You’ll Fall in Love with FatWallet Philosophy Too

Heather Stephens Falls in Love with Fat WalletI never would have expected this.

Ever have one of those life-changing moments when things happen so quickly you act solely on your gut intuition?  There’s no time to “think,” so you just roll with it and it turns out so much better than you ever could have orchestrated by yourself?

I got a phone call on Monday that set into works a series events that have me in a completely different place today than I was a week ago. (A phone call that’s going to totally benefit you too…but I’ll get to that in a minute!)

The background:

The call was from a web based company called FatWallet, asking me to come in for an interview Tuesday morning.  I was so excited I wouldn’t be surprised if I squealed on the phone!

I’d sent a resume into this company about a month ago, after a high-school friend on Facebook tipped me off to a director of marketing position they had available.  She’d been silently watching me growing Clever Marketer over the past year and said that I was perfect for the position and that she would do anything to work there.

And even though I wasn’t looking for a job, loved working from home and was having awesome success with Clever Marketer, with my husband’s job in the manufacturing industry having taken several hits, pay cuts, and cuts to his benefits, we decided that I should throw my name into the hat.

I questioned if they would think I had enough experience to even apply for the position, but as you all know I’m all about stretching my comfort zone to reach for a goal.  I knew it would be a company I could spread my wings in and grow personally and professionally, and from what I gathered they were family friendly and passionate about work/life balance.

I wrote up a resume and borrowed some marketing strategies from Clever Marketer, giving them some extra value in the form of a Skinny Budget You Tube Strategies for FatWallet report.   To my total surprise, they called me back an hour later and I had a phone interview with them that next week.

And with no voice and a sore throat like none other, I did the phone interview but didn’t get the job.  I wasn’t what they were looking for as the director of marketing, and I left it at that.

Fast forward to last Monday’s phone call…FatWallet wanted someone for their social media marketing position.  I went in on Tuesday for an interview, was given a fantastic offer on Wednesday, and started on Thursday.

The Inside Out and Upside Down Philosophy of FatWallet:

“Throw employees a party when they start, instead of when they’re leaving.”

I had no idea what I was in for, when I walked into the building on Thursday morning. It was like being welcomed home by a fun, crazy, warm family.  FatWallet was awarded as one of the top 50 Companies to work for in the US and it’s totally clear to me why, now that I’ve experienced it personally.

I actually cried when I was shown my office, with dozens of welcome greetings by the other Walleteers written on my white board.  My office was decorated with balloons and a bucket full of t-shirts, a mug, a beer mug, Frisbee, silly putty (aka thinking putty), etc.  Even the CEO, Tim Storm, friend-ed me on Facebook and welcomed me aboard.  Oh yea, and they delivered an enormous gift basket full of snacks, movie gift certificate, toys, pop, etc. to my house for my family, and a tray of cupcakes in honor of me at lunch.

FatWallet lives by Seth Godin’s Purple Cow principle, of being remarkable in every area possible.  And how they treat their employees is just the start.  From the green cleaning products they use, to supporting the local economy, to helping the consumer market, I’m blown away by how well this company does what they do.

The Lessons We Can Learn from FatWallet:

Let me pull back the curtain to show you some of the philosophies that I LOVE about FatWallet’s way of doing business!  You can take these, tweak them and apply them to your business to make it purple cow remarkable too! 🙂

1. Build reciprocity and loyalty by giving first.

Do you think I’m wanting to work hard and do good job for FatWallet now after the warm welcome that I received?  You bet!  One of the ladies in the kitchen said the morning of my second day, “Oh good, you’re back.  We like it when people come back.”  I asked her if anyone ever didn’t come back after a welcome like that, and she said no.  Who wouldn’t come back after that?

Are you making your new subscribers, teammates, customers, etc. feel valued so much that they’d never even consider not coming back?

2. Everything revolves around providing value for the consumer.

The business model is a win/win/win and a very clever one if you ask me!  In any economy, but especially a struggling one, families look for ways to stretch their paychecks and make their money go farther.  FatWallet is in the affiliate marketing industry and they’ve partnered with companies to offer savings, discounts, and cash back to the consumer.  When you join FatWallet’s free membership and purchase something through FatWallet’s affiliate link, they earn a commission on it and then split that commission with you.  You get a deal with the coupon, the stores don’t have to pay commission until after the sale has been made, and FatWallet gets paid and splits their commission with you by either sending you a check or depositing your cash back into your pay pal account.

Have you found a way to provide tremendous value to your target audience, helping them solve the problems they worry about at night with a simple solution that also earns you money?

3. Use your brand to build your tribe.

FatWallet is fun, quirky, creative and fast moving and their audience eats that up.  They don’t have the typical “corporate” feel that you’ll find with most companies.  Their offices are fun, with games, company provided lunches and picnics.  Their forum is fun too, with badges and awards for participation.  Everything about this company screams work hard so you can play hard.

This branding has created a cult-like following of raving fans who are loyal to FatWallet.  Built mostly through word of mouth, this company has grown very quickly and organically because the members are excited to share it with their friends and family, not just because of the deals and coupons, but also because of the fun FatWallet represents.  They’re also excited to share the great deals they’ve found online in the FatWallet forum, creating more value and social proof for the company.

What does your brand say about you?  Is it something that your readers will be excited to share with others they know?

4. Stand for something bigger than yourself.

FatWallet stands for the consumer market.  Everything they do is centered around providing value to the consumers through their “strength in numbers” way of doing business.  They’ve fought the big-guys like Walmart and won and they recently moved from their home in Rockton, IL to just across the Wisconsin border because the state of IL changed their affiliate tax laws.  No one really believed they’d actually move, but it was the best decision for the company, their customers, and employees.

