Keep Your Readers Engaged Longer on Your Network Marketing Blog with the Link Within Plugin

plugin for your network marketing blog that will keep your readers engagedI was on a call with Ty Tribble from Blogging for Prospects a little while ago and he tipped me off to a clever widget that will help keep your readers on your wordpress network marketing blog.

#1 goal for your network marketing blog:

The ultimate goal you should have with your blog is to make it clean, easy to navigate, and attractive.  Your goal should be to romance your readers with easy to find and easy to read content that they find valuable so they want to linger around and get to know you through your writing and opt into your list.

You’ve heard it before, network marketing is a relationship business. You can’t build a relationship with a reader who leaves your blog faster than those sleazy frat party guys we had the unfortunate pleasure to meet, who dropped us “just like that,” when they found out we were “relationship” types of girls.

Great widget for your network marketing blog:

You can invite your prospects to stay on your network marketing blog a little big longer with a widget called Link Within.  It installs very simply and quickly, and they have excellent instructions with photographs on their website that even a newbie who is just getting started building their network marketing blog can follow.

If you want to see it in action, at the bottom of all my blog posts, you’ll see thumbnail photos with links to other blog posts within Clever Marketer that relate to the post you are reading.  Don’t they look so much prettier than hyper-linked text to your related posts?!?

So, do you want to “woo” your prospects and have them engaged, lingering longer on your network marketing blog? Entice them with the  link within widget and give them a little peek at the rest of your content.  If they click and stick around, you might have the beginnings of a prospecting relationship!  If not…then you weren’t a match made in heaven and it’s probably for the best!  There are other “fish” in the sea!

I hope this helps!  Please comment and share this content with others if you found it helpful!  You’re on a dofollow blog and you’ll get some link love from me!  What plugins and widgets do you use on your network marketing blog?

Oh, and if you want to create some additional streams of income with your network marketing blog please download your clever marketer kit today!


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