Leverage Internet Network Marketing with the Girl Power Advantage

WAHM and Mompreneur Girl Power in Internet Network MarketingDo you believe that WAHMs and Mompreneurs who are marketing their home based businesses online, have an edge over men in the internet network marketing industry?

(I want to know what you think in the comments below…and guys, I especially want to hear from you!  Are you seeing what I’m seeing as well?  Now’s the time to speak your mind!)

When I stop to think about the internet network marketing leaders more of the men, like Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, Ty Tribble come to my mind.  Of course there is the awesome Ann Sieg, who was one of my Top 5 Clever Marketers of 2010, but in my perception, the leaders in the internet marketing and network marketing industries men seem to out rank women at the top.

Are the Girls Gaining Ground in Internet Network Marketing?

But, I think that’s changing.  Looking at leading internet network marketing women like Katie Freiling, Kimberly Castleberry, Amanda-Marie, I see the feminine marketing qualities quickly taking a hold of the industry.  I’m not an expert, of course, but I’m definitely seeing something of power, in the marketing of women online, and I’m believing it’s because of a sisterhood that is forming from the foundational feminine belief that “We are better together.”

A perfect example of this “sisterhood” is the invitation I received to do a training for Golda Smith.  Golda is an internet network marketer in New York City, whom I met a couple of months ago online. She does a fantastic training every week that she calls her M.O.D.E.L. Training.  M.O.D.E.L. stands for: Mothers Online Developing Entrepreneurs and Leaders and Golda’s group is made up of WAHMs and Mompreneurs.

My training, which was geared toward the internet network marketing girls on Golda’s list, covered three areas. I’m excited to share the first part with you here. “Embracing our feminine qualities that give us an edge in our marketing”

I will be sharing the other two parts of the training in future blog posts:

  • Marketing Like a G.I.R.L.
  • 4 Things that Hold WAHMs and Mompreneurs Back in Our Businesses.

Girl Power: A Growing Opportunity for WAHMs and Mompreneurs Building Internet Network Marketing Businesses

Twice as many women are starting businesses than men are right now.  Online, women are hanging out in social media 30% more than men do, and the DSA states that 82% of direct sales and network marketing businesses are owned by women!

And with the growing trend of people building their network marketing and direct sales businesses on the internet, it’s not a surprise that women are rocking it in the internet marketing world for a couple of reasons.  We are fantastic collaborators and who do we collaborate with mostly?  Women.  And we are nurturers by nature, and because we are supporting each other in growing our individual businesses, we are leveraging each others strengths in order to succeed.

Plus, I believe our message, is standing out on the internet, as warm, caring, and refreshing compared to all the hyped up “killer” marketing strategies that the industry has been hearing from the men all these years.

Here’s the first part of the MODEL training I did with Golda.  Come back tomorrow for the WAHMs and Mompreneurs Marketing Training Part 2: Marketing Like A GIRL!

M.O.D.E.L. Training: Internet Network Marketing with the Girl Power Advantage

Again…I want to hear what you think, guys and gals, about women’s power in the internet network marketing industry.  Are the girls gaining power in the industry, or is this mompreneur suffering from 2:00 am, marketing idea induced, sleep deprivation? LOL

Please share your thoughts in the comments below and please pass this on to others who are building an internet network marketing business, so they can cast their vote as well!


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  1. Hi Heather…
    Love this post & so agree with it, we are the leaders in the industry & sometimes I think we find ourselves in overwhelm because of that very image we portray! We somehow have been given the talent to wear many different hats & yet be able to succeed!!

    Part of why we excel in this industry I believe, is that a lot of women are stay at home Moms & how better to get “out there” then via the internet. We have so many home duties to perform in order to keep the households running smoothly & yet connecting with other “sisters” for that moral support is a vital ingredient to keeping us moving upward & onward!

    Great post & thanks for sharing!


