Network Marketing Recruitment: Mistakes MLM Marketers Make that Lead to Misperceptions

Most, if not all network marketers, have at some point in their business, felt the frustration of knowing you had the ability to help someone but they were not open to listening to the opportunity because of misperceptions they have about the industry.  These misperceptions are obstacles we all face, in our attempts to help others who really would benefit from our opportunity & products. 

The problem is that these misperceptions didn’t come out of nowhere.  They were, unfortunately, developed because of negative experiences that people had within the network marketing industry. 

When network marketers hype up and spam their opportunities on people the misperceptions of the public grow. 

A lot of people have entered network marketing having been given the belief that it is an easy road to success.  There is nothing easy about success, regardless of the type of business you’re in.  Yes, the network marketing industry does provide incredible opportunity for someone to enter into business ownership with little risk, and have the potential of earning a full time income working part time. 

People have become immune to the true power behind network marketing due to marketers hyping up their opportunities with promises such as: “Earn $100,000 a month in your first year.”  (I don’t care if you or SOMEONE in your company achieved that level of success in a short amount of time, I guarantee it’s the exception, not the average.) 

I see so many marketers online who spam social media with links to their opportunity, putting down other companies & products as well as trying to recruit people from other companies.  Politicians may practice this kind of behavior at election time, but there should be no room for it in a network marketing business. (I don’t think there is room for it in politics either, but that’s another story.) 

It’s devastating to all of us as network marketers, that some marketers in the industry feel that heavily recruiting network marketers from other companies is an acceptable way to build a business.  For these reasons the Direct Selling Association has strict rules against “attempts to convert one or more salesforce members from one company to another.”

I understand the draw.  By attempting to prospect people from other companies, there are fewer objections to overcome regarding the concept of network marketing and a marketer stands a chance to benefit from someone who has already been trained and/or may already have connections within the industry. 

I challenge you to stop and consider what this says about the person doing the prospecting.  To me, prospecting marketers from another network marketing company is evidence that they:

  1. are not solid in their OWN belief of network marketing
  2. are not confident in their own ability to educate someone about the benefits of the network marketing industry
  3. are not confident in their ability to train their teammates and grow a strong organization
  4. are looking for an “easy” way to build their business by hoping to get lucky and sponsor someone with the skills from a previous business who will build their organization for them
  5. are living with a scarcity mindset that there are not enough new people who will be interested in their opportunity

When someone tries to promote their network marketing opportunity to a marketer in another company, saying that their opportunity is better and puts down the other company’s opportunity they are ultimately tarnishing the perceptions of the entire industry.  Instead of spreading negativity, as network marketers, our focus should be on promoting confidence about the network marketing industry as a whole.  

Before attempting to directly prospect people from another network marketing company, please stop to consider this:  If you prospected distributors from another network marketing company and were successful in persuading them to switch companies and join your business, what is going to stop that new business partner from switching companies again,  taking a huge portion of the organization they’ve built with them?  

I also see a lot of network marketers who decide to build  a business in more than one company.  In order to reach the top of your company, you have to focus! Building a team with more than one network marketing company is, in many cases, against both company’s policies & procedures manuals, and it simply does not work!  

What happens when you place a magnifying glass in direct sunlight on paper?  Nothing if you’re constantly moving it around!  In order to harness the power of the sun, you have to magnify the focus on one target.  It’s the same in a network marketing business.  Your focus will be constantly moving around if you attempt to build more than one organization at the same time.    

There are some definite benefits to sticking with one opportunity!  Mark Yarnell, a network marketer of probably 30+ years, states, in his book, Your First Year in Network Marketing, that “As many as 95 percent of those people who remain in this industry for ten years or longer reach the highest pay levels in their respective companies.”  The residual income in network marketing comes from building a large organization within in one company. 

As marketers we can elevate the perception of the industry in the minds of others by practicing the utmost integrity in our business building practices.  Let’s stop the “mine is better than yours” mentality and remove the hype that so many insecure marketers hide-behind.  We have one of the greatest opportunities for someone to build a significant income, part time, without the risks of traditional business ownership and it doesn’t need to be hyped up to appeal to people!  

It’s an honor to be a part of such a powerful industry and to be surrounded by people who are making a difference in the lives of others as well as their own.  How many industries are as full of giving, caring people who spread positivity and hope to others; people who constantly strive to better themselves and better the world around them? 

Network Marketers have such an incredible gift to share with the world and help change lives.  It’s our duty to protect that gift and to use it to make a positive influence on as many people as possible with both our products & our opportunity.  

Zig Zigglar’s Golden Rule of Business:  “You can have anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”  If all of us, as an industry, take the focus off of ourselves and focus our attention on figuring out how to make a positive influence on the lives of others, regardless of if it’s with our company’s opportunity or not, we will truly be able to change the misperceptions of the industry and change the lives of many people in the process!

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