You Got It In You!

mentoring and coaching to help you reach your goalsMentoring and Coaching Will Bring it Out!

Think you don’t know enough yet to make a difference for others online?  I beg to differ.

One of the biggest challenges I faced when getting my business online was that I felt like I needed more knowledge to get started.

Do you ever feel this way? Do you feel like what you do know isn’t enough?  Are you stuck in the “spend money on the next info product because you think it’s going to fix your business” mindset?

I’m here to tell you we all go through that phase in our business!  I have yet to talk to a marketer who hasn’t.  But I’m here to tell you, that no amount of money spent on information products is going to get you to your goal if you aren’t putting what you know into action.

Implementing is the key to success. Failing fast and frequently, making mistakes, skinning your knees, and bruising your pride is the only way to success.

But so many people (myself included) fall into the “this next product is the answer” trap.  Well, in all honesty, that very next product could be the answer, but most marketers will probably never know it because they’ll probably never use it.

Insecurity, self doubt, and impostor syndrome plague us ALL when we’re getting started online.  But when you start taking action in your business, and start to work just outside the boundaries of your comfort zone those feelings change.

As you connect with others online who are just getting started too, you begin to realize that you all have different strengths and what you have to offer is of tremendous value to someone else.   You already have the knowledge inside of you that you need to be successful, and by partnering up with others who have different strengths and will have everything you need.

So, I’m here to tell you my secret for breaking out of the information product purchasing rut.  Spending your money on mentoring and coaching instead.

Mentoring and Coaching: The Secret to Getting Out of Your Own Way

Last summer, I signed up for a training program that was entirely different that what I’d purchased in the past.  This was a product that a marketer was creating, and it consisted of several live training calls and hot seat coaching sessions.  On these calls that were followed by question and answer sessions, I had my first experience with accountability through mentoring and coaching in the online world.

I’ve had coaches and mentors to support me in my offline in my business, but my online business was all my own.  But this time, I was working with someone who was there to answer my questions, check up on my work, she put me in the hot seat on a call to help me get clear about what I was doing.

The money I spent on that training program was some of the best money I’ve spent online because it gave me accountability, mentoring, and coaching all in one.

While the product didn’t help me reach all my goals, the mentoring and coaching got me into implementation mode.  Which started a chain reaction of one success after the next.  And the rest, as they say, is history…(her-story!)

People Fail Because They Don’t Have Mentoring and Coaching

I cannot even count the number of people I’ve met on my almost 8 month journey who have tremendous potential that they’re not utilizing!  I’ve seen people with passion, reach out and connect with me.  Telling me that they’re going to make it happen, no matter what!  Then a few weeks or months later they’re gone off the face of the earth.

At first, I worried, wondering what happened, were they okay?  But the longer I’m in business I realize that giving up is the norm, persistence is the exception.

Personally, I’ve made more strides toward success in these last few months than I have ever made in my business.  I’ve stretched and grown in ways I could never have done before.  One baby step after the next has lead me to doing things that terrified me before.  It’s helped me to grow my confidence and recognize what gifts I have.

They key for me was learning how to get out of my own way, and that started with getting my ideas out of my head and into my blog.

I believe the reason people give up is because they haven’t reached out to get the support they need to reach their goals.  And because they’re not getting the mentoring and coaching they need, they haven’t realized the gifts that lay dormant within them.

So I ask you, because you matter to me, what are you doing to get the support you need to be successful in your business?  Have you joined a mastermind?  Do you have a team working with you?  Do you have a coach or a mentor?

If you are trying to go about building your business without coaching and mentoring, you’re asking for trouble.  No, to be blunt, you’re asking to fail.

It’s too easy to give up on your dreams when you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you stick with them.

I know this, and I believe that participating in my blog tribe has helped me to stay the course, but I’ve decided to up the stakes for myself and seek mentoring and coaching again.  For the last few months, I’ve been flying solo in my business and I can see definitely see areas where I’m lightening up on myself.

