Pre-Flight Checklist for Your Network Marketing MLM Blog

"Do you have a pre-flight checklist for your MLM blog?"Do you waste time, going back and tweaking your mlm network marketing blog posts over and over again because you always forget to include something?  Are you often confused as to what your blog post should include to make it attractive to your readers and to the search engines alike?

I’ve discovered a solution to these things, in the memory of one of my childhood dreams…the cockpit of an airplane.

I’ve been an on again, off again student pilot for several years.  It’s a dream I have had since high school. I had started to take flying lessons in college, but I stopped flying when I met my husband and started a family.  I was so excited to pick it up again in 2007, but after finding out I was pregnant with my third baby, and my growing pregnant belly made the cockpit too crowded, I decided I’d put it on the back burner again until my baby boy starts school.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from flying is the importance of a pre-flight checklist.  Pilots go through a checklist every time they fly to ensure a successful and safe flight.

I’ve been going through the mlm blog secrets and mlm blog code network marketing training videos by Ty Tribble and implementing what I’ve learned in my blog.  But I’ve found myself spending a lot of time, going back and updating my blog posts several times each, as I try to include all that I’ve learned in my posts.

It got me thinking that I need a pre-flight checklist (or a pre-publish checklist-if you will), for my mlm blogging.  It’s been a simple thing to implement in my blogging routine, but I can’t believe how much it’s helped me!  Here’s my checklist:

“Pre-Flight” Checklist for Your Network Marketing MLM Blog:

  1. Write a content rich post, always keeping “what’s in it for your readers” as your main focus. (300+ words is my goal).
    1. Intro paragraph (tell them what you’re going to tell them)
    2. Include useful tips or information (Remember: Adding value is the #1 important key to effective blogging for your network marketing business.)
    3. Closing (remember to include a call to action)
  2. Pay attention to SEO search engine optimization) and HEO (human emotion optimization)
    1. SEO: Include your keywords into the following places: URL, title, first paragraph (or first sentence), sub-headlines, tags, photo alt-tags, hyper-linked anchor text, etc. Shoot for a keyword density of about 5%.
    2. HEO: Create curiosity and intrigue, piggy back on something in the news, and/or speak your readers’ emotional needs, fears and selfish desires.
  3. Include a related photo to visually break up the text and make your post more attractive.
  4. Make sure it’s easy to read with bullets or lists, and sub-headlines so your readers will be able to skim it quickly and get value from it.
  5. Have a call to action…ask readers to share, comment, opt-in, etc.
  6. Categorize the blog post (use keywords in category if possible).
  7. Add title, description, and keywords (about 5-7 keywords is good) into “All in One SEO” and into my theme.
  8. View a preview of the post to make sure everything is formatted correctly and read it out loud to catch grammar errors that didn’t show up in spell check.
  9. Publish the post and view it live. (Copy the URL)
  10. Share the post on your social media sites (I like to use

I’m sure I’ll continue to revise this blog post “pre-flight” checklist as I learn more about blogging and continue to build my network marketing internet business, but for now, this is working great for me!  I hope it will help you too; share share this blog checklist with a friend if it did! Please take it, try it, tweak it and make it your own! Having a checklist for your network marketing mlm blog will help you save time and be more effective in your online mlm business!

If you have steps I should consider including in the checklist, please share them in the comments below!


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