Extreme Makeover-Network Marketing Blog Edition: Welcome Home

"Does Your Network Marketing Blog Need an Extreme Makeover?Welcome back! We’re on to day two of our extreme network marketing blog makeover.  Let’s make your “home” for your MLM online business welcoming for your guests (prospects) and effective (profitable) for you!

7 Steps for an Extreme Makeover on Your Network Marketing Blog

1. Hello?  Is Anyone Home? When was your last blog post? Would your readers think you’ve been away on a month long vacation if they visited your blog?   A vacant blog smells as stale to your prospects as a vacant home does!

2. Opt-in: Does your blog have a way for your prospects to opt into an email list with an irresistible offer that relates to your niche?  It’s like offering your guests a drink or a snack as a thank you for taking the time to visit you.  It gives them a chance to get to know you and learn more about what you offer.

  • If possible, place it in the top right hand column.  We read left to right and our eyes naturally rest at the right hand side of the page, so placing it in the top right hand corner will be the best place for your readers to notice it.
  • Place your opt in above the fold. Have it visible to your prospects without them having to scroll down to see it.
  • Use “copy doodles” like hand drawn arrows to direct the eyes of your prospects to the opt in form

3. Housekeeping: Is your blog tidy and easy to navigate for your prospects or is it cluttered and overwhelming? Just like your home, cleaning up the clutter can do a lot for improving it’s appearance.

  • Avoid lots of blog “clutter” like widgets and banners that will confuse your reader
  • Make sure your posts are categorized so you readers can find what they are looking for

4. Design: Is your blog template appealing to your target market? Are the colors appealing? Is the text easy to read?

  • Avoid dark colored blogs with white writing. It’s tiring to the eyes.
  • Keep your blog design in-line with your ideal prospect.  If you’re prospecting professionals from Linked in, stay on the conservative side, if you’re prospecting mompreneurs, warm, friendly, and feminine might be good.
  • Your blog plays a BIG role in your personal branding.  For a unified brand, carry the look and feel of your blog through-out your social media profiles.

5. Pictures: A picture is really worth a thousand words!  The pictures in your home tell a story and adding photos to your blog will too!

  • Do you have a photo of yourself on your blog?  Smiling and friendly goes a LONG way in building trust and like-ability with your prospects!
  • If you’re blogging incognito, then consider using a cartoon drawing of some type instead.
  • Include a photo in your blog posts that relates to your blog.  It’s a great place to add a little more SEO by including keywords if possible. (Make sure they make sense and fit the picture).

6. Blog Post Titles: Think of your post titles like curb appeal for your network marketing blog.  If the house looks great from the curb, people will assume it’s going to be great on the inside too.  Makeover your post titles so that they pull your readers in!  Your title may be the first impression someone gets of you and your content…and you know how important first impressions can be! Make sure you include your keyword phrase in your headline (within the first few words if possible).  Here are some ideas for effective headlines:

  • How to… so you can…..
  • Ask your reader a question (and then answer it in the post)
  • Add some adjectives that will pull your reader: Secret, Easily, Simply, Faster, Better, etc.
  • Numbers work great in headlines (Odd numbers appeal to people when you’re creating a list of things in your post)
  • Leverage something in the media, news, trends, or events in your title and your post

7. URL: Your “address” in the search engines: Can Google find where your blog post lives?  Having keywords in your url is essential to being found on the search engines, but you still want to attract relevant readers.

  • Include your main keyword phrase for your post.
  • De-clutter your URL of “filler words” and downsize it to 72 characters or less.

I’ve just run through 7 steps to makeover your blog so you can help more people, attract more leads, and make more money with your network marketing blog. This is a pretty simple DIY project, that will give you some EXTREME results.  And that’s a good thing because Ty Pennington isn’t going to log into your wordpress dashboard with a neighborhood crew and do the work for you!

But if you need some help I’m just a phone call, email or tweet away! (And I promise I won’t YELL through a megaphone at you!) 🙂

Stay tuned for episode 3 tomorrow! I’ll be sharing more great tips, a list of my favorite plugins, and other ways to spruce up your blog “home” online.



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