Marketing Management | How to Know What Projects to Delegate

Marketing Management: Wearing Too Many Marketing Hats ImageDo you struggle with marketing management and knowing which projects to work on yourself and which projects to delegate to others?

Well, here I come to save the day, like the superwoman and fairy godmother I wish I were! (I’ll have to post a picture of me in my cape and tiara someday! No I’m not kidding, I really own them and wear them when I want to feel powerful beyond measure!)

I have a simple 2 question solution for the delegating dilemma many home based business owners dive into when they start marketing online!

Marketing Management is Monkey Business

I was reading my son one of my favorite childhood stories last night which inspired a marketing management lesson I want to share with you today.

The book is called Caps for Sale, A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business, by Esphyr Slobodkina. It’s about peddler who sold caps. He walked around town wearing all the caps on his head, first his own checked cap, then the gray caps, then the brown caps, then the blue caps, and then the red caps on top.  It’s a cute story about monkey see monkey do!

Venturing off the topic of marketing management for a minute: I’ve placed a sweet video of a daddy reading Caps for Sale to his kids while he was away in the military for you at the bottom of this post if you’d like to hear the whole story.  Parents, it will melt your heart.

Although the point of the story does not totally relate to the plot of the book, it does bring to mind the question about how many marketing hats you may be wearing in your business.  My guess is way too many!

I know how hard it can be when you’re a one man band marketing department for your home based business. From designing your website, writing your marketing messages, engaging in social media, blogging and commenting, creating videos, podcasts, and webinars, etc.; a day in the life of a home based business marketer can leave you little time for your home based business!

Monyelle Mingo, on our Clever Teleseminar Secrets call last week said something that really hit home for me.  “Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean I should do it.”


…we all know the importance of consistent marketing and when growing a business we constantly come up against things we need to learn and want to try.  Delegating some of your marketing tasks is the answer.

Monkey See-Monkey Do, Marketing Management Strategy:

You might try the marketing monkey see, monkey do approach to building your business and training a virtual assistant to take over some of the routine tasks like SEO management, social media management, and customer service for you.

It takes a little while to develop the systems in your business so that you can leverage yourself, but I promise you it will be worth it.  Just like taking the time to teach your kids to tie their shoes, teaching someone how to help you in your business can be a perfect solution!

I’ve  at times had my kids help me with entering order and getting mailings ready to go, and my oldest daughter will be helping me with editing my videos this summer as well.

My 2 Question Marketing Management Formula:

“Effective management always means asking the right question.”
Robert Heller

So how do we separate the marketing tasks we can do or can learn from the tasks we should do or should learn?

My solution is to ask myself two questions about the situation to determine which marketing tasks I should give to someone else and which tasks I need to learn myself!

  1. “Will I need to know how to do this again?”
  2. “Am I the only one who can do this?”

For example:  Installing the forum in the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community.

Will I need to know how to do it again? Not likely.  I don’t plan to build a business installing forums for business owners on a regular basis and I don’t have plans to start many other forums in the near future.

Am I the only one who can do this? Of course not.  There are plenty of talented web developers and wordpress gurus who can do it faster and cheaper than I can. So, this was a great task to delegate to someone else.

Here’s another example: I just created a training program and planning kit for hosting teleseminars.

Will I need to know how to do it again? Yes.  I created the planning kit for my own benefit because I’m planning to do a couple of teleseminars in the coming couple of months.

Am I the only one who can do this? Yes. I wanted to teach this process myself, from my own point of view, sharing my experiences, knowledge and in my “voice” so that it was consistent with my branding.

And one more example: Building your brand in social media.

Will you need to know how to do it again? Yes, social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy in today’s world. You definitely need to know how to navigate at least Twitter and Facebook.

Are you the only one who can do this? Yes again.  You are the one who needs to be out there building relationships and networking with others.  No one else can do it just like you can.

There are exceptions to this social media example though:  If you want someone to customize your facebook page, twitter background, or youtube channel, you might outsource that, unless you plan to offer it as a service to others.

You may also choose to outsource some of your social media marketing to someone else.  Let someone else help you optimize your profile, weed through the spam to find the customer service issues that need addressing.  You may try outsourcing your brand monitoring, letting a social media manager scour the internet to see what’s being said and bring you into the loop if there are issues that need addressing.

The Goal of Strategic Marketing Management:

In the end, your the goal of marketing management is to free you up so that you can focus on growing your business instead of being lost in the marketing maze unable to see light at the end of the tunnel.  There are people you are meant to serve, who are searching for what you have to offer.  By using strategic marketing management you will have plenty of time to help them and still have time for the important things in life!

Enjoy the video if you wish and please take a minute to leave a comment and share this post on social media!  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on marketing management and which projects you delegate and which you do yourself!


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  1. Hey Heather,

    I couldn’t agree with you more – strategic marketing and time management is the way to go.

    It’s highly important to focus more on the income-producing activities if you want to light a fire under your business!

    Thanks for sharing your insights, my friend.

    All the best,

    • I heard quite the opposite thought as to focusing on business. I heard that we better focus on the needs of the potential clients rather than what it will bring for me, ’cause psychologically people can feel that you do not care for them and everything you want is to sell your product.

      • You’re absolutely right Alexander, but I think that when you focus on helping your potential clients by providing solutions for them, that can be the same thing as income producing activity.

        I wrote a post the other day on this where I talked about finding your marketing sweet spot where your passions, skills, and economic engine overlap. When you’re working in your sweet spot like that, our clients know we care for them and are happy to pay us for helping them, we get to do what makes us come alive, and earn an income doing it.

        What do you think?


    • I agree, Mavis, that we need to focus on the income producing activities. I’ve taken a step back and re-prioritized some things in my business these last couple of weeks and seen some big gaping holes that need to be addressed.