I don’t want to end up in the internet wasteland of lost dreams, so I’ve decided to find a coach who I believe will push me to stretch and grow farther.  I’ve just had my first coaching session with him, and while we’re laying the ground work now, establishing goals and such, I can tell already I’m on the brink of more massive growth.

You’ve possibly/probably seen this video before, but if you’re like me, you will benefit from seeing it again.

Witness what mentoring and coaching can help you accomplish:

How would that kind of coaching and mentoring help you in your business? What would you accomplish? Who would you be able to help?

If you’re looking for someone to help you reach your goals, consider reaching out for mentoring and coaching. I have an opening for 2 coaching students who want to do big things in their business in the next 90 days. If you’re interested, please send me an email at heather (at) and we’ll set up a time to talk.

As always, I love it when you share and comment!

You got it in you…let mentoring and coaching help you bring it out!

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  1. Yeah, Having ,entoring and coaching are surely important since with them, we can learn from the people that has been there — we can learn in right way from other experience.

  2. Excellent stuff Heather!

    I really relate to that ‘next product syndrome’. It took me a while to realize that that’s just another way to put off actually taking real responsibility for your success and jumping beyond your comfort zone. (Has to be done sometime!)

    The old maxim ‘no man is an island’ is just as true in this business as any other, support of groups and tribes has been absolutely instrumental in the development of my blog and business.

    And no matter who you are and what level you are at, there are times when the guidance of someone who has taken the steps you need to take and can offer you the right guidance to assist you in taking them is essential. Finding the right mentor for the particular place you’re at is a very important step indeed…

    Thanks for elaborating on this important ingredient of success!


    • Hi Jym!

      I LOVE this phrase: “it’s just another way to put off actually taking real responsibility for your success and jumping beyond your comfort zone. (Has to be done sometime!)”

      Very well put! We’ve both benefited from the tribe and I’m positive I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you all!

      Thanks for the great comment! 🙂

  3. Very encouraging, Heather! I can definitely relate to feeling like I don’t know enough, or just am not in the same league as others, so what do I have to offer that’s valuable.

    But doing just what you said, taking the risk to offer it anyway, stepping outside my comfort zone, has paid off but also helped me feel like less of an impostor. Funny how that works! 🙂


    • That is funny how it works, Jeanine! Taking those first steps really do transform us from impostor and help us find our inner voice!

      Great comment! Thank you!

  4. Great post! 🙂 Read Seth Godin’s “Poke the Box” this week and this lines up with the theme of his book: Just Do It! Take initiative and do something.

    I struggled with inaction and hesitation because I doubted my ability to make a difference. I spent the last 2 years working on my first book project and even when it was nearly finished I wondered if I really had anything to say that was worth saying.

    Advice from 2 friends:
    “You know enough already, just write the damn thing!”
    “I read the first chapter and cried for 3 hours. Honey, you have something to say!”

    This confirmation was good to hear, but more importantly, let me know I was on the right track.

    This could not have come at a better time. I will def have to look into finding a good coach.

    • Hi Steve,

      I just visited your site and it looks great. I love the clean look of it!

      I’d love to see your blog (if you have one) and may I also suggest you collect email addresses for your free chapter of your book–which is fantastic by the way?! (Is the book in print yet?)

      I’ll have to check out Poke the Box…sounds like it’s right up my alley!

      Thank you so much for your comments! I look forward to getting to know you, Steve!


  5. Great post, Heather! You are so right about the importance of the difference between implementation and looking for that next course. One of the things that I’ve noticed that is so frustrating about a lot of courses out there is how most of them seem to offer the exact same thing as the others. Ultimately, it does take action to get things done!

    • Hi Steve,

      Nothing happens until we implement what we’re learning. 🙂 I agree that a lot of the courses cover similar topics. Have learned though that we all teach in our own voice and we all learn better from one person than another. I think it’s neat.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  6. “At first, I worried, wondering what happened, were they okay? But the longer I’m in business I realize that giving up is the norm, persistence is the exception.”

