Prepare to Be Amazed

Attraction marketing secret to magically attract targeted leads to you Image

Did you know there is one attraction marketing secret that can make you so attractive, you’ll hardly be able to resist wanting to become your prospect yourself?

5 Secrets of Attraction Marketing to Develop Deep Relationships

Attraction Marketing Develop Deep Relationships Online Image

5 Secrets of 3 attraction marketing mompreneurs who are using their individual strengths to develop deep relationships with their niche market.

Personal Branding: It is Not About You Inc

Personal Branding-It's Not about You Inc.

The you inc business model for personal branding is being polluted and many marketers are crushing it literally when it comes to the integrity of our industry.

Are Your Posts Lonely? 10 Ways to Get More Blog Comments (Part 2)

Get More Blog Comments: Plugins that are like party favors for your readers!

We talked yesterday about the benefit of comments on your blog, and five things you can do to get more blog comments, and today I’m going to share 5 more awesome ways to get more blog comments by automatically rewarding your commentators! Automation can really save the day, like yesterday when I was playing “Becky […]

Are Your Posts Feeling Lonely? 10 Ways to Get Blog Comments (Part 1)

Blog Lonely? 10 Tips to Get More Blog Comments

Discover why you want more blog comments and 5 ways to encourage your mlm blog readers to join the party and engage in conversation with you and your readers.