Network Marketing: Playing to Win in 3 Easy Steps

I like to think of network marketing like a game.  There are rules to follow, obstacles to overcome, strategy to perfect, and it’s a ton of fun to play!  But like any game, you have the choice of how you want to play it.  You can take risks, play full-out, and play to win…or you can play the network marketing game not to lose.

Mastering the fundamentals of the game…

Woman Reading BookA big part of winning in network marketing is obtaining the right mindset through personal development.  Every leader I’ve spoken with, trained under, or read about talks about the importance of continuously learning, reading for 1/2 hr a day, listening to personal development audios while in the car, and attending seminars and company training events.

I received an email from a brand new friend today who is building a network marketing business and seems very dedicated to her personal development. She was sharing some of the books she’s been reading and she made a comment that, “every day I feel I’m a little closer to the clarity I need to really start making some serious money.”

I wonder if we ever get to the point of feeling like we have enough clarity in our business?

I’ve spent thousands and thousands and more thousands of dollars over the last 5 years on training seminars, books, audios, home study programs, etc. and I’ve studied under many different marketers both in the network marketing industry, and the internet marketing industry in my quest to master the game. I know for a fact that the more I’ve learned the more I’ve earned, but I don’t think I’ve ever had complete clarity.Butterfly

My network marketing business has been just like any game I’ve played…when I feel like I’ve got the game mastered, something happens and my perception changes and I discover another area of my mindset that needs work.  And for me, personal development has not always come from a book, audio, video, or seminar.  I believe that they’ve helped to give me the optimistic outlook I currently have, they’ve pointed out opportunities for growth within myself, and help me to learn new concepts, but the largest strides in personal growth that I can recognize are the ones I’ve made through activities I’ve done with butterflies in my stomach.

Play to win by taking another step…

Game Steps 1, 2, and 3Continuous learning is important, but it’s not going to move us one single space on the game board.  It’s in taking action in our network marketing business that we gain clarity.

And even though I’ve never had complete clarity I know I’ve always had enough clarity to take another step forward in my business.  Steps 2 and 3 may still be out of focus, but the magical thing is that by taking action and move a space on the business game board, step 2 really becomes step 1 and step 3 comes a little more into focus.

Learning the rules, having a positive mindset, and learning how to apply some strategy to the game, will help us to overcome the obstacles!  But regardless of how much we know, if we don’t venture off of home base we’re playing the game, not to lose…and that’s a game we can never win.  The only way to lose the network marketing game is to quit, but the only way to really win it, is to play full out!

The object of the game of network marketing is to be the one who helps the most people win.

We get paid for helping the people we share the network marketing opportunity with, successfully build their businesses and for providing the best service possible to the people who need our products.  The only way we can win this game is by helping other people win the game.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 will always be: W.I.N.S.

1. Who: Who needs your help? Focus on them.

2. Identify Need: Discover what their biggest challenge or problem is.

3. Solution: Provide them with possible solutions to their problem or challenge.

It’s only after helping people solve their problems that we’re allowed to  “pass go and collect another $200”!

Please comment below and share a step you’ve recently taken in your business with “butterflies in your stomach” and what you learned from that experience.

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