Mompreneurs and WAHM’s: Believe in Yourself & What You’re Capable Of!

"Believe in Yourself & What You're Capable Of!"Mompreneurs and wahm friends, how do you continue to believe in yourself and what you are capable of in the midst of dream stealers, inner critics, and friction from friends and family?  How do you keep your focus and faith on your ability to reach your goal when the business blues settle in?  I have several self motivation tips for you in this post.

I remember reading the what to expect when you’re expecting book through all three of my pregnancies.  I was anxious and excited about what new things were happening to my body and what miracles were happening to my babies as they grew.

The book was a source of comfort to me, answering questions I had about what I was feeling, what I should be concerned about, and what was normal. Since embarking on my journey to build a network marketing business, I’ve often wished I had a “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Success” book to reference as I transform myself through personal development and grow my business.

One thing that I dealt with after the birth of all three babies, was the Baby Blues.  After the excitement of the new baby had worn off, hormones dropped, and friends and family stopped visiting, the baby blues settled in.  For a while I lost the belief in myself that I was a good mom, and I could handle all that was required of me.

I’ve found that at times in my business, I’ve had a similar feeling.  Sometimes when the excitement, and newness has worn off after a big accomplishment, I’ve had what I call “the business blues”.  These are the times when I’ve felt stuck, I’ve doubted myself, and questioned if I was doing the right things to reach my goals.

As we go through the process of creating a change in our life and stretching outside our comfort zones we’re bound to feel some growing pains that are new and uncomfortable.  Our inner critics shout inside our heads: “Who do you think you are? You’ll never make it! You’re not good enough! You don’t know enough! You need to learn more before you try it. You’ll fail and then how will you feel?”

And then there are the external sources that can drain our energy and blur our focus, like dream stealers who don’t understand what we’re doing and who are trying to protect us, can cause us to doubt our decisions.

Moving towards our goals will often create friction in our families, our schedules, and our friends. When you make a decision that NOW is the time you’re going to push yourself to reach a new level in our business, it can often be met with resistance from your kids, husbands, and friends who don’t understand. They may point out that you’re spending too much time on the computer, feel frustrated that you’re opting to stay home and write a sales letter instead of hanging out at the pool for the day. Our already full schedules become fuller because we’re more active in our businesses, and spending more time supporting our teammates.

But…I know you have a vision. You know where we’re going. You are prepared to do the work to make it happen, in spite of your inner critics, dream stealers, and the friction from others. And that’s why it is important to armor yourself and your belief against the business blues.

Self motivation tips to believe in yourself as a mompreneur & WAHM:

Network Marketing Books:

Reading positive network marketing books can help us keep our positive mindset, like Dr. Tom Barrett’s Dare to Dream and Work to Win and Success Happens!,  The Greatest Networker in the World, by John Milton Fog, and Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul.

Inspirational and Motivational Books:

There are the classics like the Bible,  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.  There are more…hundreds more.

(My company also produces a publication of success stories from everyone who has attained a certain level in the compensation plan.  Reading these is helpful to me, to see the struggles and challenges that other men and women have faced and triumphed over.)

Other Ways to Stay Motivated:

Then there are vision boards, vision videos, affirmations, and meditation cd’s which are all helpful ways to stay anchored on what we’re working to create in our lives.


I also like to keep an “I Did It! Atta-Girl!” section in my journal where I can give myself a pat on the back when I’ve had something to celebrate in my business, a challenge I faced, or something new I tried.  It’s helpful to look back on it during the inevitable moments of self doubt and frustration.

Find what self motivation tips work for you, change them up to keep things interesting so that you can not only reach your goals, but you can be the inspiration to your sisters, friends, other mompreneurs and WAHMs.  Believe in yourself and what you are capable of.  I promise you that you are capable of more than you think you are.

Here’s a music video that I found meaningful and inspiring..I hope it inspires you to.

Keep the faith.  You can do it! I believe in you!


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  1. I’m not surprised when I see mumpreneurs (as we spell it in Australia) in action. Working mums have great insights into markets gaps and my experience of running my own business while raising my small son has been that when you’re not chained to the computer all day (because you can’t be – there’s so much else to do!) there is plenty of time for thinking and strategising. This makes the time I do spend at the computer (my main distribution channel and where I capture my blogs and book content) so much more effective. Good on all the mums giving it a go… and I hope we’ll continue to see the rise of mumpreneurs into the future leaders of our businesses and communities.

  2. Well you know how I feel about mompreneurs and wahm’s…I just LOVE us. I love the idea of a special section in your journal for giving yourself kudos. I think we all need that because sometimes, we are the only ones who believe in us.

    It’s easier now, more than ever to not only become one but tho connect with other who can relate to us. Between blogs, videos, podcasts and the other gazillion methods of communication, there really is not excuse for not tapping into the collective force of strength, creativity, and support that’s necessary for growth, success, and our sanity 😉



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