Network Marketing: Finding Freedom

It is easy to take for granted the freedoms that a network business can give, outside of the financial freedom that so many people are seeking.  But, once in a while something happens that brings it to the top of my mind, and helps me to remember what a gift we have been given with this industry.

Last week I received a request for information about my network marketing opportunity on one of my websites.  Because the kids were off of school, enjoying spring break, and I was taking some time off of my regular work to enjoy them and get some other projects done, the email got burried.  By the time I called the person back yesterday they had already signed up in my same company with someone else. 

How would you feel to realize that because you were not 100% on top of things, someone had signed up in your same network marketing company with someone else?

At first I felt the flutter of dissapointment to know that I had been given a chance to have this person join my orginazation, but then I was blessed with a conscious awareness of why I didn’t sign this person into my company.  I was with my family! 

If I had been there to answer that email sooner.  I would have probably had a new business builder on my team, but that’s not what network marketing is about.  Sitting by my computer waiting for every email and lead to pop in, would be no different than having a job working for someone else! 

Network Marketing is about finding freedom in how and when we earn our money, where and when we decide to work.

One of the things that I had been searching for, over a long period of time, was the chance to have a business that allowed me to earn as much income as I was willing to work for, as well as give me the ability to plan my family time first, and my work time second.  I’ve found it, and the awareness that I was doing just that when this man was requesting information about my opportunity gave me the best feeling! 

What I was doing at that time, was spending time with my husband and kids laughing about the horrible dinner I had fixed.  (On a side note: I’m known for my cooking disasters all the way back to high-school when I caught the home-ec oven of fire.) We were all laughing that maybe I should make the same thing again for company that we will be hosting at the end of the month.  ( We’re entertaining my husband’s uncle and aunt who is known for being a gourmet cook and fixes the most delicious elaborate meals when we visit.  Their son is also a professionally trained chef runing a major resort in Ohio.) We decided that I should definately put it on the menu, but time it so that an order of thai food from our favorite restaurant would arrive at the minute they took their first bite!

What other freedoms can network marketing give you?

Another area of freedom Network Marketing has given me is friendship.  I’m friends with people all over the world. One of my best friends lives in Montana and we’ve never met face to face!  I am in Illinois and although we’re separated by miles and miles, our Network Marketing businesses give us a reason to talk a couple of times a week and the friendship we’ve developed will be one that brings us both a lot of fun, support, encouragement and laughter.

With a network marketing business, we’re also given the freedom to build the business in a way that fits us.  I can build my business with by sharing the opportunity and the products through sample packs, prospecting packs, one-on-one appointments, group meetings, educational seminars, websites, phone calls, teleseminars, conference calls, live and prerecorded webinars, social media, networking groups, conventions, trade shows, referrals, businesses, joint ventures, videos, direct mail, e-mail, and any other way that best fits my life. 

Network marketing provides a tremendous freedom of being able to build a business from anywhere in the world.  With the internet and a cellphone you can truly build a successful business from anywhere.  Although I do have some local teammates, the majority of my teammates are a minimum of  a couple of hours away, and the majority of them I didn’t know before I joined the business!  My sponsor was thousands of miles away, but she was still able to coach me and help me acquire the skills I needed to be successful.

In a network markeitng business I can create freedom from worring where my next paycheck is coming from.  To explain more, I can build a sustainiable business that runs without me by creating multiple streams of residual income (income that comes in every month even when I’m not working) by representing a company with awesome products that people reorder every month, even when I’m on vacation in the North Woods of Wisconsin!

All in all, my innitial dissapointing news that someone who I could have had on my team joined someone else’s team was a great reminder to me about all the freedoms this business has given me.  I ended up sending this man information about an event local to him, as well as an inspiring video that will hopefully help he, and his wife get a great start to their business. I edified his new upline and offered support to him if he ever needed it…and moments after I had clicked “send” in outlook, another request for information came into my inbox.  This truly is a business where the more you help solve other people’s problems and help them reach their goals and dreams, the more you are rewarded.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not your own downline that you’re helping. 

If you question this, I encourage you to check the book, The Go Giver, by Bob Burg & John David Mann out of the library or pick it up on amazon!

Please comment below and share the freedoms that Network Marketing has given you, and or the freedoms that you hope to gain through building your network marketing business.

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