My Interview with Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg Interviews Heather StephensI was so excited when Ann Sieg asked to interview me about my blog and my business last spring. I’ve mentioned before how much I have admired Ann as a mentor, teacher, and leader in the home based business industry.

I’ll share a link to the interview at the end of the post, but since I’m in such a different place now than I was when Ann and I spoke, I feel the need to fill you in first.

Life Lessons from Ann Sieg:

One of the biggest lessons Ann has taught me is to adapt. Life changes quickly, and those who are able to change with it and stay ahead of it are the ones who will succeed.

My life changed when I had my son. His sweet surprise arrival made me stop and evaluate life as I knew it and what I wanted from it. That exploration into my values led me to learning about online marketing, to Ann Sieg’s Renegade Network Marketer book, and eventually MLM Blog Secrets and Code with Ann Sieg and Ty Tribble.

It only took a few months from the time I started to implement their teaching until I was consistently generating leads and earning a small, but real income from my online business. During that process, I discovered how much I love helping others and seeing them reach for their goals in ways that expand their comfort zones made them nervous, and caused them to do things they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

As I my business grew, my confidence grew and with that my focus changed. I went from approaching my business with self serving monetary goals, to wanting to make a bigger difference for others. That kept me pushing forward, practicing and learning more about marketing so I could teach it on my blog, until I marketed myself, unexpectedly into a dream job.

Going from WAHM to Working Mom

If you’d have told me last spring, when Ann interviewed me, that I would be working outside the home, I would have laughed in your face and said NO Way! It would have been as absurd to me as you telling me, as I was getting started online, that Ann Sieg would want to interview me.

But the “being adaptable” lesson, Ann taught me came into play once again when I was offered a job at, an online coupon company specializing in helping others save money on the things they buy to live and give.

Before taking the job, I went through some major soul searching and evaluation of my goals and values once again. I wondered if I was selling out on myself and my family by taking the position. I worried about the impact it would make on our family, and I even had some insecurity in myself, wondering if I rally could play in the world of big business with the skills I’d developed in my small business.

But I knew that becoming their social media manager would be an opportunity of a lifetime, to expand my knowledge and take my experience to a completely different level. And since the company was also behind my personal goals and offered me the flexibility to be a mom first, I decided to take it.

Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, it’s given me the opportunity to do even more of what I love. While I’m not a full time work at home mom now, I’m just as engaged with my family and even more fully engrained in the blogging and social media marketing world than I ever have been.

I still get the fulfillment of helping others, and recently received an IM from a friend I had given a pep talk to, before he presented a webinar on SEO:

“Your support was incredibly helpful, you lit a fire under my ass, motivated me, helped me prepare for things that wound up being life changing.”

And I get to expand my blogging, social media, copywriting and seo knowlege through trainings that I probably wouldn’t have attended otherwise. I’m leaving tomorrow morning for L.A. to attend Blog World Expo, LA, and then flying from there to Las Vegas to attend Pubcon, both of them conferences to help me learn and network with other bloggers around the world.

I know that right now, as unexpected as it is, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and I have no idea of what tomorrow will bring, except that it will be wonderful if I remain open to change, continue to adapt and more than anything take a chance to do whatever gives me the biggest butterflies and makes my heart beat faster!

If you’re sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else succeed online or your struggling in your business, I recommend with total confidence that you go read Ann Sieg’s Renegade Network Marketer book, and implement everything Ty Tribble teaches in MLM Blog Secrets and MLM Blog Code.

So, here’s the interview with Ann Sieg on The Renegade Blog. Enjoy it and remember that you’re capable of so much more than you believe you are. Blogging can truly transform more than your business, it can transform your life if you let it.


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  1. Nice one,

    Lot of things to apply for our life style if we want really achieve something extraordinary.

  2. Indeed, adapting to a new reality is extremely important nowadays. Life changes quickly and we should be ready to change with it. Though some things shuold remain solid and unchanged.

  3. Hi Heather,

    Thank you for sharing this as I feel I have got to know you just that little bit more. Great story, and a great example of how all the small steps and changes make up our life journey. You have done really well and should be proud of yourself. You have certainly be an inspiration to me!

  4. Anna says:

    Hello, Heather! Very inspiring and encouraging story! You are the example that if somebody complains that something is not happening the way he did, it is just because he hasn’t tried hard enough:)

  5. Rodrigo Valenzuela says:

    That’s true! Life is cycle, in its many changes rotate as wheels and we are the paddles to make it move forward and get success. Always take risk and you never know you reach the heights of success.

  6. That\s really great that you were able to adapt, so to say to upgrade your life) This is a good character trait. I can also do it, and always try to do everything keeping in mind all the novelties. But it’s a big problem for a great number of people, and it seems to me that it can be great if some tutorials or courses will be developed for them to understand it all. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us

  7. Hi Heather. You are also as inspiring for a lot of persons as Ann Sieg is for you. There comes lots of situations in our life where decisions we made change our lives. One who adapt the conditions, life is putting forward, get success surely.

  8. Hi Heather,
    It is a very motivational post.Thanks for sharing life lesson from Ann and it will give hope to many readers.

  9. Change is inevitable thing in this world.With positive thinking change always brings progress.

  10. kathleen says:

    Hope you had a great interview..Thanks for sharing with us..Looking forward to read again your great blog..

  11. Thank you for sharing. I strongly agree and feel that technological advances help not only businesses to grow but also give back to family, friends and community as more stay home moms take on blogging, SEO and online marketing

  12. CarmelaJones says:

    Very inspiring article..I agree with the sense that every success start with small steps…

  13. Christine says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. You really learned a lot things from Ann Sieg. She truly have a great mind.

  14. Hi Heather,
    I found this post as a very motivative one. Ann is an interesing person to listen to!

  15. WOW! Interviewing Ann Sieg is awesome he is one of the best People i love to hear!!!