  2. Great post Heather!

    You bring a great concept to light. It makes me wonder if the fact that women are biologically “nurturers” has a role in why they thrive in social media/online businesses. Since the primary aspect of success online is the ability to connect and relate to others.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Take care,

  3. Hi Heather,
    Fascinating post! I have heard for years that women make up more than 80% of network marketers but so often we only hear about the men who are really making things happen. I hope that you are right, that we are posted to start making great strides based on our unique strengths instead of trying to do things exactly the way a man would. As we talk about and value our innate strengths more we should see women getting more comfortable exhibiting those behaviors. Yeah, Girl Power! Continue your POWERFUL week! Allegra

  4. Hi Oliver,

    arghh, I always knew it…I’m not cut for this… 😉

    This subject goes straight to my heart. You’ll see why.

    No, of course not 🙂 I agree with you that women are perfect for network marketing if they don’t try to imitate male behaviour.

    That has nothing got to do with the internet, but about building relationships, offline or online.

    As network marketing is a relationship business, it’s perfect for women.

    For example, I envy my wife because of her abilities to build relationships. That is an absolute strength, especially that she can do it instantly and with ease.

    If she tried to imitate behaviour that is referred to as typically male, she would fail.

    The question is: Do women regard their strenghts as strenghts or rather as weaknesses because of a lot of people on the internet who talk about “pulling” leads, closing and selling ?

    How many people – men included – are constantly taught that they have to become a closing salesperson in order to be successful in this business ?

    See, only 8 % of the population are red personalities, the closing salespersons constantly talking (usually lying) about money. These 8 % have convinced the other 92 % that they have to become like them.

    In my opinion, that’s one of the top reasons why the cimetry of failing network marketers – online or offline – is so huge.

    Well, I have three girls at home (my wife and my kids). How I am blessed. It’s one of my burning desires to help my kids build on their strenghts, regardless if they are typically male or female. I don’t care. I don’t want them trying to imitate someone who tells them that they have to become like them in order to do this or that. But they are kids and we can help them while they’re growing up. When they’re watching YouTube videos for example, I let them, but I tell them that the money is made by those who publish the videos and not by those who watch it. I just want to point out that it’s about creating and not only about consuming.

    With regard to adults today – my wife – it’s only about faith. When we started playing Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101, my wife said that I am in advantage because I am a financial advisor.

    Before we played for the first time, I said to her that this is nonsense. Building a business and a fortune is not about technical knowledge, it’s about emotional intelligence.

    And guess what, she beat me in this game over and over again !

    She “even” understood the more advanced Cashflow 202 game – that requires a little bit more technical knowledge – within a breath.

    She just did it and knows now the basics of short selling, calls and put options and so on and so forth.

    In the corporate world, there might still be a glass ceiling for women – and that’s definitely not fair.

    However, who wants to be in the corporate world ? I don’t, and I am a man.

    In the world of business or investing, there’s no such thing as a glass ceiling – this world is equal and in this world every single strength people have and are aware of is needed and can be monetized – if we stay true to ourselves.

    So, I hope my comment is not off topic.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Take care


    • Oliver, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your response. We shouldn’t try to imitate anyone else…we’d be terrible at it. You are so right and we know that this industry is all about building relationships, which women are terrific at. Yet why is it that the dominant figures we see are men? I think because subconsciously women are either afraid to really go for it and unleash their true potential or they really don’t care about earring millions of dollars.

      In my opinion women have been conditioned to not be as aggressive as I see some of the men who are marketing online, yet we (women) will try to mimic this behavior because we haven’t found our own voice.

      I see women like Katie Freiling, Heather Stephens, Tracey Walker and man…I’m so glad that I’m a woman. I love the femininity that we bring to the industry.

      So are the girls gaining ground? YES we are and we’ll do it faster TOGETHER 😉

  5. Great post Heather! Women definitely have some great skills to bring to network marketing and we’re seeing that every where!

  6. Mmmm….

    Interesting point Heather! I hadn’t heard those statistics but I am aware of a large number of women entrepreneurs in this industry, and many of them achieving great success.

    I think there is something in Monyelle’s point that there is a certain instinct for leading a group in a nurturing way biologically hardwired into the female make-up. And it’s also clear to see that women are much more naturally inclined to network

    Of course, we all have a certain balance of both male and female energies, so combining those qualities with the more male attributes of achievement, action and a goal oriented approach is the best way.

