Network Marketing & Personal Growth

I had an interesting chat with one of my businss partners this afternoon about an old friend she had lunch with.  She hadn’t seen this friend in a long time and this wasn’t a network marketing business-focused lunch, but a let’s catch up girlfriend kind of a lunch. 

My business partner said, “She’s the same as she’s always been…no better, no worse.”  I guess we could be happy that she wasn’t worse, but my first thought was of what a waste the last few years of this woman’s life had been.  It saddened me to think of where I would be withouth the personal growth I’ve gone through in my network marketing business.

Before getting into network marketing, I really had no goals aside from wanting to be a good mom, and wife.  My goals were simple…get my Christmas shopping done before the 26th of December and someday get the sock basket folded and empty.  I read romance novels, watched TV, and felt frustrated for not being able to afford the house I really wanted.

My focus is completely different.  I don’t want to be a good mom and wife, I want to be an exceptional mom and wife.  I don’t read romance novels, I read personal development books, business books, and things that expand my thinking. 

I still have a basket of unfolded, unmatched socks, but who cares?  I’m making a difference, a REAL difference in the lives of other people!  I’m raising my kids to see opportunity everywhere, to be creative and clever in how they solve problems.  My focus is not on me, and what I don’t have, but on others and what I can give to them.

I know there are things about me that will always be the same.  My laugh and my smile, maybe they’d be enhanced by the start of a few laugh lines around my eyes, of which I’m proud!   The funny way I have of looking at things, and the way I tip my head when I’m listening to something someone is saying (I think I learned that behavior from my chocolate lab), would probably be the same as well. 

But the way I look at the world has completely changed.  Because of the personal growth I’ve gone through in my business and the people I’ve been surrounded with in my business, my attitude is so much more positive than it ever has been.  I see opportunity and goodness everywhere I look.  I can’t help but be bursting with a zillion ideas all the time.  I’ve learned to focus in on the interests of others and see strengths where they can’t see them for themselves.

I’m so thankful for the personal growth I’ve gone through in my network marketing business. The phone calls that didn’t kill me; the public speaking that actually ended up being fun; the no’s I have heard that were really a blessing in disguise; have all made me a better version of myself. 

I hope that if I have lunch with someone who “knew me when,” they’d recognize me on the outside, but after talking with me, feeling my sincere interest in them, and positive outlook on life, they’d hardly recognize me for all the personal growth I’ve done on the inside. 🙂

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