Network Marketing Tips: 3 Questions to Help You Get to Your Compelling Why

This is the first of several network marketing tips I’ve been inspired to write after a call I listened to this morning.  In my 5 years as a network marketer and my journey to discover how to combine the internet and network marketing, I have listened to thousands of calls, read hundreds of books, many of them on money mindset.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”
~Buddhist Proverb

The call I listened to was called “Fire Up Your Finances” and was presented by Helen Kim & Kim DeYoung and it had me thinking all day about my money fears, feelings, and philosophies…both the good ones and the ones that I need to change.  I took away several things that will help network marketers and business owners shift their mindsets and break through barriers in their business, so let’s start at the beginning and get to the core reason you became a network marketer.

We’ve all been taught that our “why,” which is the reason we are building our network marketing business, needs to be strong enough to help us stay focused on doing what we need to do when we’re not feeling like it, when things are not going well, when we’re discouraged, or there are other things we’d rather be doing, etc.

I know for myself, and I’ve seen it in a lot of other business builders I’ve worked with, getting to our why can be challenging.  Some people just know it, but for me, it’s been something that was always a little blurry.  I’ve always known that my why revolved around being able to spend time with my kids, allow my husband to not have to work so hard so it can give him more time with our kids, and being able to have choices in what-when-how we decide to spend our lives.  I also wanted to do something that had meaning and could help others.

I’ve learned that our “why” is never about money.  On the surface, it can be about money and what money can do for us.  Money will allow us to quit a frustrating job, go to sleep at night and not worry about bills, choose how and with whom we want to spend our time, etc.

At a deeper level, our “why” is an internal desire or need that is in alignment with our core values.  For most people I’ve met, their why is centered somewhere around the people that are important to them in their lives and when boiled down results in a feeling of some kind–what feeling they will have when they are able to provide security, safety, freedom, acceptance, choices, and/or time to their loved ones and themselves.

I find it helpful to separate the “money” things into a GOALS category and the “feeling” things into a WHY category, but for me it hasn’t been enough to keep me from sometimes feeling disconnected from my “why”.

Helen Kim shared on the call 3 questions we can ask ourselves to get to what we really want.

  1. Money is no object: How are you living your life? Who do you want to be? Who do you want to be with? What do you want to do?
  2. The bad news; you are not going to be alive 5 years from now.  The good news; you will not feel any pain: How are you living your life?  Who do you want to be?  Who do you want to be with? What do you want to do?
  3. Today is your LAST day: Who did you not get to be?  Who did you not get to be with?  What did you not get to do?

This was powerful for me and reminded me of an exercise I went through at a Klemmer & Associates Personal Mastery Training I attended several years ago. It was called First Day/Last Day and it involved exploring how you felt on the first day of an experience.

“Every day man crucifies himself between two thieves—
the regret of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow.”
~Benjamin Disraeli

The result of answering these questions will certainly help you discover your compelling why.  For me, boiled down, I want to live with the feeling that I am living my life without regrets and without fear.  That is my “why.”

Yes, sometimes we do what we “gotta” to do what we “wanna.”  The reason I’m building my network marketing business and specifically the reason I’ve decided to build my network marketing business on the internet is so that I can know that every action I take will get me closer to my “why” of being able to live my life without regrets and fear.

The efforts I make in building my business bring me closer to knowing that I can retire my husband and give him more time with our kids.  Every activity that leads to obtaining a goal adds more choices to what what my family can do and who we do it with.

Building my network marketing business helps me to help others and brings meaning to my day.  And most of all, because I can do it from home, I get to be with my kids right now so that I don’t have to regret missing out on those first step milestones, or the giggles I hear from the other room, as I end this post.

Please trust me when I say that going through the activities Helen Kim and Kim DeYoung shared this morning and getting to my own compelling why has motivated me so much more than I realized it could, and I know it can do the same for you.

Don’t just read this post! How many things do we listen to, or read and think, wow that was helpful information, or I learned something from that, but because we don’t do something with them, the moment passes and no progress is made?

I beg you to take action and ask yourself the questions above. Journal them, talk them out, have discussions around them with your spouse, teammates, prospects.

You deserve it!

Your family deserves it!

Your team deserves it!

Your prospects deserve it!

If this had meaning for you, please pass it on to a friend, share it with your team, tweet it, or share your comments below.

Live your life with purpose!


p.s. If you’re interested in listening to the “Fire Up Your Finances” call it’s part of the Metro Mom Get It Done Circle.  I’ve been a member of the Metro Mom Get It Done Power Circle for over 6 months now and I have received more benefits and made more progress in the internet part of my business than I ever expected. I know it was because of the support I received from Kim DeYoung and through my Get it Done membership that I finally broke through my fears & insecurity of the internet and building my network marketing business online.

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