Internet Network Marketing: 4 Failure Mindsets to Avoid

internet network marketing failure mindsets to avoidThe last part of this journey through the internet network marketing training I did with Golda Smith is the part that I believe is the most important:  What holds us back from marketing ourselves, our businesses, and from embracing who we’re destined to become?

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Mindset really matters in an internet network marketing business!

While there can be hundreds and thousands of things that we let get in the way of our business, if our mindset is not where it should be, building an internet network marketing business (or any other type of business) is going to be a constant uphill battle.

The yin of longing for success in our internet network marketing business and the yang of needing to go through the personal growth in order to achieve success create a constant tug of war between our intentions and actions.  In my opinion (which is all this blog really is anyway) is that there are 4 major mindset failures that hold us back from succeeding in an internet network marketing business: fear, insecurity, perfectionism, and loss of focus.

4 Failure Mindsets to Avoid in an Internet Network Marketing Business


Doing something new is hard.  It’s scary and we will often avoid doing things for our business that put us in a place of feeling fear.  Picking up the phone to call a lead, getting in front of a video camera, and publishing something on our blogs, can all be things that bring fear in internet network marketing professionals.


  • Remind yourself that this is the hardest it will ever be. The next time you go to do something it will be easier, and eventually you won’t be scared.
  • Learn to play in that area just outside your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be way outside your comfort zone, only far enough to get your outside of it so you are baby-stepping your way to expanding it.
  • Embrace a “Be, Do, Have” principle  Who do you have to be, in order to do what you have to do, so you can have what you want to have?

Insecurity:  Not believing in our own value

What will people think of me?  Will they find out I’m not as great, smart, talented, etc. as they think I am?   A good internet network marketing leader will believe in people until they can believe in themselves, but

The impostor syndrome is a limiting belief or insecurity that keeps you from sharing what you know because you feel like you might be “found out,” or feel like you’re a fraud, impostor, or you are not as good as you say you are.


  • Please read my post on overcoming the impostor syndrome with a little help from my friends for a new perspective on how you approach teaching others in your business.
  • Do you think that there is only one person who can teach internet network marketing effectively online?  Do you think that all the internet network marketing strategies or social media strategies being taught online are original?
  • The bottom line is that if you feel like you can’t be as good as the others out there, who are teaching the same subject to their list, you should remember that no one can teach what you teach, exactly the way you teach it.   That will allow you to attract readers who resonate with your teaching style.
  • Take your focus off yourself and focus on others instead.  How can you help them? What are their needs, problems, fears?  Keep those in mind when you’re playing bigger and insecurity is settling in.


We will often hold ourselves back with procrastination and perfectionism, which is a result of the above two other things, fear and insecurity.  How many times have you tweaked your blog posts or rewritten your goals so that they look better?


  • Remember that practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes progress.  That’s all you can strive for…progressing and getting better.  Learn that something done imperfectly is a thousand times better than having perfect intentions of something you never finish.
  • Embrace speed.  When you’re focused on getting things done quickly you are less worried about how perfect they are.
  • Create systems to follow that will help you implement with fewer mistakes.  Create checklists for publishing your blog posts, checklists for social media participation.  Checklists help to make it so that you don’t have to think about every step and over analyze it.

Lack of Focus:

When we are so distracted by following too many leaders and trying too many things in our business, we end up getting off track and wasting time and money.

We need to focus on the important things and when we do that, there will always be enough time to do what you need to do for your business and your family.


  • Finish one internet network marketing training course before you buy another!
  • Have an action plan laid out for 90 days, instead of waking up every morning wondering what you’re going to work on.
  • F.O.C.U.S. Follow One Course Until Successful
  • Baby steps in one focused area compound like interest to either move you forward or backwards.  There is no status quo.  Use the baby steps you are making toward moving forward to your advantage, by being consistent.

Here is the last part of the audio training on internet network marketing from Golda Smith’s MODEL Training:

M.O.D.E.L. Training: Internet Network Marketing Things that Hold Us Back

I really hope you enjoyed this series of internet network marketing posts.  Thank you for reading them, listening to the calls and sharing your feedback along the way. Please share your thoughts in the comments below and please share this with others in the internet network marketing industry through the social media buttons to your left!


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  1. Heather – this is a very valuable and powerful post. It adds solidity to the fact that we all face the same fears and the importance of personal development. I think I have suffered from everything you have mentioned above. Even the teaching aspect… I have a site I built ages ago to help people get started. i was asked to share info so often that I created it for that reason. At first I thought “oh… I don’t know if I can.. and don’t know enough”… as it happens, there is lots to modify at this point, but what I did manage to upload has been worth it… and what I continue to learn will be even better. I guess the point is… we all have the ability to help others even when we think we’re not good enough… and everyone is valuable to somebody even if they dont realize it.

    Focus..hmmm – lets not go there LOL…

    Fear and insecurity set in a little ‘after’ I started online. This may not be the norm,… but I guess it was climbing the uphill battle and realizing I really needed to push myself to not only learn… but also to implement.

    i have come to realize, we all share the same thoughts (in most cases) and we have to know we can all achieve anything we wish… so you’re right on with saying mindset is key!

    I loved this post Heather. Thanks so much!

  2. Heather,
    This is really good. I can definitely relate with this article. I really liked point #4. about Lack of Focus. I think maybe this one is a little bit hard to admit for us because we are SO Busy.
    Maybe we are really busy and working like a frenzy, but are we working on the most important things?
    I think that is the question.
    Also, I really appreciated the action steps that you laid out.
    Finish one thing before starting the next…you know, Plan Ahead for 90 days. Those are excellent things and I need to do better at that.
    Actually, I think I will be getting better at all of that as time goes on.

