offline and online marketing resource rolodexA definitive list of resources you need to build your home based business online!

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There is something instantly comforting when a friend recommends a product or service that they have used and loved, especially if it’s one that you’ve needed or been searching for.   It saves you time, headache, frustration, and worry, wondering if the service you’re about to use is going to let you down or become your next best favorite.

Well I want to streamline the process of finding the training, tools, and resources you need to market your business online and offline by sharing with you the things that I personally have used in my business.

Many of the links you will see are my affiliate links.  What that means is that if you purchase the service through that link I may receive compensation of some form.  It will never cost you more to purchase through my link that it would for you to purchase directly through the company itself, and in many cases I will be able to save you money!

I would be honored and grateful if you chose to purchase through my link because this is one of the ways I am paid in my home based business and your purchases, big or small, will help me to continue to put a roof over my family and warm food in their tummies. 🙂

With that said, I make a promise to you that I will never recommend something to you just for the chance that I might make a few bucks off an affiliate link should you decide to buy through me.  I promise that everything I have recommended in the pages to follow is something that I have used and loved or reviewed carefully to assess its quality and found it to be helpful to myself, my students, clients, and or colleagues.

While I will do my best to keep these links up to date, I cannot be responsible for the customer service or product changes, so if you notice any broken links or products that are no longer available, please do let me know your experiences so I can remove the link from my resources.

So enough talking…let’s get to the goodies!!!

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Autoresponder & Newsletters

Clever Marketer Seal of Approval

This suite of technology is replacing my traditional autoresponder, webinar service, and online storage for videos, and it’s saving me time and money, having everything bundled in one place!

  • Create and send emails with video embedded inside of them
  • Set up as many auto-responders as you need with or without video messages
  • Create beautiful HTML newsletters with our without video messages embedded
  • Set up video lead capture pages
  • Host webinar broadcasts without worrying about exceeding capacity
  • Store your videos, photos, and resources safely online (no worries about your hard-drive crashing!)
  • SMS texting is available
  • Brand your videos, and marketing materials to match your business

All for less than my webinar service was costing me!

*Importing my list was easy and did not require my subscribers to double opt in again because I was able to take a screen shot of my previous autoresponder report showing no spam and low bounces.

NOTE: At the time of creating this report, I am still using Aweber for my autoresponder because it links to my membership software, however I have received news that comF5 is adding the functionality to be able to link my membership login to my autoresponder and when that is complete, I will be deleting my aweber account.

Popular and widely used autoresponder.  Will link to many of the features you may use when building your business online.


Free software that allows you to record and edit audios and podcasts on your computer.

Use for Skype, webinars, recording audios, etc. (Inexpensive sounds not perfect but okay.  I love that it includes a mute switch—a must for work at home moms!)

Great for listening to training audios while getting housework done!

Royalty free audios, video clips, and stock images for podcast and video intros.

Cards, Postcards and Gifts

Send cards and gifts (you’ve gotta try the brownies!) to your clients, customers, and teammates for birthdays, congratulations, anniversaries, referrals and motivation!

Great for direct sales professionals and marketers who want an off-line “auto responder.” Online software allows you to manage all your contacts, send invitations, thank you notes, and monthly special cards in the mail to everyone in your database at the click of a button!

Save yourself time, money, and hassle of going to the store, buying your cards and gifts, addressing your envelopes, finding a stamp and getting your cards and gifts to the post office!

Try it for free on me! 🙂

eCovers for Digital Products

Yippee! Finally great looking ecovers from a software program that’s under $30 bucks. You don’t need photoshop, just a .jpg file for your cover, sides, top, etc. This software allows you to turn those flat jpg files into three-dimensional images for an unlimited number of eCovers in minutes! Use it for every project you can dream up!

(But wait! Don’t buy this eCover software from this link! It is a FREE BONUS for the premium members in the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community!)

A free program that allows you design ecovers yourself online.  Limited designs, but great for marketers on a budget!

Images & Photographs




List Building

They call it list building on steroids, and they’re not kidding! Boost your subscription rate by offering your readers multiple ways to sign up for your free offer. This wordpress plugin will allow you to create beautiful opt in forms for your blog. It works with the video autoresponder above and many others!

  • Automatically put your opt in form where your readers will see it:
  • Above or below your blog posts
  • Add a check box in the comment area
  • Add an opt in form in the comment your reader just left
  • Add an opt in form into your sidebar widget area
  • Add a footer
  • Add a popup
  • Add your opt in form to your RSS

It’s completely customizable, choose where and how frequently your opt in forms will show up. This plugin doubled my subscription rate when I installed it last summer on my brand new blog with few visitors! Click Here to Put Your List Building on Steriods (I’m not kidding!)


This plugin works by sending an email to your new subscriber with a special link that they can share in social media, or via email to their friends in order to earn a special extra bonus gift.  When a certain number of their friends subscribe (I’ve got mine set low at 2 referrals) the plugin tracks the results and automatically sends them the link to your bonus!  It also plays nicely with the MBP Subscriber’s Magnet plugin!


Simplify your Blog SEO with this plugin that tells you when and where you need to add your keywords into your blog posts.

It’s super easy to use for even the newest blogger, but powerful in how it optimizes your blog posts! It will help you to make sure you’ve got your keywords:


  • In your H-tags
  • Alt tags on your images
  • In the first sentence of your blog post
  • In the last sentence of your blog post
  • Get the right keyword density on your post
  • Add internal links to your other blog posts
  • Add the no follow tag to links that leave your blog
  • Get a SEO score for all your posts so you know which ones need tweaking.

Ok, so this isn’t for you if you’re always on the ball with your SEO, but for my distracted ADD brain, it’s a must. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was done with my post and I looked to see I had forgotten keywords in important spots…placed I knew to add them, but had overlooked!


QR Codes

SMS Texting

  • Available through comF5 (See autoresponders and newsletters section of this resource list for more information)

Social Media Management

Another fun favorite tool for me that is making my twitter and facebook manageable. Similar to Tweet-Deck but way better in my opinion. This program allows me to post on many sites at once, have full control of where my updates appear, and it even allows me to brand my updates with a link to my blog, increasing backlinks (Hello SEO!) and branding! Inexpensive but awesome!


Attraction Marketing



Information Product Creation

Internet Network Marketing



SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Social Media

SEM Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click

  • Pay Per Click Domination: Free video interview with Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, Jim Yaghi, and Mike Dillard on how to generate hundreds of leads with Google Adwords.
  • Get Traffic 3.0 (Facebook PPC)

Video eMail

  • comF5 (See Autoresponders and Newsletters for more information)

Video Equipment

Video Software

  • Easy Video Player (to host private videos on Amazon and embed them on your blog…Great if you are creating content that someone will be paying for!)

Webinar Services

  • comF5 (See Autoresponders and Newsletters for more information)

Website hosting

  • Hostgator (Sign up through my link and get free wordpress installation on your own domain ($70 value!)

WordPress Services

WordPress Themes


I hope this list of resources helps you shortcut your way to success and eliminates technical glitches along the way.  Thank you again for purchasing through my affiliate links.

Okay…now for a little tough love.

You’ve just been given all the resources that you need to have a successful business that makes you money, generates you leads, and gives you total control of your online presence.

I want you to promise that you won’t fall into the need more resources trap.  Success is not about resources, it is about resourcefulness!

Go make it happen!