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Guest Posting on Clever MarketerWant to guest post for Clever Marketer?

Guest blogging is a great way to promote your blog.  I wrote about it in this post if you’d like more information: Guest Post Etiquette: 10 Tips for Your Guest Posting Success

This page will share the details of what guest posting on Clever Marketer involves, the  benefits of guest posting, what I’m looking for, what is required of you, and how to get started.

But first, let’s cover what’s in it for you:

Benefits of Guest Posting on Clever Marketer

  1. Exposure to a new audience of readers and a new social circle!
  2. Traffic to your blog: whenever I guest post I get a nice surge of new traffic, new subscribers, and regular readers to my blog!
  3. SEO: You will be allowed a link to your blog with your preferred anchor text in the body of the blog post as well as in the author box.
  4. Credibility: Sharing your information on Clever Marketer will give you a chance to share what you know and establish yourself as a credible leader in your niche!
  5. Guilt by Association: Clever Marketer is quickly becoming an authority blog, so appearing here will give you some additional credibility and authority as well.
  6. Feedback & critiques: I will review your post and suggest changes to make it a better if necessary, which will help you to improve your writing.

What Type of Guest Posts Am I Looking For?

  • Value, value, value! If you’ve been a regular reader of clever marketer, then you know that I’m picky and will only share the best of the best with my readers.
  • Your unique, original content (not published anywhere) that gives my readers something to do! I want them to be able to take action on what you’re teaching.
  • Targeted toward my readers: Beginner to intermediate business bloggers who are interested in building an online presence for their business which includes personal branding, building an email list and monetizing their marketing.
  • Topics: New clever marketing ideas. Not the same old-same old posts you see everywhere, something fresh and new that my readers probably don’t know about yet, or haven’t implemented yet.  
    • Blogging
    • Blog marketing
    • Blog search engine optimization: SEO
    • Blog traffic
    • Internet marketing
    • Internet network marketing
    • Personal Branding
    • Social media marketing
    • Video marketing
    • Working from home (productivity)

What Types of Guest Posts Do I Like Best and What Will I Not Accept:

  • I love case studies
  • I love how-to posts
  • I love specifics (no general theory)
  • I love new discoveries
  • I love blogs that over-deliver value
  • I will not accept product/company reviews
  • I will not accept affiliate links in your posts
  • I will not accept self-promotional type posts
  • I will not accept poorly written posts or posts with bad grammar
  • I will not accept R rated posts.  If you’ve got a potty mouth style, you’ll have to clean it up a bit for C.M.
  • I will not accept posts that cover a topic I feel is over-talked about or over-done, or is too general

What Will Be Required of You as A Guest Blogger on Clever Marketer:

  1. Fantastic unique, original, value adding content that is between 500 and 1500 words, written in English with good grammar.
  2. Include a photo for your post that fits the feel and branding on clever marketer and is related to your post. Please include photo credits if necessary.
  3. Include internal links to other related posts on Clever Marketer.
  4. You may include an anchor text link to your blog in the body of the blog post.
  5. Any outside links (that are not on Clever Marketer) must open in a new tab/window.
  6. I require that you answer all the comments left on your guest post.
  7. I also require that you promote your guest post to your social media networks and I will promote it to my networks as well!

Ready to get started?

  1. Register to for an account on CM. (This is separate from the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community.)
  2. Email me with your user name so I can upgrade your account to contributor on CM. (heather (at)
  3. Please also use an email address that is linked to your avatar photo.
  4. Fill out your profile and your bio box.
    You will receive one dofollow link in the bio box to your blog, so please (for your benefit) include an anchor text link in your bio box pointing to a page/post on your site.  You will also receive links to your facebook and twitter accounts in the bio box, so please fill out those fields in your profile.
  5. Write your guest post and submit it for review.
  6. I’ll review your post as soon as I can (within a day or two-except for weekends) and let you know if it requires any tweaking.
  7. Upon approval, I’ll let you know when the post will publish.

I can’t wait to see your guest post! 🙂