Mompreneur and Dadpreneur Routines to Grow a Business and a Family

mompreneur and dadpreneur growing business and familyI shared in my post yesterday the two essential daily routines that will help you overcome overwhelm and be a happier mompreneur or dadpreneur and I promised I’d share with you my other two routines today.

A home based business needs as much TLC and nurturing as our kids do, and luckily in network marketing we’re able to build it around the needs and demands of our family.  We can’t let the needs of our family be our excuse why not, instead of our reason “why” if we want to have a successful network marketing career and a successful family too.

I’m finding my rhythm in some basic routines that will help you be more successful as a mompreneur or dadpreneur:

For me– although I’m not perfect in my mompreneur role by any means and I’m still tweaking things as I learn more–it’s working to use the two routines I shared with you yesterday combined with a weekly and a monthly routine, which I’ll outline for you below.  You can adapt these routines to your life and your family and I promise that you’ll see results from them.  How could you not?

Mompreneur and Dadpreneur Weekly Routine

My weekly routine allows me to build my business, take care of my home, family and have a life too.

Fly Lady breaks her weekly routines down into days that group similar tasks together: home blessing day, errand day, desk day, anti procrastination day, free day, family fun day, renew your spirit day.

To simplify my life I’ve done the same thing with my business, and broken down some areas into days that fit with my life and my family.

My weekly “home blessing day” is on Tuesdays, because my son has therapy in our homes and it forces me to have a deadline to get it done.  (You can’t imagine how huge this is for me…having a deadline.) I can’t let the job take over my day and I can’t put it off for another day.  By 10:30 Tuesday morning, our speech therapist is here and I will have  gotten the girls off to school, my house shaped-up, a load of laundry done, showered and gotten both my son and me ready for the day.

  • Face to face appointment day (meet face to face with people in your local market)
    • TIP:Combine this with your grocery shopping or errands you have to run and make sure to include time the night before in your bedtime routine to sketch out some meal ideas ahead of time, so you don’t waste your time at the grocery store.
  • Phone day (team calls, checking in with teammates, coaching calls, clients, etc.)
  • Writing day (write your blog posts, newsletters, articles, thank you notes to clients, etc.)
  • Video day (create several videos in one sitting while you have the camera out & ready)
  • Anti Procrastination Day (work on projects you haven’t completed yet, or tackle things outside of your comfort zone that you’ve been avoiding)
  • Planning Day: I pick a weekend morning before everyone’s up to get my calendar out and make some plans for the week.  Note what I’m thankful for that week, what I accomplished (Yea me!), what I struggled with, what I want to focus on for the next week, set goals based on my 90 day goals, etc.  Don’t forget to schedule your family time-date nights, etc. and put them on the calendar so they actually happen!

I also take off my mompreneur hat on the weekends.  It’s our family time, my planning time, time to relax and renew my creative spark for the week to come.  We are great in our family about planning family outings, and as often as possible a date night for my husband and me to stay connected.

Mompreneur and Dadpreneur Monthly Routine:

For me, my monthly routine keeps my marketing, motherhood, marriage, and money all running smoothly.

  • Flylady breaks the home into zones and each week of the month focuses a little extra attention to that specific zone.  Each day of the week there is a ‘mission’ for the zone and 15 minutes of de-cluttering.
    • Front door and entry way, dining room
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom and one extra room
    • Master bedroom
    • Family/Living rooms
  • I apply the zone concept to my business:  Focusing for a minimum of 15 minutes a day for one week a month on the “zone” I’m working on in my business creates huge momentum for me.  You create the categories that make sense for your business.
    • Customers/Clients: create monthly newsletters,  customer care calls, client relationship building, renewal reminders, etc.
    • Paperwork and taxes (paying bills, adding up receipts, phone bills, etc. to make tax time easier, etc.)
      • TIP: Paperwork and taxes do not take me an entire week, one or two days does it for me and since I hate to do it, I combine it with something super fun for me like personal development!
    • Marketing (What can I plan to focus on for the next month that will grow my business, establish my credibility, grow my list, etc? Do I want to create a product this month; get my blog set up; my free offer created;  etc.)
    • Training or personal development week: (any books or training programs you want to focus on for the month: mastering video marketing, grasping a deeper understanding of SEO, learning some copywriting secrets, blogging, etc.)
    • Relationship week:  Have a week every month where I focus on relationships is really beneficial.  I don’t do this with an agenda of doing business, but to just be a better friend, better wife, better mom, etc.

I hope these routines will help you as they’ve helped me in my business.  Please leave a comment below and share what spoke to you in this post and/or what routines you do regularly in your business or family.  This is a dofollow blog so you will receive some link-love back from me as a thank you for commenting!

Oh, and I would be grateful if you would please share this post with your other mompreneur or dadpreneur friends by tweeting it and sharing it on facebook!

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  1. Heather, these are great routines to get into! I like how you have a focus day each week, I think that’s really important! It’s too easy to get off track and staying focused on goals is key. The monthly goals are also really great. Thanks for sharing these tips! It’s no wonder you are so successful!


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Stacy,

      Do you remember those dishcloths our grandmother’s had? Wash on Monday, Baking on Tuesday…? I think we should stop and evaluate how they managed everything. My grandma raised 3 boys while farming, and she definitely had systems for making it all work. I’ve heard so many stories about how much fun my dad had growing up, so obviously she was able to create a way to have fun, while getting the work done, and I believe we can too!

      I appreciate your comment. Thanks so much!

  2. Hello Heather,
    Wow, what a post! I am finding right now that as I zeroed in on my blog plan, thus, my acquired focus came, and has mapped out essential TASK items of importance. So, no more wasting time on things that need only a small set time given to them. You know, we don’t have kids yet, but the need to map out a working routine to balance daily and weekly tasks is a have to. I tip my hat to every parent that can pull off all that is described in this post,

    you are simply incredible!

    Joe Young

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Joe,

      Getting caught up on comments and I notice that I hadn’t replied to you with this one. I’m so sorry about that.

      Can’t say I’m incredible…except that I’m incredibly disorganized at times maybe? LOL

      I do know that when I’m sticking to my routines (I do slack off now and again) that things run smoothly. Right now–as you and I have messaged about–my computer is broken so my routines feel a little bit off.

      I figure there will always be days now and then when I’m just glad that the kids have clean clothes, their homework’s done, and they have warm food in their tummies. 🙂

      Looking forward to our interview…I’ll let you know asap when my computer’s fixed.


  3. Hi Heather, greetings from Singapore :)… I am new to your site but I really love your posts… This entry makes me admire you even more, with how you manage yourself in time. I really like the zone concept and the relationship week! 🙂

    You truly have a clever branding, and your Clever Marketer Kit is a big help in my business. Thanks, and looking forward to learning more from you 🙂

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Rowena,

      Greetings from Northern Illinois! 🙂 I’m so glad you stopped by and said Hi.

      My routines are never perfect, but I’m focused on the important things. The zones help me to feel more in control and to not feel like I have to do it all at once! Kind of helps me to segment and give myself a break from feeling overwhelmed.

      Looking forward to learning from you as well. Thanks for the feedback on the Clever Marketer Kit. I’d love to put a testimonial from you on my blog with a link back to yours if you’re willing to share how it helped you. 🙂


  4. Great tips you share… Wow, you just knocking my socks off girl, with the value that you share!

    I’m going to learn so much from you this year and I can’t hardly wait! How I found you, not for sure (probaly from your commenting on someones blog post), like you said… commenting is where it’s at, start commenting! Man, am I glad I clicked on your link… now were linked for life (hehehe)!

    Thanks for all you do and for just being you… You Rock!



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