Exposing My Biggest Failure for the Maria Andros Video Conversion Formula

maria andros video marketing formula contestI want Maria Andros to personally coach me in your video conversion formula! Will you please help me?

If you haven’t checked out Maria Andros’ awesome video conversion formula videos, I encourage you to view them.  I’ll give you a link in this post. 🙂

What Maria Andros Said that Caused Me to Face a Fear:

I just watched the beginning of the third video and it totally moved me. You’ll have to go watch it to know what I mean, but in a nutshell, Maria Andros shared her insecurities about video and it really hit home for me.

I just this week finished a 40 day journey through the book The Purpose Driven Life and I know that my purpose is to serve and help others.  I can do that best by sharing the authentic me; the things I’m gifted with as well as my struggles. God gave all of this to me to help others, so I’m sharing them here, hoping they can help at least one person who reads this post.

Like Maria says, people want to connect with real people online and I’m being about as real as humanly possible with you here.

A Maria Andros Video Marketing Queen I Am Not.

I’ve dabbled here and there in video, but I haven’t given it the focus I need to. I’ve made excuses like the toys are cluttering the family room, I didn’t do my hair today, there’s too much noise in the background, etc. But if I’m honest with myself, I feel more comfortable sharing my words in type.

There are several reasons why, but the two main reasons are that I don’t feel like I really “know” enough with video (yes I need to listen to my own message about the impostor syndrome LOL) and I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I’ve touched in the past about my insecurities about my weight and although it’s hard to admit, it’s probably the biggest thing that I’ve let get in the way of my success. It’s the one really big thing I’ve struggled with that I haven’t found a way to win…Yet. Obviously I have lessons I still need to learn and limiting beliefs I have yet to let go of, which is why I’ve not broken through that barrier.

But I realized today that I can break through in a different way.  By not hiding behind it.

I will NOT let my weight hold me back from growing my business and reaching my goals any more. I’m only giving it more power over my life if I do.

I don’t know what your issue is, but I know we all have them. Maybe it’s your appearance, maybe it’s feeling uncomfortably shy talking to others, maybe it’s a fear around money, or possibly relationships…I don’t need to know what it is, you do. But I hope that by sharing my journey you will be inspired to face it head on.

I just recorded a video with toys in the background, my hair wasn’t done, and my son was watching TV, so there’s probably some background noise anyway. 🙂  But I did it and I entered Maria Andros’ contest, which is a step toward facing my fears.

The contest is to win Maria Andros’ course and to be her protege in her Video Conversion Formula course.  I would LOVE to be chosen, so that I can take my videos to a new level and use them to help others. The number of votes that I get on my video and the comments that I receive are part of her decision making process.

Will you help me by clicking on this link to the video conversion formula contest and voting for me? You will need to register to vote, but would be so very grateful to you if you would.

For those of you who don’t know me yet, or why I’m “exposing” myself here in this way, please let me share a little bit about my story.  I am a mom of three who has turned into an action taker this year! I’m learning and focusing on implementing what I’ve learned in various trainings in my business this year, I’ve pushed passed some major comfort zones, reached some amazing goals, and gotten rid of many limiting beliefs by focusing on what value I can bring to others.

I spent over 2 years struggling to figure out how to build a business online so I can continue to stay home with our kids.

My biggest why is to bring my husband home. He’s commuting over two hours a day so our kids can be in the school district of our choice, and I am on a mission to bring him home and give him what’s he’s given me-the gift of time; being able to be there for every milestone (big or small) our kids have.

Please help me to make this dream come true! Go vote! I am thankful for you…and I promise if I win, I’ll share all the awesome golden nuggets and clever video marketing tips Maria shares here on my blog so you can benefit too!

Ok, go vote…and please tweet/share on facebook this post and help someone else face their fears, whatever they are!

And if by any chance Maria Andros reads this post, thank you for inspiring me with your video conversion formula videos!


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  1. Hi Heather!

    Last night I saw that you had entered. I think you’ve come a long way since you came online. It’s obvious you work hard, not only on your business, but on yourself, and I highly admire that.

    Even if you hadn’t voted for me, I’d still have had to vote for you. 😉 I hope we both stomp the competition. 😀


    • Heather C Stephens says:


      Your video totally rocked! 🙂 And your excitement about the contest caused me to look at the videos from Maria in the first place. Thanks so much for leading me to it.

      I have changed myself in some big ways this year and I’m excited about that, but there is so much more I want to do. I get butterflies in my tummy when I think about all that’s to come!

      I’m thankful that this journey helped me to find YOU, my friend.