    This is a good article, Heather,
    Keep up the Good work!


  3. Hi Heather,

    awesome mindset post. Fear is the worst enemy of all. F.E.A.R means False Evidence Appearing Real.

    As a matter of fact, fear leads to such insane behaviour like craving for leads and then not calling them once we got them or hoping that some magic sales funnel will do the work for us, only to avoid human interaction.

    That goes hand in hand with feelings of insecurity and inferiority, they are fueled by fear as well.

    We’re doing nobody any good if we try to chase this fear by trying to be perfect.

    We are already perfect, we only have to live by our strenghts and by other people’s strengths, our weaknesses.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


  4. Hi Heather,

    First of all, I totally love it when, aside from the written post, you also provide the audio with it, as I love listening to you – very authentic and ‘relatable’.

    I am always surprised whenever I hear your story about how you got so overwhelmed when you started taking your business online, or how you ‘claim’ that you have ADD…because honestly, there is no sign of any of these with all the quality posts and online presence and influence that you are currently exuding(not to mention all the mentoring you provide unselfishly with your followers)…

    But sharing with us your story, gives us a lot of motivation and inspiration – that everything you have accomplished is something that we can also achieve! and is starts with the Be. Do. Have mindset.

    I most especially love the acronym FOCUS (that’s something new to me), and I’ll definitely work on having a 90-day plan as you recommended. Baby stepping our way to success, progressing instead of being perfect, and remembering the principle of “thin slicing” are all very powerful concepts that we should truly embrace.

    Thanks much for this, Heather.


  5. Hi Heather,

    More great value here.

    Work on your mental tools first. Stop looking for the latest and greatest system to help make yourself rich. Success comes from within so work on improving yourself with personal development and your results will conform to your mental state.

    I experienced many of the fears you mentioned. I got over the fears by moving forward. Move out of your comfort zone habitually. Eventually you can become comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is growth.

    Also love your mention of how fears become less scary when attacked consistently. Think of how many times you feared to tackle any one network marketing task. Whether the fear was based on blogging, video creation or contacting prospects, once you moved forward and did the thing you feared it wasn’t so bad.

    Fear is just a bunch of squiggly little waves in your mind. Now that doesn’t sound so bad, does it? 😉

    Thanks for sharing your insight Heather.


  6. Hi Heather,

    ok, this post was for me, I am positive of it!!lol You know in part, how hard this journey has been for me so far but I am a living witness to say that stretching beyond your comfort zone is a huge leap towards achieving success!!

    It is interesting to me the qualities & talents other people see in your own self that we tend to overlook or maybe we choose to let our fears blind us to our talents. Someone has told me they can see me being a coach & I have to say so far, I have been running away from it!! However, I also know that going through many baby steps to reach our full potential is essential in building this whole thing correctly!! So upward & onward is my motto as you will see throughout the Prove It challenge!!

    Thankyou Heather for your leadeship & I have to agree with Rowena, I cannot see any signs of ADD in your fearless leadership to our whole group! You are amazing & I thank God for bringing you into my life!!


  7. Hi Heather,

    Excellent points here. Discussing fear, insecurity, perfectionism and lack of focus are areas that we all need to address as to how it applies to and for ourselves.

    I can see how the facts laid out here definitely are things that I totally understand and can relate. Thank you especially for the discussion on the fact and example about different internet marketing teachers. Although they are teaching the same thing, they are all different styles like how you may have had a favorite teacher in the 3rd grade for example.

    Valuable post here and am glad that I am able to read your posts here.



  8. Wow, Heather! What a powerful and inspiring post! Loved it! 🙂

    It all starts with creating and maintaining a positive mindset. When you do, you’d be able to overcome any insecurities or challenges along the way to success!

    Love this: “F.O.C.U.S. Follow One Course Until Successful” 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration, Heather.

    All the best,

  9. Brilliant post Heather!

    You’ve nailed some of the most essential debilitating mindset factors here, and provided some great solutions too.

    I especially love this line: “Learn to play in that area just outside your comfort zone.” Anyone who can get this cannot fail to grow, learn and push their boundaries.

    Mindset is the foundation upon which all of our activities are laid, and failing to address issues like those you’ve mentioned is fatal to our success.

    However each challenge is a potential for growth and change – I love the symbolism of the lotus flower, which grows form the murky mud at the bottom of the pond, yet flowers radiantly once it has pushed itself up from the depths…

    Thanks for the inspirational guidance Heather, you rock!


  10. Arrrgggh, perfectionism is my worst. Not that I’m always achieving perfection, it’s just that working to achieve it can really trip you up.

    I guess when you think about it, it is a result of insecurity and fear. Thanks for the tips on that BTW, they have helped a lot 🙂

    Thanks Heather

  11. Graet post,

    man its all about awareness, thanks for making me aware again of the pitfalls.

  12. Heather:

    I am amazed that all 4 of these related to me just a few months ago! I knew that I had a lack of confidence in regards to making this work for me. That in turn caused me fear…fear of rejection, fear of failure…which all leads to the perfectionism and therefore NOT focusing on what my goals were.

    I think everyone should know what their “game changer” was and remember that whenever any of these mindsets start to creep back in. You certainly have a winning attitude and it’s actually more than that~~we can almost feel the confidence and focus pouring out on the page from you.

    I think that gives you my rockstar status award!

    All the best,


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