What do you feel so passionately about, regarding your customers, clients, or business that you’d stand up and fight for, no matter what?  Is that clear in your marketing message?

FatWallet Beyond the Blog:

As a company they’re dedicated to education, personal growth, and fun.  So for me (and you) that means I’ll be learning more, traveling to some of the bigger blogging events (hopefully getting to meet many of you there), and growing in my marketing knowledge as I blog for them, handle their social media marketing and such.

I’ll be continuing to build Clever Marketer and sharing with you all the fun and learning I’m doing so you can apply it to your own marketing for your home based business.

I’m still getting settled in, but I hope you’ll comment and share this post and please come visit me soon on FatWallet’s blog and their facebook page!


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  1. WOW Heather, that sounds absolutely fantastic. I am so in awe at the fit!!

    I can’t wait for you to share more strategies and ‘quirky’ ideas… not that you’re not already ‘quirky’ 😉 but to have an even quirkier you.. I can’t wait to see what trouble you might land me in!

    I’m really looking forward to watching this progress for you and see how you apply some of their purple cow methods to your already purple mom biz!

    lots of love my dear friend. One of these days we’ll hook up.


  2. Squeal!! Congratulations, Heather! Sounds like you have found a wonderful place to work for and a great way to supplement the family income.

    Way to go!

  3. Congrats Heather 🙂

    If only all jobs were that welcoming and friendly! I’m sure you’ll be a massive asset to FatWallet… It sounds like they are ‘with the program’ enough to deserve you (just about!)

    I hope this means that we’ll not be missing out on the awesome value and support you share through your blog and the Clever marketing community…

    Very happy for you, and great to see such powerful marketing lessons so clearly illustrated in a real life situation too!

    Good luck with it!

  4. It is moment of pleasure to see office with many good wishes and it is sign of your success.

  5. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S, Heather!!

    I’m really thrilled for you 🙂

    WOW! That’s a dream job/company, my friend! They are very nice – I mean all the goodies you got on your first day and the other benefits in store for you.

    I’ll be watching your progress and learning more cool strategies from you.

    Much success,

  6. Oh, that’s fantastic, Heather! I’m glad you found such a great fit for you!

  7. Hi Heather!

    Congratulations on a new chapter in your marketing life! I am in awe of what’s in store for you out there. It’s totally fascinating to read about what you’ve experienced there so far. I know you’ll do great out there! Your personality will truly shine. 🙂

    I also liked how you managed to weave in some important marketing principles by incorporating it with FatWallet’s guiding company principles. Good job!

    All the best!

  8. Wow, what a fantastic story you shared here, as well as a great lesson for other companies to learn from. Valuing employees before they even start working; what a concept.

  9. Hi Heather, It’s been a while, life has been crazy (literaly)! This is so dog-gone exciting for you… gosh life has taken you on a different path this past year, and what an exciting year it has been! Now look, a dream job, doing what you love, couldn’t get any better than that! It’s So awesome to have such a wonderful team to work with daily… YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A BLAST! What a wonderful welcome they gave you… you DESERVED it totally… they have taken on a very special, blessed and beautiful person… YOU!!! They are lucky you are on board and you are going to bless their company I know! BIG CONGRATS TO YOU! Christina

  10. First of all congrats for begun new life in a new office. I’ll pray to god you get much success in less time with your best work performance.

  11. Sharing this with the welcoming committee at my work!! Q

  12. athenagreek says:

    Congratulations! Heather
    You don’t only have new co worker but a big bunch of a family…. you are blessed to have a company who put so much focus on employees value.

  13. Congratulations, Heather! It sounds like a very good fit both ways! I can’t wait to hear more about it!


  14. Congratulations, Heather! I am so glad to hear that you are making things work for you. You are truly an online leader, and this company is lucky to get you. Their philosophy sounds like it is definitely in the right place, and I know you will do a great job and continue to bring value everywhere you go.

  15. It’s all clever philosophy,Heather!No wonder you are the Clever Marketer, having tips on their place and ready for consuming.The way you treat back shows respect for you clients and is sure far away from the fat wallet philosophy that many of people have on their mind.

  16. Congratulations! Selfishly, I just hope this job doesn’t interfere with your blog content 🙂

  17. I love to work at place that was dedicated for you.Congratulation.I love the option of FatWallet.To work on blogs and forums is my weakness.

  18. Hi Heather,

    Congratulations! I am honestly impressed with the way FatWallet handles or treats their employees. I’d also be very happy to be with that kind of company. They should serve a great example to all companies out there.

  19. Heather, WOW!
    Why am I “so not surprised” at this advancement? Congrats to you! You are a go-getter and FatWallet will be bettered by your presence as they in turn will make you better, if that is possible, LOL!

    God Bless,
    So glad to be your friend!


  20. Congratulations, Heather! It sounds like a very good fit both ways! I’ll b wait to hear more about it! you are blessed to have a company who put so much focus on employees value, but u also have to work hard in it

  21. Haven’t stopped by your blog in ages it seems. SO happy for you though! Congrats. It’s amazing. What a relief with all the cuts in your husband’s work situation.

    Wishing you all the best.

  22. Congrats Heather, you really deserve such position. You are really good in marketing that’s the company like FatWallet is very eager and interested to have you on board and its a blessing cause the company is so great!

  23. You have got a good opportunity and this all is because of your skill and dedication.You are welcomed in your office beautifully.You are guru of marketing.Here is congratulation for you.