Mike Dillard’s What’s Working Now in Network Marketing

There are more resources to business owners now than there ever have been before, and we’re in business at such an exciting time! We have the ability to help so many people achieve their goals, take control of their paychecks and calendars, and I believe with that, comes a huge responsibility for those of us who are team leaders to be “up” on what options we have to help others (and ourselves) achieve success.

After recently doing my taxes and adding up what I’ve spent on products and training from countless marketers, it’s so clear that information overload has lead me down a few rabbit holes (or many).  But the biggest cost has been in the time I’ve spent trying to keep up with the changing world of internet marketing.

I have learned that in order to help prevent information overload I should limit my focus to one or two leaders and follow their plan.  In order to limit my distractions, I’ve unsubscribed from many lists, and follow only a couple of leaders with proven systems.

I have successfully implemented many of the things I’ve learned and I’m excited to have made progress in my business online and coached my team to do the same.  But…with new tools, techniques, and trainings coming out daily, I’ve always got the questions in the back of my mind, “Which activity would give us the biggest return on our time and finances?”

I am excited to learn more about Mike Dillard’s What’s Working Now program. Mike Dillard is one of the Clever Marketers I follow and it’s because the advice I’ve received from him in the past has paid off.  Mike Dillard was one of the first people I started to learn from when I decided that I wanted to take my network marketing business online.

The What’s Working Now Shortcut System will be launched on March 28th.

Other products by Mike Dillard that I recommend:

Magnetic Sponsoring: 7 free videos teaching you how to get more leads and generate more income for your network marketing business.

Black Belt Recruiting: 60 minute free training video teaching you how to go from sponsoring one or two people every couple of months to becoming a top sponsoring representative in any company.

How do you handle information overload in your business?  Please comment below and share your suggestions for staying focused, while staying “up” on the ever-changing world of Internet and network marketing.

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  1. Good for you Heather, getting off all those lists and distracting emails helps your focus a lot.

    The courses and training are all good but it’s important to get them when ‘you’ need them, not when the marketer says you need them. That’s often my downfall.

    I handle information overload by doing just like you, getting off those dang lists.

    I’ve tried to train myself to get the information as I need it when I need it. If what I’m reading doesn’t pertain to my most pressing task, I try to ignore it.

    I’m not always successful, I still relapse now and then, but I try.

    Take care Heather 🙂