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Effective Duplication Station

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You stand on the platform, speckled with the black spots of old gum that have been petrified into the concrete, no longer sticky. A florescent green light flickers above you clouded by a fog of bugs that are magnetically drawn to it, like marketers to the next big guru product launch.

You’re exhausted, having worked month after month, trying to get your business blog off the ground, writing unique value adding content, marketing your blog in social media, building a list, but success feels so elusive.

Duplication Dilemmas and Your Success So Far:

You’ve gone down the tracks proposed to you by all the guru’s out there. “Buy this system, buy that system, use this, use that, meditate more, market more, give more value.”

You got tired of those “make it look easy” sleazy systems a long time ago, and embraced the concept of consistent steady hard work. And like the little engine that could, you kept climbing those challenges, one at a time, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

You reflect upon those accomplishments and how amazing you felt after you reached the top of those marketing mountains: Getting your blog set up, your first lead, traffic, credibility, your first sale online…

You’ve conquered all those baby-steps to success and every one was a milestone worth celebrating, but success–the real success–you’ve yet to reach.

You glance around at the crowd of people who are gathering, and feel more alone than ever. Everyone else seems to know where they’re going. You, however, are standing there with aching feet and only enough money and stamina for one-more-ride on the success train.

It’s not like you’re sitting idle on the tracks. You’ve been throwing the coals to your work for what feels like eternity, hoping and believing that this month will be different that last month. You have mastered the basics and beyond, but haven’t mastered the “freedom” money yet in your business.

All Aboard the Success Training Headed for Effective Duplication Station:

The eerie horn in the distance breaks your train of thought and you stop to take a quick inventory of your belongings and wait nervously for the enormous steel serpent to crawl it’s way around the curve as it approaches the platform and stops in front of you.

“This is it. This time it will work,” you whisper to yourself as you wait for the doors to open and take your first step up. You realize the metaphor, having lived it so many times…boy, those first few steps always feel so big.

You’ve paid your fare, you’ve confirmed your email, and now you stare at a cornucopia of resources and wonder where you begin. It doesn’t make sense…where is module one? You look around, and start to feel that ever-familiar pit in your stomach, when it dawns on you that you’re looking at your inbox and hard drive.

The marketing funnels of all the gurus and successful marketers are laid out before you. All the products you’ve purchased, all the resources you’ve subscribed to, and every rss feed you’ve read are now organized by marketer and then further organized by systems that they’ve promoted and sold.

The anger starts to build up inside of you. The voice inside your head shouts, “I PAID for this? I already know this! I’ve implemented this on my thank you pages, I’ve modeled that wording on my opt in form, and I wrote about that on my blog!”

But then, the crackly voice on the intercom system announces the next stop: “Next Stop Duplication Station. Please make sure to take one marketer’s system with you.”

You don’t know what to take. There are so many marketers and so many systems, you can’t possibly choose one. Over here, that’s so-and-so’s system and you really like her teaching style; and over there is that guy’s system, and he’s fun to listen to. And you notice yet another marketer’s system and realize that you’ve purchased everything she’s produced.

You grab that one just as the train comes rattling into the station and you hurry to wiggle your way into the line of people waiting to exit the train. A crowd roars outside, but all you can see through the windows of the train is the reflection of the people inside.

As you work your way to the exit the roar gets louder and almost replaces the confusion, anger, and frustration you’re feeling inside with anticipation and excitement.

You fight to bring yourself back to reality while you run through in your mind what you’re going to say to the customer service department a the station, for ripping you off. After all you paid thousands of dollars for this “next best thing” system, and what did you get for it? Stuff you already know!

Duplication Explained by the Guru:

As you approach the stairs, ready to climb down, a warm hand grabs yours and says welcome to duplication station, as she helps you take that last big step onto the platform. You glance up and realize it’s the marketer whose systems you grabbed in the frantic hurry before exiting the train. She says joyfully shouts, “Welcome to duplication station, I’m so glad you’re here,” and gives you a hug.

What is this place? You’re still confused but the furry inside of you is dissolving, against your will.

The marketer takes her system to carry it for you as she leads you through the crowd of other marketers and gurus. “I understand this seems strange, but let me explain.”

