20 Personal Assessment Questions for Network Marketers

Discover how to lead and coach personal assessment questions coach network marketing teamyour new teammates to success with these personal assessment questions for network marketers.

How do you coach a new business builder to help him or her see success in their network marketing home based business, as quickly as possible, without them feeling like you’re pushing or pressuring them?

As a network marketing leader you will be balancing a fine line between coach and cheerleader to your business partners.  You want to be encouraging and supportive when they need it and also give them the hard answers at times when things aren’t working or they’re afraid to stretch their comfort zone.

Having an initial conversation with your new teammates to establish your role as their coach and cheerleader, and to help them understand what success in this business will require is an important and very helpful first step.

It is part of the initial new consultant orientation process on our team.

The good, bad, and ugly of network marketing:

The things that attract people to a network marketing home based business are the very things that cause the majority of people who enter this industry to fail; low initial investment, low risk, flexible schedule, and the ability to be your own boss.

Sadly, a lot of the people you sponsor into your business will never do anything with it.  It’s no different in network marketing than it is in any other business, weight loss program, exercise regime, home organization, or debt reduction plan.  Success is not as easy as many people think when they get into the business, and when the going get’s tough, most will quit.

I’ve been in the position in my career of wanting success for the people I’ve sponsored more than they want it themselves.  That’s a very difficult position to be in as a leader, and learning to love people where they are was a hard, but valuable lesson to learn.

How will personal assessment questions help you lead your new teammates?

In order to know how set up a strong rapport with our our teammates, learn what makes them tick, and what motivates, them, my team, my up-line, and I have created a list of personal assessment questions.

We are using this list of questions early on in our coaching conversations with our new teammates to help them wrap their head around what they are committing to, as well as to help us discover how we can best support them, how they like to be coached, etc.

We follow this personal assessment with an assignment to figure out what their why is and to create their signature story that they will use when they are asked about their business by someone they meet.

Personal Assessment Questions for Network Marketers

Questions you can answer with your sponsor and/or you can use to get to know your new teammates so you can better coach them:

  1. What is your most favorite thing about your current job or situation?
  2. What do you least like about your current job or situation.
  3. Have you ever thought about what your ideal “job” would look like?  Is it structured or unstructured? What you’d be doing, what your hours would be, how you would plan your day?
  4. What inspires you?  If you could do anything you’d like to do and you didn’t have to worry about working for money, what would that be?
  5. Who do you know who would love to support you in life?
  6. Of all the people you know, who, if anyone, would you really love to be “in business” with?
  7. How do you handle support from others?
  8. Are you open to receiving support and coaching from me?
  9. What do you believe are your greatest strengths?
  10. What does success look like to you?
  11. What do you think holds you back from being more successful?
  12. Need, Speed, and Vision? What would you like to be earning from your network marketing and/or internet marketing business and when:
  13. What are you willing to exchange in order to create that?
  14. How willing are you to get out of your comfort zone to make this business work?
  15. Are you externally motivated or internally motivated?
  16. When would you like to get started?
  17. In what areas can your sponsor best support you to prepare you?
  18. What is your monthly budget for your personal order, marketing, and supplies?
  19. How much time do you feel that you can commit to your business? Are there certain days of the week or times of the day that work better for you?
  20. What are you most excited/ passionate about your new business?

I encourage you to talk with your teammates and tweak this personal assessment for network marketers to fit your company and your team’s approach.

If you enjoyed this post please comment and share it with your friends on facebook and twitter!  I would love to know what personal assessment questions you use in your getting started process for your network marketing business!


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  1. Heather,

    If I were to tell you this list doesn’t impress me, my nose would still be growing when you read my comment, lol.

    There are so many realistic questions that can help develop a relationship with your new team member.

    This is really important because you want them to open up, become more comfortable with you and share what is going to drive them to success.

    I am definitely going to make these 20 Questions part of the start-up experience for my team, old and new!

    It will be a great additional to their 90 day plans.

    Thanks Heather!

    Tommy D.

