Progress

Discover the 4 stages of personal development and how to light a fire in your pants to make daily progress on your personal growth and business goals!

Beginner Blogger: Free Resources to Launch Your Blog

launch a blog: find your way through the mechanical maze of setting up your wordpress blog!

Most marketers who want to launch a blog, struggle with two big challenges: limited technical knowledge, and limited financial resources. If you are a home based business owner who is stuck in the mechanical maze of launching a blog, today’s post will help.  It’s a map showing you where to put your money, and where […]

The Interview Blueprint: Great Blog Content, from A to Z

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Discover why you should do interviews to create great blog content, who to interview, how to approach them, best practices for conducting your interview & more!

Secrets of Effective Duplication for Dummies and Clever Marketers Too

Effective Duplication Station

Come with me for ride on the success train! Next stop, duplication station where the effective duplication secrets are shared by your favorite guru marketers!