Practicing the Art of Building a Network Marketing Internet Business

Practicing the Art of Network Marketing Internet BusinessAre you practicing the art of building a network marketing internet business?  I got to thinking about the word practice last night, and how it applies to building our businesses.

My oldest daughter has taken ballet lessons for years and my youngest daughter has just started to take tumbling this year.

While trying to get dinner ready, taking care of my two year old, and cleaning up the house yesterday afternoon, I was feeling frustrated by the thunder on the floor as my youngest daughter was practicing her round-offs and cart wheels in the family room.

Every thump made the dishes in the china cabinet rattle, and rattled my patience at the same time, but she was so excited to see improvement in herself.   She had pushed all the furniture against the walls to clear a space to practice and she was 100% devoted to getting better.  Although I was irritated, I have to admit I saw measurable improvement in her through her practicing.

I can’t help but to look at my oldest daughter dancing and see her progress.  She has literally transformed from the little 3 year old girl in tights that bagged at the ankles, learning to make bunny ears with her feet in first position, to the beautiful 12 year old young woman she is now, who moves gracefully and fluidly.  It took practice to get to where she is right now.  Lots of it.  And still, in ballet lessons, her instructors will make gentle tweaks to the position of her wrist, straighten a leg, or turn her foot out a little bit more.  She’s learning and practicing.

The word practice is an action word. It’s not learning theory, classroom studies…it’s being in the act of doing something.

  • To practice piano, you have to make a sound.
  • To practice medicine, doctors have to see and treat patients.
  • To practice tennis, you have to have a racket in your hand and be swinging at the ball.

Practicing the Art of Network Marketing Internet Business

Practicing in building a network marketing internet business can look many different ways, but it must involve the activity of networking (i.e. talking to people,) and marketing (i.e. producing value based content that will attract people to you.)

Just having a blog that gets updated once in a while is not practicing.  Occasionally connecting in social media is not practicing.  Practicing involves doing an activity with the intention of correcting, fine-tuning, and tweaking the activity to get better.

Repetition is the name of the game.  Practicing through repetition allows us to gain experience, knowledge, and improve our skills.  It will allow us to find our sweet spot in our network marketing internet business.

Mastery in a Network Marketing Internet Business

Practicing over, and over, and over again, will lead to improvement and eventually to mastery if continued long enough.  I’ve heard that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to master something.  How many hours have you practiced building your business?  How many hours prospecting?  How many hours presenting, etc.?

The action you take in building your network marketing internet business is and always will be an experiment. The internet is constantly changing; people are different.  But every time you do something repeatedly you are bound to get more comfortable with it and improve.

In the beginning of learning something new, it takes a lot of practice to get a feel for what is right.  There are bigger adjustments to make, and more practice is necessary. In your network marketing internet business, that may look like writing a lot of blog posts to get enough content online to have something of value for your readers.  It may look like working harder in the beginning to make connections online, making major adjustments to your marketing funnel until you get it right, etc.

Building your network marketing internet business will undoubtedly bring about challenges or opportunities for improvement, but like my oldest daughter, as you gain more experience through practice, slight tweaks may be all you need to see big results.

Call it practice, call it rehearsal, call it whatever you’d like…it boils down to repetition of activity.  And lucky for us in a network marketing internet business we get paid to practice.  It’s on the job training and the more we learn the more we can earn.

Heather C Stephens, Clever Marketer Internet Network Marketing MLM         Home Business Blog Tips for WAHM MompreneursHeather Stephens

I’d love to hear how you practice the art of building your network marketing internet business.  What specific skills are you practicing on and trying to improve?  Please share them in the comments below. You are on a dofollow blog so you will get some link love from me if you comment and share.

I also encourage you to practice the “networking” part of building a network marketing internet business by syndicating this post to others who will benefit from it on twitter, facebook, google buzz, digg, or whatever works best for you and your audience! 🙂

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  1. Hi Heather,

    I just recently heard about these 10,000 hours of practicing being necessary to master a subject or a chosen field. There’s no denying the fact that this is true, whatever it might be: ballet, languages or network marketing. Some people might get scared away by this number, but I take it this way: If I’m still far way from these 10,000 hours, there’s still plenty of room to improve, as you name it too. So I can be more patient.