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Tommy!

      I’m so glad you liked the list and that it can help you in your business! It’s been very helpful for us to get people to open up, as you say, and to start to develop a partnership type of relationship.

      Let me know how it works for you. I’m interested in your feedback!

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Hey Heather,

    Love the thinking behind this list and the list itself.

    I’m particularly interested in question #10. What our vision of success is will determine our whole approach to the business. For example, if putting three meals on the table and having a roof is our vision of success, we’ll be happy (hopefully) but not driven to do what it takes to build a business!

    There’s so much training and content out there about developing relationships with prospects in order to sponsor them, but not enough about continuing to develop relationships with them once they’re in your team, so I’m glad you’ve put this great post together.


    All the best,


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Jym,

      Why is it that it took me so long to figure out that not everyone wanted what I wanted out of the business? LOL I must be dense or a little overzealous, or something because I assumed EVERYONE would want to take their business to the top.

      It become apparent to me after a while that I was wanting it more than some of my teammates did, and as heartbroken as I was, I had to let it go. Not everyone is motivated enough to make it through the tough challenges that being in business for yourself brings.

      I hadn’t thought about the comment you made about so much content being available to help us get to the point of sponsoring someone, but not much for building the relationship farther, but I think you’re right.

      I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for your comment.


  3. Hi Heather,

    now that’s a powerful list, awesome. I can relate to the situation that I wanted success more for certain team members than they wanted for themselves. My motivation can’t replace theirs. What I can do is I can believe in them until they are able to believe in themselves – that’s what the entire mentoring process is about: Helping them to create faith.

    Your questions are of great help to do so because they enable me to explore how people think and what they think.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Oliver,

      We’ve been chatting a lot lately! LOL

      I’m glad you enjoyed the questions and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the mentoring process of network marketing. It is important, as you say, to believe in someone until they are able to believe in themselves. It’s so exciting for me when I see the light-bulb go off in someone’s mind that tells them, “Hey, I can do this!”

      The answers to all our troubles and all our successes really, truly are contained in our thoughts. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment,

  4. What a great list, anyone in business with you has a great leader and they should appreciate that. I also have a similar conversation with all of my new team members, my list of questions is not as good as yours and will likely be adding to it after reading your post.

    Thanks for sharing this, it will make a difference in my business.


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Rob. I appreciate the compliment.

      I think that initial conversation, for me at least, really helps to make a connection with my business builders that establishes a great relationship moving forward.

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hey Heather,

    If each new team member answered each of those questions it would make for a truly powerful partnership!

    This is a list to print off and keep handy. I’ll have to settle for bookmarking it until my printer arrives. 😉

    Thank you for such a valuable tool.


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Susanna,

      I hope your printer arrives soon for you. I don’t have one handy, I have to print things from my daughter’s computer, but it helps me cut down on the paper clutter! 🙂

      Glad you liked the list!

  6. Q# 18 impressed me a lot as your budget is reality in any business. A person who cut his coat according to his cloth always wins.

  7. Hey Heather,

    It’s very important to know who your personally sponsored people are and where they’re at in life and where they want to go. That’s one of the hallmarks of network marketing. We make lifelong friendships in this business.

    Yes, it’s you should be there for someone when they finally decide to go for it, but you don’t need to wait for them. In fact, you should wait for anybody. Work with those who are even more committed than you are! Because that will lift you up.

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. I used to be in Network marketing. I realized it wasn’t for me. None, the less these question are a great way , to evaluate internally, if that life style of calling up friends, showing people the product and attending weekly seminars is for you. Thank for providing this wonderful information. Great post. Have a great weekend. See you on monday…=)

  9. I think it is always a good idea to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to working so that you can show your positive attributes while working hard to improve your weaknesses so you become more well rounded. This can also expose if a certain career path is right or wrong for you.

    • Thanks Cody! I agree that it’s important to leverage our strengths whenever possible and I personally love to leverage my weaknesses by working with others who are strong where I’m not.

      Have a great day!


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