      As we’ve talked, I have a knack for getting lost in the details of writing, marketing, building my business, being a mom, etc. that I’ve clouded my vision for what I want to create with time commitments and technical clutter.

      I’m hoping that by delegating more, and having a bigger focus on the income producing activities like talking to people, helping them, producing solution based content, etc. that I’ll be more balanced in my business (and life!)

      Hugs to you and good luck this weekend. I’ll be praying for you, although I know without a doubt that you’ll be amazing!


  2. Hi Heather,

    I love delegation. I’m really good at it, too. I usually ask myself two questions: 1.) Do I have time for it? and 2.) Can someone else do this?

    Although sometimes it’s as easy as one question: 1.) Do I really need this headache?

    Motherhood was its own crash course in delegation, I think. =)


    • Hi Delena!

      I laughed out loud at your comment that motherhood was a crash course in delegation. Spot on!

      Do I have time for it, can someone else do this, and do I really need this headache are great questions to ask ourselves when it comes to choosing what to delegate!

      Great comment! Thanks for the giggle!

  3. Heather, I am only starting to realize the importance of delegating or outsourcing.

    I wholeheartedly agree that sometimes we do need to invest more time than we would like on some things, but there has to be a line, as you say. If it’s a one time thing, the your time is better spent on tasks that will serve you rather than eat time.

    I am at a stage of burnout, and really need to pick up the pace and get a few things out of the way. I am currently seeking outsourcing, and while this takes time in itself, in the long run if I can find a reliable person to take the weight off, it will be worth it in the long run.

    Lovely to see you Heather. Loved the post.

    • It sounds like we both hit the burnout stage at the same time, Jayne! I’m sorry to hear you’re there, although I have remind myself that burnout is synonymous to breakthrough if we stick it out! (Go re-read The Dip by Seth Godin)

      It’s time consuming to find the right person to help out, although I’m “going there” knowing it will be worth it in the long run. Just like taking the time to teach my son how to get dressed by himself…it would be faster and easier to do it myself right now…but not when I add up all the time I’ll save eventually.

      My challenge is that I’ve been a VA for the last 5 years and it’s hard for me to give up the control. However, it’s essential at the point where my business is currently, that I leverage myself.

      In the meantime, I’m trying to do a better job of taking care of “me” and prioritizing the things that have to get done now and the things that can wait. For the moment, I need to get caught up from being sick, and if that means I post a little less frequently for a couple of weeks, then so be it. If it means my laundry pile is growing, that’s okay too. There’s only so much of us to go around.

      Hugs Jayne…hope you’re doing fantastic!

  4. Hi Heather!

    First, let me just express my delight in seeing the new look of your blog. I find it very attractive, streamlined and organized, and easy to toggle with! Great!

    I really enjoyed this post of yours. I agree that freeing ourselves from other tasks that could really take so much of our time and pulls us away from the more important ones is actually a good marketing management strategy. We just have to know wherein lies our strengths and weaknesses and how we work around it.

    Lastly, I love the reference to the monkey story. 🙂

    • Elmar,

      Thank you so much for the compliment. I’m so glad you’re liking the new look. I’m still tweaking and changing things around, but I have a better idea of what I want now that I took some time these last couple of weeks to map out my plan.

      I don’t know about you, but I always tend to avoid the things I’m not good at, so that’s a great place to start to discover my strengths and weaknesses, and what I should get help with.

      I’m glad you liked the monkey story. I loved it as a kid and it’s been fun watching my kids enjoy it too. 🙂

      Have a great week,

  5. Hi Heather,

    Loved the two questions you suggest we use to ascertain whether we should do something or not.

    I think we are probably all too busy for our own good. I know I am and while I will definitely use your framework for assessing tasks I take on, I am also at a point of assessing whether I really need to be doing half the things I do and why I do them anyway?

    In this instance I have to ask whether there really is a good reason for doing whatever it is or whether it’s just to feed my ego. I have a feeling I will be bowing out of quite a lot actually.


    • Have wiser words ever been said? “I am also at the poitn of assessing whether I really need to be doing half the things I do and why I do them anyway?” Wow…that one hit me like a ton of bricks, Marcus.

      I’ve been in major reassessment mode lately and trying to figure out where I’m going from here and it’s clear to me that I’ve painted myself into a corner in a few areas of my business because I was so focused on “doing” and not focused on the why I should do it.

      The great news is that we have a choice and we can always choose a different way forward.

      Thanks for the comment. I hope you’re doing fantastically well, Marcus!

      Hugs and Happy Marketing,

  6. Hi Heather! First of all let me say I love your blog and this article is very well written. I, myself, am a very big fan of delegation and strongly believe in it. I also loved the Monkey See-Monkey Do story. Thanks for the post!

    • Hi there,

      I’m sorry if this is a duplicate reply to your comment, but my page didn’t reload and I wanted to thank you for your compliment and your comment. I’m so glad you loved the monkey see monkey do story. I liked it too.

      Hope to “see” you again online! 🙂


  7. Yes, totally agree with you,marketing and planning is tightly related. Without proper planning you can’t manage probably.

  8. It is common among all the internet marketer that they ends their post at the facebook,twitter etc.

  9. As you know, Heather, I’m in the same shoes. It gets crazy here!

    Thank you so much for the best wishes, my friend. I’m fighting a nasty cold here – talk about lousy timing!

    I’m trusting in God to be well tomorrow and deliver the goods! 😀

    How are you feeling now?

    Have a great weekend, Heather!


  10. I am struggling with online marketing and has just realized the importance of outsourcing after reading your post. Thanks a lot for sharing this knowledge. I will definitely implement it. Have a blessed day.