Personal Branding Tips: 2 Essentials to Establish Know, Like, and Trust

Personal Branding: Build Know Like and Trust with Your Signature & PhotoThe goal of personal branding is to establish know like and trust with our readers and there are a lot of factors that play into this, but there are two things you can do to subconsciously increase the know like and trust your readers feel when they’re on your blog.

2 Keys to Establish Know, Like, and Trust in Your Personal Branding:

Your Photograph and Signature: Your photograph makes you a real person and helps your readers to get to know you and like you, and your signature establishes trust.

When you’re trying to build an online business, it’s important to be aware of the fact that people will naturally be skeptical of you.  Not having these two essentials will subconsciously make you seem untrustworthy. They don’t know you, and we’re raised from childhood to be wary of strangers.  But by adding little things like your photograph and your signature to your blog, you can subconsciously help your readers to trust you.

Use your photograph in your personal branding to build know, like, and trust:

Having a nice photograph of yourself gives your readers an instant feel for you, your personality, and it increases your like-ability.

Photograph: Personal Branding Tips:

  • Use a clear photograph that shows your face.   Don’t use something too far away where your face isn’t clear and don’t use a photo of your kids or your pet.
  • When you’re trying to brand yourself choose one or two photos and use them on all your social media accounts to keep it consistent.
  • Go to and set up an account so your photo shows up on the comments you make on other blogs.

Use a signature to enhance your personal branding and create more know like and trust:

Your “John Hancock,” your autograph, your signature, whatever you want to call it is special for many reasons:

Your signature is unique to you. Duplicating your signature is next to impossible.  Think about 20 kids in a classroom all being taught how to write by the same teacher…no one does it just the same, and our signatures develop over time to become unique to us.  It takes an expert to duplicate a signature, and even then it can be proved to be forgery by handwriting analysis.

Your signature makes something yours. Every paper you turned into school and every card you’ve sent to someone you love, had your signature on it. We signed our names to our toys (think of Andy in the Disney Toy Story movies) engraved them into our tools, and some people carve them into trees and picnic benches to prove that they were there!  There are restaurants who brand themselves by allowing people to sign their walls.

Your signature expresses who you are and what you believe in. Think about signing a petition or signing your name to vote.  It says that you’re putting your name behind something!

Your signature makes something valuable. Fans will scramble and fight to get the autograph of their heroes, a baseball with a signature on it is 1,000 times more valuable than a baseball.  A signature on artwork makes it priceless, and books with the author’s signature become collectible!

Your signature makes something legal. Think about ever contract, check or receipt you’ve signed.

Your signature builds trust. Think about the four points I just made.  All of those things are related to building trust with you.  Having your signature on your website makes your readers believe you’re real, you’re not phony, you stand for something, you believe in the message you’re sharing.

Signature: personal branding tips:

  1. You can write your name on something and scan it in as a photograph.
  2. You can choose a font you like as your signature.
  3. You can use a digital signature like I’ve done with my signature above. I created it and linked it to my photograph to help me with my personal branding.  You can do this for free at: (affiliate link) and you can also have your signature animated for use on your blog, on websites, and in your videos for a small fee.

Subtle changes in your personal branding strategy will make the difference in building trust with our readers and using a photograph along with a signature is a simple way to enhance your personal branding results in your online marketing.

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The little things can make all the difference to your readers in establishing know like and trust with your personal branding.


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  1. These are awesome suggestions Heather. I am definitely going to implement them on the new version of my blog when launched next week!

    Thank you for sharing these.

    ~ Michael Novak

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Michael!

      Great! Please be sure to let me know about your new blog when you’re ready to unveil it to the world! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Great post Heather, very useful tips you are sharing. I tried to apply a signature on my blog using but it was not compatible with the theme I use for my blog. Your suggestion to scan a signature in & place it as an image may work…I think I’ll give it a try & see what happens.

    I would like to put a pic of my ugly mug into my header but the title of my blog is generic, nothing to do with my name, that is why I built a really comprehensive “About” page with pictures.

    Hopefully that will contribute to building trust!

    Stay Inspired,

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Michael!

      Hopefully the signature will work as a photograph! You know, the title of my blog “clever marketer” is a lot like yours “mlm insights”, but I’m still branding myself with my photo and my signature (the mylivesignature is a jpg too!).

