Marketers Secret Codes: Curiosity Captures Leads with Quick Response QR Codes

QR Code Add to Friends T Shirt Image

QR Code Marketing opens up options for marketers and home based business owners! Click to get the Q and Q on using QR codes in your online business.

5 Reasons to Use Social Media

Social Media Marketing

We all know how popular Facebook and Twitter are for personal use, but companies have quickly caught on to how effective they can be at bringing in business and creating lasting relationships with customers.   The right social media training can give you the skills and techniques to navigate the world of YouTube, LinkedIn, blogging and […]

Clever Telesemiar Marketing Secrets

Online Social Media Summit Image

Learn how to use teleseminars to build your list, your credibility, and make money from home on May’s clever marketer of the month call with Monyelle Mingo!

Commenting Controversy: Are Tribes Smart or Sleazy?

Commenting Tribe Debate Image

Are commenting tribes smart or sleazy? Come join this naked conversation about our blog commenting tribe and let us know what you think! 100% honesty required!

The Me I Want to Be John Ortberg | WAHM Entrepreneurs Journey

The Me I Want to Be | John Ortberg

The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg, provides a glimpse into the things that may hold you back from achieving your goals on your WAHM enterpreneurs journey!

Clever Marketer Unplugged in Chicago!

Unplugging in Chicago this Weekend

A personal letter to you, my friends online… I think I’m one of the lucky people in this world who has found the thing in life that they love to do.  I could lose all sense of time when I’m working (and I sometimes do), which has caused some stress at times in my family. […]

Product Review: Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong

Underground Blogging Secrets Review Mavis Nong

Underground Blogging Secrets Review. Clever Marketer’s praise and the criticism of Underground Blogging Secrets training course by Mavis Nong and Phill Turner.

Peace, Love and List Building | Groovy Plugings that Get More Subscribers!

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Discover 3 groovy list building plugins that will help you get more subscribers as well as help you treat your list to bonus goodies they’ll love and share!

Get Your Marketing Moxie On

Marketing Moxie Image

Need Marketing Moxie? Learn a lesson from the marketing slogans of Moxie, a bitter tasting beverage, with a cult following that has lasted since the 1880’s!

Celebrating Our Success: The Prove It Blog Challenge

We Did It! The Prove It Blog Challenge

We Did it! I can hardly believe it’s over, and I’m so incredibly blown away by all of you and your amazing support of each other in this first Prove It! Challenge.  You all ROCK…so let’s rock together now. Push play… “It’s time to come together! It’s up to you what’s your pleasure? Everyone around […]