Clever QR Code Marketing Secrets

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Listen & learn about dozens of ways to use QR Codes to market your business with this Business Strategies that Work Podcast with Dale Little & Heather Stephens

You’ll Fall in Love with FatWallet Philosophy Too

Heather Stephens Falls in Love with Fat Wallet

My Fat Wallet Story: Ever have one of those life-changing moments when life is out of control but turns out way better than you ever could have done by yourself?

Backblaze Online Backup: Best Business Insurance Policy I Ever Bought

backblaze computer backup

How much value do you have saved to your hard drive? How will you feel when your hard drive dies and you’ve lost it all? Don’t worry, get Backblaze, be happy.

Broken Heart Tested Marketing Aha

A Marketing Lesson Losing Molly

Marketing lesson: If you’ve been scared to market your home based business on the internet I truly hope you take to heart what I’m about to say.

Purple Cow: Will You Help Me Make Clever Marketer Remarkable?

Purple Cow Seth Godin Remarkable Marketing

The Seth Godin book Purple Cow shows you how to make your business remarkable. Get the free Seth Godin purple cow ebook, 99 cows pdf download.

Gary Vaynerchuck: Magic Spell to Induce Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Magic Spell

Build Customer Loyalty with these ideas! Learn how to take your customer relationship building beyond the know you, like you, trust you, to the love you stage!

Focusing on Your Marketing Sweet Spot The Hedgehog Concept

jim collins good to great hedgehog concept sweet spot image

Learn a lesson from Jim Collins Good to Great Hedgehog Concept on how to find the sweet spot in your marketing message and what to do if you lose your hedgehog.

Using Guest Blogging to Fill Out a Portfolio

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Guest blogging is excellent to create a bigger, better portfolio to showcase your talent. Discover a 3 step process for getting started guest blogging.

Miss you all!

I Miss You

Hey there!

I want to let all of you awesome readers and followers of Clever Marketer know how much I’m missing you!

Marketing Management | How to Know What Projects to Delegate

Wearing Too Many Marketing Hats?

Click to learn my two question marketing management solution for knowing which projects to delegate to a social media or seo manager and which to do yourself.