      As a suggestion: you could have “a home business in network marketing -words of wisdom by michael b wilbraham” and have your name as the signature with your photo in the header if you wanted to…or just put it at the bottom of each of your posts so you’re reminding them of who you are, even if they have already read your about me page.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I really do like your signature with the picture. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Hey Heather,

    Great stuff my friend 🙂 I would add in here as well that you should just be as natural as humanly possible whenever you are making videos for example so that you come off authentic and real. There’s so many people out there today who sound so scripted and they just sound boring.

    Keep up the great work and I cannot wait to see what else you share 🙂

    See you at the top,
    Michael Stead

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Michael!

      I honestly worry in my videos because I’m not scripted. I’m sure it will get easier as I do it more, like anything.

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hi Heather,

    These are some very valid points and I totally agree. I am thinking of giving my blog a do-over and then will be implementing your suggestions.

    Thanks for bringing this up!

    Have a great week!


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks for the comment, Ilka!

      I’m excited to see what you’re changing on your blog! Let us know when you’re done “remodeling!”


      • I sure will Heather, but it probably will take a little bit of time as I want to change my template too. And that makes me really nervous 😉

        • Heather C Stephens says:

          Just make sure you’re backed up and then whatever happens you’ll be ok! 🙂

          Good luck Ilka!


  6. Hi Heather,

    thanks for this post. I have never really thought about a signature so far. A photo seems to obvious- but a signature ?! So I’m really glad you shared this information with us.

    Take care


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Oliver! I appreciate your comment!

  7. Hi Heather,

    These are some great and valuable points. I’ve seen some sites with the person signature but didn’t know where to look. Thanks for sharing the link and i will most definitely put my signature on my page.

    Have a fantastic week!


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Sherman!

      I appreciate the comment very much! Glad I could help!


  8. Hi Heather,

    Branding is one of those things we originally didn’t learn about when joining the home business industry. Newbies, take notice.

    Thankfully there are leaders out there who have guided us in the right direction that having a personal brand is what allows us to stand out from the crowd.

    So, you’re absolutely spot on with this post – branding is HUGE. Thanks!

    Have a super day,
    Jerome Ratliff

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Jerome!

      It’s important to follow the top leaders in our industry and learn from them! They’re a great resource and will shorten the learning curve for their students!

      I appreciate your comment!


  9. Great post and so very true. It really goes to show it’s the simple things in life that make such a big difference. Those are the two greatest branding items you have. Thanks for sharing.

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Keysha!

      Thanks for the comment! Simple is usually best!


  10. Hi Heather,

    Great and valuable tips you are sharing here. I love your picture and signature 🙂

    As you pointed out, personal branding is so key if you want to stand out and establish trust.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thank you Mavis! I appreciate your comment!

      By the way: your avoid getting your wordpress blog hacked post REALLY helped me this week! I’m thankful my site was backed up yesterday when a file went corrupt and my blog was erased! Thanks for saving the day!

      Everyone should run to your blog, and make sure they are prepared!


  11. Hi Heather,

    Did you read my mind? Just this weekend I decided I was going to add a signature to my blog by the end of the week. 😉

    I’ll check out the link you provided. Thank you!

    I agree that the picture makes a HUGE difference, and it helps to stay consistent and stick to just a couple pics.

    Great stuff!


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Susanna!

      Glad the signature link will help you!

      Thanks for your comment!


  12. Hey Heather,

    Thanks for showing where to get the signature. It gives the post a different feel to it.

    Chat with you later…

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Josh!

      I appreciate your comment! 🙂


  13. hi heather love your whole Blog layout – its got a really neat feel to it and different. Not sure if my signature, basically it looks like an elongated triangle written by a spider on caffeine!, would capture my essence and personality…actually maybe that’s it!

    Look forward to returning

    Cheers Kiaran

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Kiaran,

      I appreciate the visual of your signature! “written by a spider on caffeine” You have such a beautiful style of writing. I always enjoy reading your posts!

      Thank you for your comment!


  14. Hey Heather,

    Thank you so much for the great idea on the signature, I will have to see if that plug in is compatible with my theme on wordpress. I am looking for additional ways to make my site more unique, the only thing though is that many people tell me I write like a girl, I guess at least they can read it. Many people just make little chicken scratches or write like doctors do, where you cannot read it at all.

    Again thank you for the great post!

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Robert!

      I didn’t use a plugin for the signature, I just created it on their site and uploaded a jpg file to my website. They have over 100 different fonts to create a signature.