    I like that: Practice is the name of the game.

    What we’re doing today is only the preparartion of what we’re doing tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Oliver!

      Patience is so hard for me! 🙂 Maybe it’s because I’ve got strong ADD tendencies but I love how you put your comment…that if you’re “still far away from these 10,000 hours, there’s still plenty of room to improve…so I can be more patient.”

      Wise words my friend!


  2. Hi Heather,

    Great article. The 10,000 hours to achieve expertise is frequently mentioned in social economics books i.e. Malcolm Gladwell and Bounce a recent book I read on why some athletes appear to be born with the talent but in fact their environment and the enormous amount of hours that go into practice make them champions. Put in perspective, most entrepreneurs have barely scratched the surface, so don’t give up so soon :).

    Janette Stoll

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Janette,

      I couldn’t remember where I’d read the 10,000 hours fact but I’m glad you reminded me. We have barely scratched the surface as an industry and I know as individuals as well.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi Heather,

    Well written! I could easily picture the scene of your daughter practicing.

    You make a very strong point, practicing is the actions taken over and over with the idea of getting better and better.

    What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing this.


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Susanna,

      Thanks so much for your comment! Getting better, little by little…that’s the goal! It’s all we can really control and luckily all we really need to control!


  4. Hi Heather,

    Loved this post because it’s so true.

    I love using the word practice because it removes the pressure we place on ourselves to “have arrived somewhere”. Then if we don’t think we have (usually the case) we beat ourselves up which just leads to us feeling worse.

    The way I got over my prospecting barrier was to refer to it as practicing (and I still do) because it removed any end point criteria that I had to achieve (Like getting a “yes”)

    The only criteria was that I did it; this was the only way to get my tick and would you believe it, the more I practiced the better I became. 🙂


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Marcus!

      I love how you explained your journey and how you worked to get your “ticks.” Perfect example of staying attached to the activity, not the outcome, we’re taught from the beginning of our network marketing journey.

      I agree that thinking of our business as a practice takes away the pressure of not having reached a certain level of success. The truth is, no matter what level of success you’ve reached (even if you’ve reached the top level of your company) there is always room for improvement, room for another business builder who is excited to get started, or another person waiting to fall in love with your products. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hey Heather,

    You said that right, it is an art. And, being in action like your great example of your daughter is the only way we are ever going to be good.

    Thank you for sharing this story.
    Jerome Ratliff

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks for your comment Jerome.

      I’m enjoying practicing the ‘art’ of network marketing, and it seems like you are as well!


  6. Hey Heather,

    Great opening of practicing and become a student. I’m constantly stretching, learning, and applying. Reading this post gave the inspiration that I must continue to give more and more. Thanks!!!

    Chat with you later…

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Josh,

      I was on an webinar with Ty Tribble last night and he used your blog as an example of someone who has been practicing in your business and seeing it take off because of your consistency. 🙂

      I was excited to see your success…and silly as it sounds, I felt very proud of you because I’ve been a part of your journey for the last few months! Good job on all your stretching, learning, and applying. 🙂


  7. hi Heather

    yes repetition, practice, and just keeping on. It will take time. If we can expect 10,000 hours to perfect a skill, then some time spent developing our business is really no big deal.

    all the best
    Charlie Holles

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Charlie!

      You know, 10,000 hours is really not that long. If you’re working a job 40 hours a week x 50 weeks a year x 5 years you’ve reached it. For network marketers it’s not usually necessary to commit 40 hours a week x 50 weeks a year x 5 years to reach a level of success that we’d be darned proud of!

      The time we spend developing our business not only helps us, but it helps the people we share the business or the products with, and in the end, it helps their families, their children and can create a legacy for generations to come! 🙂

      Makes all that practicing feel like such a small effort when we consider the return!


  8. Hey Heather,

    So true! It’s all about practising, practising and practising until you become good at what you do.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks so much for commenting Mavis!

      You’re right, practice, critique, practice, critique, practice critique is what this “game” requires! 🙂



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