50 Things to Blog About: Extreme Makeover – Network Marketing Blog Edition Part 5

50 Blog Content Ideas to Make Over Your Internet Network Marketing BlogDo you struggle to come up with content ideas for things to blog about?  Well, you’re in luck because I have created a list of 50 blog content ideas for you to use on your internet network marketing blog!

We’re on day 5 of our extreme makeover of your internet network marketing blog. There is a lot to consider when it comes to blogging. It’s no wonder that writer’s block can get the best of any blogger and leave them struggling to know what to blog about and stumped for ideas.

Why you must have plenty of content ideas to blog about:

  • We know that the frequency of blogging directly relates to acquiring customers and sponsoring business builders through our mlm blog.
  • We know that our readers are looking for value driven content.
  • We know that our blog content ideas need to be SEO optimized but still appeal to our target audience.

I’m going to show you how to overcome all of these challenges so you can build a list packed full of content ideas and hammer out a steady stream of blog posts that leave your readers thankful for having spent time on your blog, and position yourself as the trusted authority in your niche. I suggest you keep a notebook to jot down blog ideas that come up as you go through your day. I will also frequently leave a voice message for myself or send myself an email from my phone if I get a great blog content idea I want to remember.

Here are 50 blog content ideas and ways to banish writer’s block for your internet network marketing blog:

  1. Check your top keyword list to see what people are searching for (that always gives me great blog content ideas!)
  2. Scroll through your email sent items folder to see what questions you’re answering for your MLM teammates
  3. Listen on your team calls and conversations for common topics that you’re frequently addressing
  4. Survey your readers to know what they want to learn more about (surveymonkey is free and easy to use)
  5. Do a twitter search to see what people in your niche are talking about
  6. What is being talked about in your niche?  Post about current events & use Google alerts to stay on top of what’s happening!
  7. Write a “how-to” post
  8. Write a pros and cons post
  9. Do a comparison between two products, two hot blogs in your niche, to trainers in your niche
  10. Break up a team call or teleseminar call into several pod-casts you can post
  11. Check out what your competitors are blogging about and expand on one of their blog posts
  12. Create a video blog post
  13. Blog about your stats (show what you’ve done that has given you good results)
  14. Check magazines in your niche for ideas.
  15. Write a top 10 list
  16. Create a blog post that’s a glossary of terms that are used in your niche
  17. Create a schedule where you blog about ___ on a specific day: example “Tuesday Twitter Tip”
  18. Interview a guru in your niche
  19. Invite someone to be a guest blogger
  20. Invite your readers to join your email list by explaining to them your irresistible offer
  21. Check out amazon book titles for ideas
  22. Create flagship blog posts that are longer (500 words or more)
  23. Share a discover you made related to your business building
  24. Write a review of a product
  25. Share your opinion about something (be controversial)
  26. Comment on another person’s blog post in your blog
  27. Blog about something funny that has happened to you
  28. Keep your blog “invisible idea beanie” on as you go about your day and blog about a lesson you learned from something you did, saw, read, heard, etc.
  29. Write a series of blog posts (similar to what I’m doing with my Extreme Makeover, Network Marketing Blog Edition)
  30. Teach something
  31. Create a compilation post compiling links to various resources
  32. Share top tweets or top posts on a particular topic
  33. Blog about ways to improve something
  34. Ask a question in your blog title and answer it in your post
  35. Offer a critique of someone else’s blog, business funnel, article, etc.
  36. Write a post that is inspired by something in the media
  37. Compare something in your niche to something in a similar (or unrelated) niche that will help your readers in your niche understand something better
  38. Get your readers to help you with your blog post by asking them to submit quotes, links, resources, etc. that they love in the comments section
  39. Use a PowerPoint to do a video training with a screen capture software
  40. Write an inspiring post about someone on your team who overcame a big challenge
  41. Be encouraging to your readers and share heart-fully how you have been where they are
  42. Be vulnerable and share your struggles in a blog post (Make sure it isn’t complaining, but instead helps people to know you’re human and helps them to relate to you)
  43. Do a case study in a post
  44. Blog about an upcoming event or product launch
  45. Write a negative post sharing what NOT to do in your niche/business
  46. Write a  “______ for dummie’s” post and break a complicated topic down into simple steps
  47. Write about a system, or process you’ve developed that has made your business or life easier
  48. Uncover a secret to ______ in a blog post
  49. Be a “myth buster” or “hype buster” and put something to the test and then write about it
  50. Write a 50 ways to… post like I just did.

So…to be honest I’ve been stumped for content ideas on what to write about today. I’m on vacation with my family in Northern Wisconsin without internet service and very sketchy cell phone service, and my mind’s just not been on my internet network marketing blog for the last few days.

We’ve been canoeing down the Namakagon River and having fun and I knew that today I’d be stopping into a local hang-out called the Loon Saloon to write a post.

While waiting for a sandwich to arrive, I just sat down and focused and easily came up with 50 things to blog about.  It didn’t take long (maybe 20 minutes) and now I’ve got something that will help me overcome writer’s block and will hopefully help you too.

Please comment and share any other ways you have for generating content ideas and blog post topics for your internet network marketing blog!  And please, if you would, share this post with other bloggers who can benefit from the content ideas for their internet network marketing blog too!


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  1. Hi Heather, was this todays? these are great ideas for overcoming ‘stumpomania’… I have been better lately after doing a schedule, but sometimes I really need to ‘feel’ the desire to write on said topic on my list.

    I do find that sometimes I will get an email from someone who is talking on a certain topic… and it just hits me right. I then often to on to expand on that topic. sometimes the unexpected ideas are the best for me. funny how it works.

    Thanks for your suggestions. Look forward to having you around a bit more. I’ve missed you.



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