      Have fun with it! Thanks for the comment!


  15. Heather,

    Great post it’s all about letting people know who you really are and what your about.

    I have written similar post especially after
    seeing something like Betty Billionaretobe as a name on a social media site.

    You will never get there if people are leery of you.

    Steve Shoemaker

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks for the comment Steve! I totally agree with you! Who want’s to do business with a fake or someone hiding behind a corporate facade?

  16. Hi Heather,

    I am pretty new to blogging and pretty overwhelmed also. I watched Ty Tribble review your site and it had to be a pretty awesome feeling.

    Being my 92 year old mothers sole caregiver I am already pretty overwhelmed to say the least so by the time I get to the trainings what I hear goes pretty much over my head.

    I won’t give up though! It will just take me a tad longer than the rest of you.

    I would like to know where to find different FREE themes as my budget is extrememely low right at the present time.

    Any other advice that you could help me on would be greatly appreciated as I have a hard time with my brain right now.

    Caregiving is the TOUGHEST thing I think I have ever had to do.

    Thanks Heather….

    Donna G. Harris

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Donna,

      I have 100 free themes that you are welcome to download and try. I don’t have “support” for them, but they should help you get started.

      My parents are going through what you are with my grandparents right now and it’s a very challenging time for them. I am sure it’s tough to balance your mom’s needs and build your business at the same time. Just remember to do a little something whenever you can, and to keep at it. You’ll get there!

      If there is something I can do to help you please let me know and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction if I don’t have the answer myself. (Yes, having Ty review my site was a huge honor!–especially being a new blogger!)

      Thanks and good luck!


  17. Really great suggestions, Heather.

    It’s great to be greeted with your smiling face every time I visit your blog – it does make a huge different in my trust ranking!

    Thanks for sharing your point of view; great value.

    Ana Hoffman

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Ana!

      I feel the same way about seeing your beautiful photograph on your blog and in your gravatar!

      I appreciate your comment!


  18. Heather, Great post

    Branding is very important when building an online business,
    it helps you set yourself apart from all the noise out there.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about using a photo and a signature
    since that makes your brand that much more real and personal.

    Talk soon

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks so much Hector, for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  19. Hello Heather

    Good advice, I have always used a signature but I have not yet figured out the best way to add my picture to my blog. it is one of those things I am working on.

    I have visited some blogs and to the best of me I do not know who the person is who wrote it. No picture, no name, no signature, just posted by “admin”

    I would also suggest that they change their posting name from “admin” to their real name.

    Good stuff Heather.

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Awesome suggestion that I completely overlooked, Peter!

      I agree with you that blogs posted my admin is not building the know, like, and trust feelings with me!

      As for your picture. Your video on your opt in could act as your photo if you changed it from the red arrow to the photo you have on it at the beginning. Or you could add your photograph to the header to the left of your video. (Or add it in with your signature at the end of your posts, so we are reminded whose writing we’re enjoying!)

      Thanks for your comment!


  20. Heather,

    Great tips that can be added to any blogging strategy.
    I feel the important tip is having a picture of yourself, so people can make that instant connection.

    I was telling a friend who owns a BMW Performance Shop and has a website. There are no pictures on his site and 90% of his traffic go to the “About Me” section.

    People want to know who you are and want to make a connection. Once you do that, there is a comfort level and people are more open to you.

    Keep the good stuff coming!

    Have a great day,
    Tommy D.

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks for the comment, Tommy.

      I love to visit the about me section of blogs! It’s so fun to learn about other people and I think we’re all searching for connections in our lives. Things like do they have a family, how old are their kids, what are their interests, hobbies, travels, etc. are great ways to build relationship and make us feel more comfortable around new people.

      Have a great day yourself!

  21. Hi Heather ! Your Blogs are wonderful. They are full of tips and Information. Thanks a lot for taking time to share.

    • Heather Stephens says:

      Hi Ann,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you’ve found value on my blog!

      Happy New Year!


  22. Carina says:

    I Am off to create my signature right away! Thanks ! 🙂

  23. Never really thought of using my original signature in my blog for privacy purposes. But after what Ive read from you, I think I can give it a shot. Thanks for these tips on personal branding. Very helpful!

    • Veronica, you don’t have to use your own signature. Go to and create one for your online purposes. It’s easy and fun…and you don’t have to worry about security issues.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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