How to Create an Opt-in Form for Your Network Marketing Blog

"Are you confused about how to create an opt in form for your network marketing blog?"Are you confused about how to create an attractive opt-in form for your network marketing blog? It’s easy! Let me teach you how so you can start building a list.

To the non-technical person (like me) it can seem like it would be a complicated thing to do…and I can attest to that fact because I stewed about it for weeks when I was building my blog.  It sounds like I’m not the only one!  I’ve received 2 emails from some of the people on my email list last week, asking me about how to create an opt-in form on a network marketing blog.

Your opt-in form, also called a lead capture, is an essential part of capturing leads and building a targeted list of people who are interested in your business, information, and/or products.  And while this type of thing is a perfect task to outsource to a virtual assistant, it is absolutely something you can do yourself!

It can seem confusing and complicated, but in reality, it’s really a very simple project that will take you only a few minutes if you’re wanting a simple opt in form.  If you’re looking to include graphics and pictures it could take you a little longer, but is definitely do-able in under an hour (even if you’re a perfectionist.)

Creating a simple opt-in form for your network marketing blog:

Step 1: Set up your list in your autoresponder and create a web form or opt in form on their site. (Aweber has very attractive web-forms.)

Step 2: Click on appearance in your wordpress dashboard, click on widgets and drag a text-widget to your side panel

Step 3: Copy and paste the autoresponder script code into a text widget on your blog’s side panel and click save. (View it and test it live on your blog to make sure it works!)

Creating an opt-in form with graphics for your network marketing blog:

Step 1: Create a draft blog post and format your text, photos, and copy doodles for your opt in form.  Add “insert autoresponder code here” text so you know where your autoresponder opt-in form will appear.

Step 2: Set up your list in your autoresponder and create a web form or opt in form on their site.

Step 3: Switch from the “visual” view to the “HTML” view of your and paste the script code into draft blog post in the HTML view where you typed “insert autoresponder code here” (and be sure to delete the words “insert autoresponder code here.”)

Step 4: Save your draft-post, and then select and copy all the HTML code (including your autoresponder script)

Step 5: Click on appearance, widgets, and add a text widget into your blog side panel.

Step 6: Paste all your HTML code from your blog draft into the text widget and save.

Step 7: View your blog and test the form to make sure everything looks and works as it should.

Ok…so stop procrastinating this step!  Get your opt-in form designed and placed on your network marketing blog so you can start building your list, grow your business, and earn more money!

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  1. Thanks for this post Heather. I will try it and we’ll see if it works.