Get the Skinny on Ping for Your WordPress Network Marketing Blog

In search of the nectar of knowledge about wordpress blog ping sitesSo on my journey to learn more about blogging I’ve taken a side-road down the ping highway to learn more about how to drive traffic to my network marketing blog.  And to save you the time it takes to buzz from website to website in search of the nectar of knowledge, I’ve compiled my findings for you in this post.

And I wasn’t planning on heading in this direction today, but I came to the conclusion that it was worth spending a few minutes learning. Why?  Because ping leads to traffic and visitors to your blog, which results in more people opting into your list and more opportunities to offer value and build relationships with people who may someday become leads, customers, clients or business builders in your network marketing business!

Get The Skinny on Ping for Your WordPress Network Marketing Blog:

Why Ping?

Ping notifies the ping servers that you’ve written new content which send the search engine spiders to your blog to index it.  This will help you rank in the search engines and lead to more traffic to your blog.

What & When to Ping?

Ping your home page a couple of times a month (making sure there is new information on your website) and ping your blog when you’ve added a post.

When NOT to Ping?

Don’t ping your updates on posts that have already been published because the ping servers will think you are sping…ping spam.

Also, be careful when you schedule posts into the future because older versions of wordpress may ping the post multiple times before it’s live on your blog. Which will again, make label your blog as sping.

Where to ping:

Here’s a link to wordpress’s ping list.

Plugins that Ping:

Install the plugin I mentioned in the post on Ping Spam to eliminate the wordpress blog ping spam when you update or tweak your posts.

Another helpful plugin is ping list checker that will check to make sure your ping list does not contain duplicates.

One more useful plugin is which will ping your blog post to your social media sites for you.

Other Options: Automatic Ping Sites:

There are some sites that will automatically ping your site out to the search engines for you.  Some are free, some are paid. Here is a Google search for Free Ping Sites.  Please note that I have not tried these services, I’m just mentioning them here for you in case you’d like to investigate them.  Some that seem to be popular are pingler, ping-o-matic (which comes as a default with wordpress sites) and feed shark.

I hope this helps.  If you know of other helpful ping information we could all benefit from, please share it in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve been think about this for a while. I love ping and have it installed on my blog as well as the plug in. I’ve been wondering if I have to many connections to my blog. For example, I also have the status updater plug in which allows me to post to my facebook pages and groups along with twitter. Ping does all of those as well so is it enough or over kill to do both?


  2. Hi Heather,

    Informative post. I’ve updated my ‘Update Services’ in my ‘Writing Settings’ on my blog to reflect the WordPress Ping List, many of them I didn’t have in my list, so thanks for that 🙂

    Take care,