Internet Network Marketing Like a Girl

Internet Network Marketing Like a Girl“You play like a girl,” is not much of a compliment but the phrase, “you market like a girl,” is one of the highest compliments an internet network marketing WAHM or mompreneur could hear!

This is part two of my three part internet network marketing training series with Golda Smith, for her MODEL call: Mothers Online Developing Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

Part one was Internet Network Marketing with Girl Power Advantage

Marketing like a girl is an acronym made up of the qualities, I feel, are the most effective for building an internet network marketing business.  And while the world spells out “girl” these qualities are also found in the great marketing guys of our industry.

Demonstrate these G.I.R.L. qualities for a successful internet network marketing message that attracts others:

G: Grateful, Gracious, and Generous

  • Thank people who help to syndicate your internet network marketing content
  • Give your absolute best value away for free
  • Generously encourage others who are just getting started
  • Answer questions and offer solutions to problems
  • Syndicate others online to help them reach a bigger audience
  • Give to your clients and teams
  • Give thanks to the people who let you serve them

I: Influence, Integrity, Ingenuity

  • Be honest 100% of the time
  • Banish any hype from your internet network marketing content!
  • Have a code of ethics you stand by
  • Have people’s best interests at heart
  • Accentuate your skills, gifts, talents and strengths: “If you’ve got it…flaunt it!” (Don’t be a victim of the impostor syndrome!)
  • Get creative on how to market yourself!  Be clever—spice up piggyback and evergreen internet network marketing content with your teaching style!
  • Be solution oriented.  When you come up with a obstacle ask yourself how and who questions.  “How can I find the answer/solution to this, or who do I know who might know or be able to help me find the answer/solution to this?”
  • Make due with what you have first (be resourceful) before you go out and buy another $297 training course

R: Relationships, recognition, respect

  • Building relationships should be your #1 priority in your internet network marketing strategy
  • Think T.I.N.Y. in social media: their interests not yours
  • Mix business with pleasure don’t be all work online, all the time
  • It’s okay to not have it all together in every area of your life.  It makes you feel real when you share your authentic self with your internet network marketing audience
  • Be transparent but don’t share “Too Much Information”
    • Before you post something, run it through the “would you tell your grandma?” filter
  • Connect with other marketers in your niche, location, field and network like crazy
  • Recognize your internet network marketing teammates for stretching their comfort zone, reaching a goal, or just showing up in their business
  • Respect yourself: it’s okay to set boundaries between business and home life
  • Respect others: Be dependable
    • If someone schedules a call with you—show up!
    • Show up on your bog when your readers expect you to
    • Show up in your social media when your readers expect you to
    • Love people where they are: if the business isn’t a fit, it’s not about you.

L: Leadership, Learning, and Leverage

  • Embrace your leadership role: Be a servant leader
  • Believe in your team and your internet network marketing tribe
  • Constantly improve your leadership skills
    • Be decisive
    • Take responsibility for your actions and your team
    • Embrace change
    • Keep a steady FOCUS (follow one course until successful) so that your internet network marketing team can follow you.
  • Stand for something bigger than yourself
  • Be continuously learning:
    • Strengthen your strengths and outsource your weaknesses
  • Leverage your relationships online to help each other grow
  • Leverage your time by creating a marketing funnel to help you share your internet network marketing home based business opportunity
  • Leverage your blog content by repurposing it into various formats

Internet Network Marketing Like a Girl Audio: Part 2

Here’s the link to the second part of the MODEL training call I did with Golda Smith. 🙂  Enjoy…

M.O.D.E.L. Training: Internet Network Marketing Like a Girl

So now it’s your turn… What other qualities do you feel are important when building an internet network marketing business?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below and I’d be so grateful if you would also share this post in social media with the other internet network marketing superstars you’re connected with!


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  1. Compassion!

    Compassion for yourself as a business builder. You must have patience and the heart to take the good along with the not so good (I refuse to say bad). You also must have compassion for your business partners, some of whom this is their first taste of life as an internet network marker. We remember what it’s like to be a newbie on the web, trying to brand and position yourself as a leader.

    Bravo for another very fabulous post!


  2. Wonderful Heather!

    What more is there to say? This post is full of value, and you’re right, it applies to the men out there too. 😉

    This is good “Love people where they are: if the business isn’t a fit, it’s not about you.” I think a lot of people forget that as they go.


  3. Interesting post heather. I love the idea of doing marketing like a girl.

    Really great post gal ;).

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello Heather,

    Thank you so much G.I.R.L for sharing such an awesome post here. Yes you’re definitely right the relationship should go in 2 ways in order to have a more harmonious environment there is.

  5. Such an awesome post Heather! I should say you were able to pin point some good values that everyone of us should really have. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Keep it up!

  6. Wow, you ROCK, G.I.R.L! What an amazing and powerful post! You’re right, these principles apply to men too.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Heather.

    All the best,

  7. Hi Heather,

    I enjoyed the acronym 😉

    Yep, it pays to market like a girl. One tip that jumped out at me: offer you best stuff for free.

    The strategy might not jive with some home based entrepreneurs but from my experience, each creative act is prospered. When you give freely you can’t help but to receive good things in increasing amounts.

    Move away from the 1-for-1, “I get paid for everything I do” mindset. People who build a substantial income rarely think like this. They focus on adding value with each act and eventually attract the prospects and money in exact proportion to how much service they rendered.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Heather.


  8. Heather,
    I ran across your series through facebook, one of my friends shared your post.

    What a breath of fresh air and so much value. You said sometimes we as GIRL’s we are Good at seeing the value in others much more than we sometimes see the value or good in ourselves. I believe in this statement so much, and also learning, we need to value ourselves and remember what we do have to offer.

    Being honest with what you say 100% of the time is what gives you the integrity and allows others to know you speak from the heart. If you don’t believe in what you promote, you will in the long run fail.

    Thank you so much for being you and expanding others as you expand yourself. Very valuable information and I will be honored to follow you and see what other words of wisdom you have to share.

    Thank you so much for being a GIRL and being You.


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