Reading List: 10 Classic Marketing Books by Bob Bly

"Are you a network marketer who is a student of marketing?"I just read a great blog post by copywriter extraordinaire Bob Bly, where he shares his top 10 favorite classic marketing books.

I find that so many of the network marketers I work with and meet online and offline, have no idea how to market.  It’s like the “marketing” has been forgotten and although networking is important, no one gets paid unless something sells! And unfortunately the greater majority of people in mlm and network marketing have a fear of the 4 letter “S” word: SELL.

We know that people hate to be sold to, but everyone loves love to buy things, and the difference between the two, in my opinion, is great marketing!  I love the explanation from Ann Sieg in her Renegade Network Marketer ebook that selling is getting someone to buy something because WE want them to buy it, and marketing is getting someone to buy something because THEY want it!

Which leaves me stumped to figure out why the majority of network marketers out there don’t make it a priority to learn how to market.  The only reason I can come up with, is that people are content being average and satisfied struggling in their businesses.

In a future post I’ll be sharing my favorite network marketing books as well as other books that have been meaningful to me as far as personal development, mindset, productivity, and marketing.   But right now, I’ll be adding Bob’s top 10 Classic Marketing books to my reading list. Bob has also written several marketing books I’ll be looking into!

Please put your focus on becoming a student of clever marketer’s like Bob Bly.  I can share with you, based on my own results, that the more I learn and apply what I’ve learned, the more I earn.  You don’t have to continue to struggle to build your home based mlm, or direct sales business.

Need help building your network marketing blog or your network marketing business?  Please tweet me (use an @reply instead of a DM please) or give me a call! 815-218-4726

I’d love to help you become a clever marketer!


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  1. justin says:

    And if you want more, I have the Top 10 by Yuri Mintskovsky that can help you having the knowledge of a marketing specialist. Reading is the best thing a person can do before starting a business because there are many trying to do something new but just a few know how.