    I’m sorry but I got a slight chuckle out of the naivete here 🙂 You were worried about your online friends, that is very nice. But it is amazing how fast business online can chew people up and spit them back out. There have been a number of people I’ve watched come and go in my time; it’s too bad.

    Persistence is always the exception!

    Some encouragement and push well-beyond our comfort zones as in the video would go a looong way. I certainly see what you mean about hiring a coach even if you’re in consulting/coaching yourself. Most of the battle is won just taking that first big step!


    • Hi Jon,

      Pretty naive huh? LOL I agree. It’s funny how developing relationships online lead to friendships.

      I remember very well, a friend online, Marcus Baker who I was in the original blog commenting tribe with, disappeared around the new year. He was gone for weeks and I really worried about him. Turns out he was in the hospital with a bad flu bug. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see his smiling face on Facebook when he was well.

      Everyone can benefit from coaching, even coaches!

      Thanks for the comment, Jon! 🙂

  7. Heather, its funny, I have had the feeling that you and I are on the same wavelength to a rather large degree.

    I’ve taken on a coach, you have, I have started coaching, you have offered the service, You’ve pushed yourself more than the norm lately… I have but haven’t said anything yet. (OK… then I will, I’ve just finished my first ebook (it’s being looked at) but I’m also writing a book, and getting my coaching cert.

    More than all that, I have worried terribly about those who I had so much hope for and then disappeared never to be seen again. Even one lady in particular who joined our challenge in Jan. I felt sure she would but loose… but she’s gone.. 🙁

    I love the fact that you mentioned in your post that soon we have information that will be so valuable to newbies… isn’t it funny how that happens?

    It goes to show you that we all have value… and sometimes a person just needs someone to be accountable to.

    Loved the post. Thanks for everything


    • Hi Jayne!

      Success sisters are we! 🙂 I’m curious who your coach is. I’m working on getting my coaching cert as well and you posted a quote somewhere that sounded ironically similar to who I’m learning from with my coaching studies. We’ll have to message each other on FB and chat about it. 🙂

      Congratulations on your ebook and book! I’m excited for you and can’t wait to read it!

      Loved the comment and hearing your exciting news!



  8. Hi Heather!

    YOu’re absolutely right. Mentors and coaches can take your game to the next level because they’ve walked the walk, they know your business, and they hold you accountable while still giving you valuable advice.

    People can justify anything to themselves, but it’s a lot harder to pull the wool over a coach’s eyes!


    • That’s so true, Delena! Having someone looking over our shoulder making sure we’re getting what we need done, done is great incentive and accountability to follow through.

      Funny how easy it is to let up on ourselves if we don’t have accountability. 🙂


  9. You are so right! I’m definitely missing this and the more I think about it the more I think that this is what I need. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront of my mind!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Working with the right mentor is so important. I’ve worked with some who weren’t a great fit for me, and others who really helped me to grow. I’m excited to be working with one that’s more savvy on the internet marketing side of things this time around. I can tell already I’m going to be stretched!

      I’d love to chat with you!


  10. Heather,

    So true – a mentor/coach can make ALL the difference. You can’t succeed in business, without a supportive mentor behind you.

    Look for someone who has exactly what you want and who’s willing to help you along your path to success.

    Thanks for sharing your insights. Great to see you offering to help others with your coaching service – way to go, Heather!

    All the best,

    • Hi Mavis,

      I tried to get away without a supportive mentor for a little while and I started to feel myself slipping on things I shouldn’t be slipping on. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  11. Having someone you can trust and that can give you valuable answers and advice it’s very importing to making sure you are on the right path. Of course no one will tell you everything and some things you need to find on your own, but just the thought that’s someone there in case you need help, makes a big difference.

    • Hi Mia,

      I think one of the greatest things a mentor and coach can do is to help us discover things for ourselves, that we wouldn’t have necessarily seen through our own eyes. 🙂 Do you use a coach or a mentor?

      Thanks for the comment,

  12. The video says it all.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Powerful stuff.
    Blog on!

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