Extreme Makeover-Network Marketing Blog Edition: Part 3

"Does Your Network Marketing Blog Need an Extreme Makeover?

Welcome back to Day 3 of the Extreme Makeover Network Marketing Blog Edition.  It’s NOW time to grab your tools and megaphone (metaphorically speaking) and let the world know what you’re doing through your favorite social networking sites!

This weekend I’ll be covering tips to help you get some extreme leverage in your social media marketing as well as sharing some of my favorite wordpress plugins.  Oh, and I’ll cover some ideas to keep your creative juices flowing when you’re tired or struggling with writer’s block.

Here’s how to leverage your blog content for an “extreme” social media marketing campaign using SEO, Keyword Research & Re-Purposed Content:

1. Make sure you do your Keyword Research so that your content is something your readers are looking for!

  • Do a search on twitter and amazon within your nice to see what keywords are coming up in conversation and book descriptions to get you started.
  • Plug some of those keywords into Google’s adwords keyword tool to get more ideas. (I like to download a “phrase” and a broad match file of the possible keyword phrases I might use.)
  • Then I plug Google’s information into a spreadsheet to help me figure out the keyword effectiveness index (KEI) which compares the global monthly search volume to the competition and gives the keyword a score.  Here’s an article that explains more about KEI.   In a nut-shell, a keyword phrase with a high KEI gives you a better chance of ranking in the search engines with your content.
  • Free Download for Your Keyword Research.  Right click on the link to download The Clever Marketer Worksheet for Effective Keyword Research.

2. Write a content rich blog post focusing on SEO Search Engine Optimization and make it engaging for your readers.

  • Place your top keywords throughout your blog post.
    • In the title
    • In the first sentence or paragraph
    • In your sub-headings
    • In your image names
    • In your summary
    • In your URL
    • In the blog post (about 5% keyword density or less)

3. Leverage your content: Re-purpose your blog post into various formats and tag them on the various sites with your top keywords.  Link everything back to your blog & share links to your content through your favorite social networking sites with your top keywords as part of your update.

  • Create a video for YouTube
    • Use a screen recording software and record your blog post, talking through the highlights
    • Create a PowerPoint and “present” your blog points with a screen recording software
    • Record yourself sharing the content
  • Create an article to publish in an article directory
  • Record yourself in a podcast of the article and publish it on i-tunes
  • Create a squiddo lens and/or a hub page of the content
  • Is it a newsworthy article?  Publish a press release.

I know all of this can sometimes feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do this all at once.  Pick something and just get started on it!  And remember, if you’re new to  building a mlm network marketing internet business, and new to blogging and internet marketing, this is the hardest it’s ever going to be!  Once you’ve done something one time, the next times you do it, it will get easier, and easier, and easier.  Before you know it, you’ll be cranking out awesome SEO’d content all over the web!

I believe in you! If you need some help I’m just a phone call, email or tweet away! Pick up your megaphone and give me a shout! :)

So now you know the 3 Keys to an Extreme Social Media Marketing Campaign!  Stay tuned…Extreme Makeover-Network Marketing Blog Edition continues with Part 4: “Plugin’s, The Power Tools for Your Network Marketing Blog!”



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