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Free Clever Marketer Kit & Free Membership to the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community

Are you tired of your blog being the best kept secret on the internet? Then you’ll want to opt into get a free membership to the Clever Marketer Mastermind Community and get your free Clever Marketer Kit!  You will learn how to get a massive surge of traffic, blog comments and subscribers today, as well as receive free training, resources, support, and get your questions answered like how to improve your lead generation to build your list, monetize your marketing so you can start making more money in your home based business today! (This is the same training and membership you’ve seen in the sidebar on this blog.)

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offline and online marketing resource rolodexClever Marketer Tested & Approved Marketing Training, Tools, Resources, and Services

Don’t spend your hard earned money on useless training and tools! Let me save you the headache and disappointment of spending money on resources that don’t live up to their claims. Get a list of my favorite goodies that I use in my business online! It contains resources that span the gamut of autoresponders and audio editing to webinars and video equipment! 🙂


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Copywriting Secrets Cheat SheetCreate Captivating Content: Copywriting Secrets Cheat Sheet

Are you ever at a loss for words that work? This copywriting cheat sheet includes 111 magical copywriting words and 25 bucket brigade phrases that will help you engage your readers, keep them hanging on your every word, and taking the action you want them to take next!

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Hypnotic Headlines Cheat SheetCopywriting Secrets: Hypnotic Headlines Cheat Sheet

Are your blog headlines as good as they could be?Learn how to write highly hypnotic headlines that are guaranteed to get clicked, plus a free download swipe file containing 45 headline ideas for your blog!

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Blog SEO Cheat SheetBlog SEO: On Page Optimization Cheat Sheet

Let me demystify the magic of on page SEO for you! I’m going to share several tips with you in an easy to follow checklist, to help you gain more on page blog SEO leverage without a lot of headache or expense of hiring someone to do it for you!  Get the 10 simple steps to optimize your blog posts for the search engines.

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Webinar Secrets Cheat Sheet Checklist and Services ImageWorry Free Webinars: Cheat Sheet & Check List

You’ve seen other marketers using webinars to grow their business, so why aren’t you using them too? I know, they can be scary and the technical stuff can be so intimidating!  Let me help you get a start on using webinars to grow your list, how to create a buzz for your webinars in social media, and ensure a high attendance for your webinars in this Worry Free Webinars Cheat Sheet and Checklist. I’m giving you the skinny on 6 different webinar services and letting you know which one is my favorite and why, and a checklist covereing the tiniest of details for hosting your webinars.

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Display a DoFollow Badge on Your Blog!I follow! You Follow! Do Follow!

Are you a Go Giver? Do you want more great comments? Get a Do Follow Blog! Let’s create a Win-Win movement of Do Follow blogs in the true spirit of social networking, contribution, relationship building, and go-giver attitudes! I created a Do Follow badge of honor for you to display on your do follow blog to encourage commenting!


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