How to Simplify Your Content Syndication & Boost Your Blog Traffic

How Set Up Twitter Feed to Syndicate Your Blog and Get Blog TrafficCould you use some simplicity in your marketing and some extra blog traffic?

You’ve taken the time to write a great blog post, and now you’ve got to let people know about it so they can benefit from your words of wisdom!  Let’s add in a little automation to simplify your content syndication and boost your blog traffic!

The secret to doing this is setting up a free twitterfeed account!  A few minutes to setting it up can save you hours every month and help you automatically spread the word about your content to your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter!

Here’s How to Set Up TwitterFeed to Simplify Your Content Syndication and Boost Your Blog Traffic:

  1. Go to TwitterFeed and set up a free account
  2. Click create a new feed (If you don’t know your blog’s RSS Feed URL go to your blog and look for the RSS symbol. Right click and copy the link and paste it into the RSS Feed URL field in twitter feed)
  3. Click on Test RSS Feed to make sure it’s correct
  4. Click on Advanced Settings and set the frequency you want twitter feed to check your blog for updates
  5. Select the post link box.  I like to use to shorten my links because it’s got great tracking and is automatically set up on my tweetmeme button.  You will need to enter your user name and API key.  You can find that by logging into your account and clicking on “settings.”  Copy and paste your API key into twitterfeed.
  6. Customize your account if you wish by including a post prefix or post suffix
  7. Link twitterfeed to the Facebook and Twitter accounts you want your blog post published on and click All Done!

It’s simple and effective and is one of the easiest ways to automate content sharing for your blog and generate some extra blog traffic!

Other benefits to content syndication that result in blog traffic:

Another great way to leverage twitterfeed to build your social media following (that I learned from clever marketer Matthew Neer) is to link the RSS feeds of your favorite bloggers to your twitterfeed account.  That way you’re one of the very first people in social media to share the brand new content published by the trusted advisers in your niche!  You’re sharing great content to your list as well as getting more blog traffic back to your site.

I also like to post my blog content to the Unified Tribe.  This is a great resource that any blogger would benefit from, if they’re looking for more blog traffic through content syndication!  It is a community of blog owners who are uniting together to help syndicate each other’s content.  You can learn more about it by getting the social media wealth manifesto with free video training!

If you found this post helpful, please comment and share it with your followers on twitter and facebook.  It just may help you get some more blog traffic!


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  1. Hey there Heather,

    You created a great post about content syndication and traffic boosting here. I really got a kick out of it especially when I saw you linking back to my TwiterFeed post. I’m glad that video was able to give ya some gold nuggets.

    Keep on rockin!
    Matthew Neer

    • Heather C Stephens says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Matthew, and for sharing your thoughts!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post, as I enjoyed yours!


  2. Hey Heather

    Thanks for the heads up re content syndication. I followed your step by step instructions to set up TwitterFeed and now I’m good to go. I was not sure on how to link the RSS feeds of my favorite bloggers to my twitterfeed account so a hint on how to do that would be very useful too if you have a moment.

    Thanks for all you do. Blessings ~ Maya


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