Consistent Blogging Practically Guarantees MLM Prospecting & Recruiting Success

MLM Prospecting, Sponsoring, and Recruiting Secrets Found HereMLM prospecting and recruiting may be easier than you may think if you are consistently blogging for your network marketing internet business!  I discovered a video from blogging expert, Ty Tribble, that shows how increasing your blogging frequency can increase your customer acquisition!  For those of us in the home based business arena, that means sponsoring more people, selling more product, and making more money!

Track Your MLM Prospecting and Sponsoring Activity:

It’s important to track your prospecting results in your business building efforts so you can systematize your business building.  My MLM team uses a mlm prospecting and sponsoring tracking sheet to help us keep keep track of our prospecting activities and results so we can know how much activity we need to be in, to reach a specific goal.  Everyone starts a home business having different skill sets, so unless someone is tracking their results, there is no way to say…talk to X number of people to sponsor X number of people.

What I love about this video is that of the 2500 companies that blogged, 100% of them who were blogging more than once a day were acquiring customers!  How about that?  🙂 Would it be worth your time to spend 45 minutes a day to practically guarantee that you’d have success with your online marketing?

5 secrets to consistently blogging your way to MLM prospecting & recruiting success without spending your entire day on the computer!

My recommendation if you’re going to set a goal to blog more than one time a day:

1. Set a schedule so it becomes a habit! I like to write when my 2 year old naps so I can think without having so many distractions.

2. Choose a topic for the week, and keep a notebook to jot down blog post ideas to help you avoid writer’s block.  You don’t want to waste your scheduled time, searching for something to write about!

3. Post your own content one time per day. (Monday through Friday) Re-purpose content you’ve already written…such as some highlights from an e-book you wrote, a snippet of an audio you created, share a resource you found, check your email in-box and use questions you’ve answered for your MLM team, etc.

4. Post socially proven content one time per day. This can be a video you saw on YouTube, an article someone tweeted about, or anything you find online that your readers would appreciate. (Make sure you site the source!)

5. Strike while the iron’s hot! If you’re on a roll, and the ideas are flowing easily…write an extra post or two and save them as a draft to publish when your schedule won’t allow you the 30-45 minutes you need to write a post!

Enjoy the video &  in take a tip from Ty to increase the frequency of your blogging so you can have 100% MLM prospecting and recruiting success in your network marketing internet business!

If you have questions about blogging to build your network marketing internet business, please contact me!  On twitter you can @reply me or feel free to give me a call and let me know how I can help. 815-218-4726

And please share this post on facebook and twitter so others can benefit from learning how consistent blogging can practically guarantee mlm prospecting and sponsoring success!


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  1. Hi Heather,

    you’ve got helpful advice for us in store, as always. Seems that you and your team and right on track with tracking your prospecting efforts.

    When it comes to blogging itself, I also found it very useful to follow a schedule and to stick to it. I can endorse the tip with repurposing our content. If we shot a video anyway, why not publishing it on one’s blog and write a few lines about it ?

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


  2. Heather,

    I really like #4 & 5.

    You have given me the idea to possibly run with. I just need to tweak your #4 idea a bit. 🙂

    And #5 is a biggy! Isn’t it true? There are days where you just can’t think and then there are days those ideas are running rampant in your head. Make up for the slow thought process days by doing extra during the HOT days.

    But the idea here is to stay consistent. It not only helps you in business but your clients/readers know what to expect and when.

    Thanks for the hot tip. 🙂



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