How do you handle obstacles in your network marketing internet business?

"How do you handle obstacles in your network marketing internet business?"What type of internet network marketer do you think you are?  How do you handle obstacles that come up in your business?  I believe we all fall into one of four categories when it comes to building our online mlm businesses: detached, distracted, doubtful, and driven.

4 Ways to Handle Obstacles

Detached–Distracted–Doubtful–Driven: the four ways most people who are building a network marketing internet business handle the obstacles that come up in their business.

The detached network marketer has basically given up on ever achieving success.


  • They don’t set goals, they don’t plan a marketing strategy.
  • They are the people on the team who keep their consultant id’s active and occasionally talk about the business to make themselves feel like they’re still doing it.
  • Their calendars are empty and in reality, their business is dead.
  • They have a scarcity mindset
  • They are not willing to quit or call themselves a failure, so they keep one foot in the business but don’t make any attempts to build it.
  • They may have set up a blog but it hasn’t been updated in months/years.
  • They are not willing to invest in their education, or business.  They think…”why bother?” They know they’ll never read it anyway.

Handling Obstacles: Detached Network Marketers

The detached network marketer does not handle obstacles in their business because they are not in activity.

The distracted network marketer is a moving target.


  • They are energetic and excited about every new product, presentation, business building system, training program, or marketing system that is launched.
  • They are up on every new thing that comes on the market.
  • They purchase ebook after ebook, and training program after training program in the hopes of reaching their goal.
  • They may have joined several different network marketing companies, studied every compensation plan, and system for success out there.
  • They are likely to have a hard-drive full of awesome content (1/2 completed) they could be using to build their business.
  • They have tried it all, but succeeded at very little.
  • They may be a fountain of knowledge, but have not achieved their goals of financial and time freedom.
  • They can be persuasive and charismatic and you may think they’re going to be one of your aces when they first join your team.
  • They may also be constantly looking for approval or reassurance that they are on the right path to success…and if that approval or reassurance doesn’t come quickly enough, (or if they get bored with what they are doing,) their inner critic kicks in and they change their goal.

Handling Obstacles: Distracted Network Marketers

The distracted network marketer does not try to overcome their challenges, they are more likely to change their goal instead. They do not set their eye on ONE prize and stay the course until they reach it because as soon as they hit a wall with one system or goal, they’ll change to another one.

The doubtful network marketer looks for reasons why something won’t work.


  • They will be the first to complain when their company’s product is back ordered, their down-line isn’t in activity, their up-line doesn’t do X, Y, or Z, their you-tube account is suspended or their Squidoo lenses are deleted.
  • They are hesitant to embrace new ways of doing something, and are most likely the network marketers who are skeptical of building a business online.
  • They are the “I told you so’s” of your team and the ones that constantly point out the pit-falls of things that could happen, but probably never will.
  • They are the people who say: “Yea, but…”
  • They like to prove that something is wrong because it proves their suspicions to be right.
  • They will be the people who notice you have a typo on your ebook and tell you about it!

Handling Obstacles: Doubtful Network Marketers

The doubtful marketer focuses on the obstacles, makes them out to be bigger than they are…and they do not reach their goals.

The driven network marketer will do what it takes to reach their goal.


  • They have the biggest challenges because they are constantly pushing themselves to play a bigger game.
  • They are solution oriented and think “how can I make this work.”
  • They are the marketers who are blazing a trail, creating systems, content, and training for other network marketers to follow.
  • They are open to new business building tools, programs and resources, but only if the tools will fit into their overall marketing plan.
  • They are the ones to implement what they’ve learned through their personal development and online marketing education.

Handling Obstacles: Driven Network Marketers

The driven network marketer faces their obstacles head on.  They have a specific and focused goal and will do whatever it takes to go over, under, around, or through the obstacles in the way.

We will journey through all 4 of these categories at some point in our mlm careers.  It’s important to be aware of each of the categories and assess how we are handling the obstacles that arise in our businesses. Being aware of these ways of handling obstacles, will also help us to lead our teams through the challenges they will face in their businesses.

How Do You Handle Obstacles in Your Network Marketing Internet Business?

If this was helpful to you, please comment below and share how you face obstacles in your network marketing business and share this with your friends and teammates online!


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  1. I want to turn briefly to the topic. I think it’s all about personal taste regardless of the talking. I personally strive always be optimistic and it helped me. I hope you share my opinion:))) greetings for the nice article and I wish to be always smiling:))


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