Extreme Makeover-Network Marketing Blog Edition: Part 1

"Does Your Network Marketing Blog Need an Extreme Makeover?Is your network marketing blog pulling in leads like you want it to? If not, it probably needs an extreme blog makeover!

I love to watch those home improvement shows to get ideas on things I can do to make my house more attractive, more energy efficient so it saves me money, and more organized so it saves me time.

Our first home was a 1924 brick bungalow on a beautiful tree lined street.  We transformed it from a pit to our little palace in a few years, spending weekend after weekend on home improvement projects.  When our family got bigger and we outgrew our pretty little home, we decided to look for a home that was newer.  Our kids were young and we wanted to spend our time watching them grow up, instead of spending our time doing the things an older home required, like as swapping out storm windows and screens 2 weekends a year, and keeping up with all the painting.

The reasons I decided to build my network marketing business online was very similar to the reasons my husband and I decided to purchase a newer home:

“Using a blog for my marketing hub is much more energy efficient for me
and it saves me time, so I can play with my kids more!”

I agree that newer homes don’t have the same personality and charm that older homes do, but as a busy mom of 3, there is something to be said for simplicity.  I encourage you to continue to build in your warm market when you find people who are looking for a way to earn money from home.  Ignoring those people is just plain selfish!  But using a WordPress blog as your “home” online can be a great way to simplify your business building, and you can still have all the personality and charm of the traditional network marketing approach, by following up with your leads by phone, and building relationship with them.

Stop and think about this for a minute….your blog is probably a more important piece of real estate than your home is, because an effective marketing hub can earn you income that can pay for the physical home you live in, and the improvements you want to make on it.

So…this week, we’re going to roll up our sleeves, use some elbow grease, and build some sweat equity by making over your network marketing blog.  Please stay tuned…I’m going to share tips and resources to help you make your online “home” welcoming for your guests (prospects) and effective (profitable) for you!

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