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“My name is, Heather Stephens, and I am a full-time social media manager and mompreneur who specializes in teaching others how to market a home based business online with a family by their side.  I have been a home based business owner for 13 years and a network marketer for six years.

I discovered a love of writing and teaching when I re-launched Clever Marketer as a business blog last summer.  I am a blogger, photographer, speaker, and a perpetual student of Internet marketing.   I would love to hear about you and what you’re doing, so please connect with me in the comments below, social media, skype, phone, or email! :)”

More About Me: Personally

Heather Stephens Mompreneur WAHM

  • I am a wife of 15 years, working mom of 3, and a mompreneur.
  • I am a resident of Roscoe, Illinois (a small town near the Wisconsin border.)
  • I am the social media director at FatWallet.com
  • I am a creative, passionate, possibility thinker.
  • I am a dreamer, hugger, and wanna be private pilot. (I will finish this when kiddies are grown)
  • I am a photographer, blogger, and perpetual student of Internet marketing.
  • I am a writer, speaker, and teacher.
  • I wake up early and I love coffee way too much.
  • I love to learn. I love to read. Marketing psychology and personal development fascinate me.
  • I love a challenge and I love to know how things work.
  • I love a bargain, but I purchase quality.
  • I am not afraid to take a risk and I love hearing great success stories.
  • I have a knack for finding myself in funny embarrassing situations.
  • I struggle to stay caught up on laundry.
  • I can’t cook, I can’t sing, and I would be lost without spell check!
  • My favorite business book is The Dip by Seth Godin (loved Purple Cow too)
  • I also think everyone in business should read The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann and Influence the Psychology of Persuasion by Robett Cialdini, Ph.D.
  • I am a Christ follower.

More About Me: Professionally

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Contact me:

  • email: heather (at) clever marketer dot com
  • skype: heather_stephens
  • phone: eight, one, five – two, one, eight – four, seven, two, six

My Home Based Business Purpose & Philosophy:

“I have grown to love of that little area just beyond my comfort zone where my tummy flutters, my heart beats a little big faster, and life feels a bit more vibrant.” ~Heather C Stephens

I believe that we become better together than we are by ourselves.

I love working with other moms and dads to help them create a life of their dreams in a home based business that fulfills their purpose, passions, and makes them come alive!

I know that you have gifts inside of you that can help someone else.  I know that when you show up and you are present in your home based business you will get results.  I know that business is a whole lot scarier played from the stands than it is down on the court.

I’m making 2011 my leap of faith year…I hope you will join me!

About Clever Marketer…

I designed this blog to be a journal of my life as a social media manager and mompreneur and a testing ground for various social media and marketing strategies I was learning from the guru Internet marketers and Internet network marketers to build my home based business.

Started in the summer of 2010, the Clever Marketer Blog has become a place for collaboration, motivation, inspiration, and education for hundreds of up-and-coming marketers, bloggers, home based business owners, and Internet network marketers!

My vision and intention is to make Clever Marketer the best place online to receive un-hyped education, guidance, and encouragement to help you reach your blogging and home based business, internet marketing goals.

My Journey:

  • 2/2005 ~ Entered a network marketing home based business so I could stay home with my 2 girls.  Became a student of personal development.
  • 7/2005 ~ Launched marketing consulting and virtual assistant business to help network marketing teams stay connected and to provide marketing materials and resources to consultants within the organization.
  • 3/2007 ~ Moved to new home, new city, and discovered I was pregnant with baby #3.  (First “why” of larger home in better school district achieved.)
  • 12/2007 ~ Gave birth to son and took 4 months off of my home based business.
  • 4/2008 ~ Relaunched network marketing business after time off with baby.  Heartbroken and frustrated leaving him for appointments. Became a student and obsessive consumer of attraction marketing, Internet marketing, list building, and copywriting training courses and programs.
  • 5/2008 ~ Purchased clevermarketer.com domain with hopes of launching a web-based marketing business.
  • 2/2009 ~ Started clevermarketer.com but I was overwhelmed with motherhood and my business, and I didn’t do anything with it for a year. Continued immersing myself in personal development and marketing courses, while building my home based business.
  • 2/2010 ~ Decided to give clevermarketer.com a second try as a blog.  Continued learning…
  • 6/2010 ~ Started blogging consistently. Continued learning and implementing…
  • 7/2010 ~ Clever Marketer blog chosen for critique in the MLM Blog Code webinar with Ty Tribble and Ann Sieg. (Alexa Rank 3,524,71)  Committed to staying focused and blogging consistently.
  • 8/2010 ~ Joined a commenting tribe and started networking with other talented home based business blog owners.  Learning from them as I practiced and improved my blogging skills
  • 11/2010 ~ Blog Audit by Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe.  Committed to implementing her suggestions.
  • 1/2011 ~ Launched the first Clever Marketer Prove It Challenge to help motivate, inspire, and teach other bloggers to reach success in their home based business blogs.
  • 3/2011 ~ Opened the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community, a marketing forum for business owners to network, share marketing resources and ideas.
  • 5/2011 ~ Authored Clever Teleseminar Secrets, a teleseminar training and planning kit.
  • 7/2011 ~ Became the Blogger & Social Media Manager at FatWallet.com a coupon and deals site and internet business
  • Currently: Moderating the forum and facilitating a blog commenting and a social bookmarking community within the forum, to improve traffic and SEO of participants, and working at FatWallet.com

I hope that you’ll connect with me in social media and comment below so I can get to know you and learn what you’re up! If there is anything I can do to help you in marketing your home based business online, please let me know!