    However it’s probably harder for men to learn or pick up the instinctively feminine approach than the other way around.

    I’m sure there’s lots more behind this subject, Well done for starting the debate!

    All the best,


  7. Hey Heather,

    Women are perfect for Network Marketing, both online and offline. Why? Because women are better networkers than men! I don’t want to sound too general, but 2 women in conversation will find out more about each other than 2 men.

    So women have distinct advantages over men because they can relate better and have less ego.

    As Oliver said, this is business is truly about equal opportunity – where everyone can use their own strengths to their benefit.

    Take care,

  8. Heather, I think women are gaining power on the internet as far as business and marketing go.

    Not that that’s a problem for men as they hold their own pretty well, but women bring a lot of qualities to the table that men aren’t as good at.

    For example women are often better writers, organizers and nurturers, we often connect and support one another better.

    As for running a business and caring for a family at the same time, it’s a lot to handle, but many women do it just fine and I think it’s possible because we are also better multi-taskers 🙂

  9. Hi heather, okay.. women are better in network marketing 🙂 This is a real good inspiration for all business women. Nevertheless, also a great motivation for us men to possess strong personality and to learn more skills to be good with network marketing like women do =) Great post.!

  10. Hi Heather,

    I love this post. You nailed it as usual!

    Many women are now quitting their jobs to work from home. And women are starting business twice as often as men.

    Yes, women are gaining power in the network marketing industry. They possess great skills which is an added advantage. We’ll be seeing more and more women becoming top producers as well 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to your next post.

    All the best,

  11. “we are nurturers by nature” Great point Heather! That made me really think. I could not come up with a more powerful relationship building tool than our natural instinct.

    Women are definitely making an impact in many areas on the internet. As Liz stated above, women are better at multitasking. Being at home with the children and working online is well received and successfully accomplished by many.

  12. Wow Heather,

    I’m really loving all the posts you’ve been doing lately that are highly targeted. The speak to me, as I’m sure they do to so many other women. THIS is where you really shine girl!

    This post is empowering, motivating and really inspiring!

    I needed this today and THANK YOU for sharing from your heart. ((hug))


  13. Hmmm, Girl Power eh 🙂

    I am a firm believer that Network Marketing is an equal opportunity business.


  14. Hi Heather, I can’t say I had seen the statistics before, however I’m not totally surprised…(being a ‘girl’ of course!).

    I know a tremendous number of great MENtrepreneurs – but men don’t market the ‘same’ as women. I’m not saying they don’t market as effectively, but women are more prone to talking about things that only women can understand. We tend to touch the innermost thoughts and just come out and say it. Women can usually relate to one and other in a more ‘touchy feely’ way… and I think seeing other women show off their ‘girl’ power is encouraging.

    I also feel that many women want to be a ‘WAHM’ – and stay home and raise their own children. I know there are “WAHD’S” popping up here and there, but traditionally more moms, and I think that we women are seeing the value in being blessed to do this. The Internet is perfect for us. Moms who work would give their right arm to be able to do the same – and because we are a gutsy bunch, (and more or less have to be to make changes) we are seeing more girls stepping upto the plate! (Yay us!!)… but to all the fantastic gentlemen I’ve met these last few years “you go boys!!”

  15. Male or female – we all have an advantage in this industry. Your success relies on no one but yourself. If works if you work it, and guess what? I’m working it!

    That’s the true joy I feel. There is no competition amongst men and women in this industry although the reality that a woman’s overall strength is in nurturing and building relationships. We all know that the fundamental key to network marketing is building relationships – women may have an advantage. Its something that comes naturally for most of us.

    I started in this industry because I was tried of hitting the glass ceiling in the financial industry. I was tired of paying others to care and provide for MY children. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of training and educating men in lower positions but they were getting more pay. I worked 10times as harder yet they got the 10times more pay.

    Well, this no longer exists in my world. We have an even playing field here and its for the taken. Man or Woman, it doesn’t matter. The ceiling is open to us all.

    Blessings everyone,


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