      Good luck in the competition, although I don’t think you need it. At my last glance yesterday, you were rocking it with the stars and comments!!!


      • I’ve been watching your progress over there. You’re doing awesome! You have quickly jumped WAY up.

        I love that Maria said although the comments and votes will influence her decision, they are NOT the deciding factors. So we really have no way of knowing who will win! It’s a bit exciting. 😉

        I only just found Maria a couple weeks ago. Hector’s post about the question he asked on Twitter, and the responses led me to someone else who led me to Maria. Funny how it works that way…

        • Heather C Stephens says:

          Hi Susanna,

          I knew about Maria a year or so ago, but fell off her list for some reason. I was so excited to be re-introduced to her through you. It is funny how it all works out to get the information we need, when we need it.

          Your video was fantastic and I learned a lot from you as well as Maria.

          Looking forward to more of your video trainings! 🙂

  2. Hi Heather,

    it’s a matter of honour to vote for you. You are definitely purpose driven, you breathe your purpose, that’s awesome.

    I wish you the best for this contest.

    Take care


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Oliver!

      Thank you so much! I’m sad I didn’t win, but I had such a fantastic time participating in the video contest and really did learn a lot and stretch my comfort zone once again.

      I’m looking forward to doing more video and I believe I’ll be setting a video challenge for myself to help me stick with it.

      I need to do a little brainstorming to see what I’m able to commit to, while stretching those limiting beliefs. 🙂 Wanna join me?


  3. Hello Heather

    I have voted and commented, even though no comments are showing up yet.

    See how our mind plays tricks on us.

    You have all of these insecurities about doing videos but to me you are a natural, like Susanna and Oliver.

    I am looking forward to your next video 🙂


    • Yeah, Peter’s right. The comments over there are slow. I’ve had several people tell me they commented, but I don’t think it’s been updated for a couple days…

      • Heather C Stephens says:

        Hi Susanna,

        I’m bummed that the comments never showed up. I would have loved to have been able to read them.

        I’m sorry either of us didn’t win, but grateful for the information and teaching I gained, and the experience in the contest!

        Great job and thanks for the connection back to Maria Andros again.


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks so much for the compliment. I would NEVER have thought of myself as a natural with video, but that’s probably my mind playing tricks on me, right? I so appreciate your vote and your comment.

      Peter, you’re one of the very best! 🙂


  4. Hey Heather..

    I’m gonna go watch your video and vote right NOW..

    Wish you the best
    talk soon

  5. Congratulations Heather on broadening your horizons. I’ve watched your previous videos – and you’re more or less a natural. I really couldn’t understand what you were talking about when you expressed those issues in your post here :).

    But we all have little fears and hurdles that hold us back in certain areas and the great thing here is you’ve recognised that you’re making excuses and you won’t stand for them. Most people will just stay in denial.

    It’s my pleasure to vote for you. Best of luck.

    Have a great day,

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Wayne,

      Thank you very much for your sweet comment. I so appreciate it and your vote! 🙂

      You’re right, I’m not willing to continue to be a victim to my excuses. I hope that by sharing my story, it helps others who are struggling with the little fears that hold them back too.

      Thanks for everything,

  6. Amy Mengarelli says:

    Loved the video. I just love how transparent you are.

    I hope that you are not only judged by votes, but by your content.


    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks Amy!

      I appreciate your comment and your vote. I didn’t win, but it was such an awesome experience, and I will definitely be focusing on video more in the future.

      It’s a confidence thing for me, but something I will absolutely overcome! 🙂


  7. Heather,

    Good luck with the contest.

    I am trying to vote but for some reason I am
    not getting the confirmation email after I

    I will try again.

    Tommy D.

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Hi Tommy,

      Thanks so much for your vote! I so appreciate it! 🙂


  8. I will sure vote you as you are positive and struggling lady.Hard work has message of dignity and I am sure that you will at the pinnacle of dignity.

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Many, thank you so much for the sweet comment! The voting has ended and I didn’t win, but I’m grateful for the experience and thankful for your comment!


  9. Hi Heather

    So sorry I didn’t get here early enough to vote for you 🙁

    I love your video! You are so relaxed, genuine and you so CONNECT!

    Disappointed that you didn’t win but you are a winner anyway, because just entering took you beyond your comfort zone. Looking forward to watching your next vid 🙂

    Go you!


  10. Hi Heather,

    I’m gutted that I missed this post, I would have voted for you!

    You are a great example of identifying your self-limiting beliefs and fears and stepping out of your comfort zone! Well done, Heather! You are a true inspiration!

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong


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