She leads you down the length of the track, holding your arm as she enlightens you to the mission of duplication station, which is to help marketers focus.

“I’ve been where you are,” she says, “having worked so hard but not seeing the success I’d worked so hard to achieve.

Putting you on the train and forcing you to choose one marketer’s system, from the hundreds of systems you’ve subscribed to and purchased is our way of helping you to choose your teacher; the one marketer who stands out for you, among your crowded inbox and hard drive of resources.

I am your mentor and all the things that I’ve done to achieve the success in my business are in this system. My marketing funnels, my copywriting style, my list building methods, my traffic generation secrets…they are all here for you to take and make your own.”

“But what about all the other marketer’s systems I’ve purchased?” You ask, as you glance around and picking out many of them with other students in the river of people leaving the station.

“They’ve all been backed up and saved on a portable hard drive that you will receive back after you have implemented everything I have to teach you, and you receive successful results.”

You argue, “I’ve already implemented what you taught in these systems and,

She interrupts you, “You’ve implemented parts of them. The information in the training courses you purchased are only a tiny part of the system. The marketing materials, training webinars, email autoresponder sequences, lead capture pages, sales pages, and thank you pages, one time offer pages, and the overall marketing funnel are all parts of the system in which you’ve yet to implement.

Our next step is to look at the systems as a whole and implement them in your business, to fit your market and your marketing funnel.”

That was when you “got it” and realized the priceless value in coming to duplication station. The obvious solution sat right under your nose, but your vision was so clouded by all the systems intermixed you couldn’t see it.

For the first time, in a very long time, you feel real hope, walking arm in arm with the leader who has already given you the all secrets to her success.

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  1. Hey Heather. I took the trains to nowhere for a very long time. I agree that duplication station is a must visit.

    I think that a mentor who grabs you by the arm and takes you under his/her wing is the answer.

    Speaking of mentors. I have a wonderful conversation with M.L. this morning. HE called me!! He is pushing me to move and he said “I have him in my back pocket”.

    This is an example of a great mentor who lays the foundations for others to duplicate.

    We REALLY need to talk soon!


    • Hi Jayne,

      I’m excited about your phone call and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Let’s get on skype tomorrow if you have time?

      Don’t you just love it when you know you’re on the right track? I can feel it about you Jayne…I’m ready to see your business explode above me like firecrackers in a mid-summer night sky!


  2. Love your storytelling style Heather and the great offerings you’ve compiled on your site. I’d be interested in learning about whether your audio versions of your posts are listened to often? Do you have any sort of analytics around that? I’ve never really thought about doing that sort of thing, but it would be interesting to hear whether they get downloaded often.

    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks so much!

      I’ve only done audio on a few posts and I don’t have any concrete results yet. I’ve been learning about the importance of appealing to different modalities lately, video, audio, text, demonstration, etc. but I’m still in the experimental stage.

      I’d be happy to share my results with you when I have something to report.

      So glad you stopped by! 🙂 Thank you for your comment,


  3. Hi Heather,

    awesome post with essay qualities, amazing. Most marketers lack clarity of what they want to accomplish. That’s why they’re getting on the wrong train, in many cases on many wrong trains at the same. They might even get onto a faster train, but what’s the purpose when it’s travelling into the wrong direction ? Clarity is power !

    Take care


    • Thanks Oliver!

      Curious if you have any analytics on your posts with audios. Jason in the comment above yours asked about it and I wonder if you have tracked the results from adding audio on your blog?

      Goodness knows I’ve been in the position of not having focus and I’ve stowed away on many a train that ended up not heading in the direction I wanted to go. 🙂

      The good news is that it’s all part of the journey which lead me to clarity…eventually!

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hi Heather I love the way you wrote this story. I can definitely relate to all the confusion. I think with so much sales pitches around, I need to just stay focused and learn from one mentor. That’s why I am here – to learn from you!

    • Hi Diana,

      Seemed like a fun break from the usual Marketing Ideas style post I write, although it felt like a risk. Glad to know you liked it.

      And, my friend, I’m SO glad you’re here! You’ve done absolutely amazing things in your business so far and I’m excited to see what you have yet to accomplish. If it’s anything like what you’ve done already…watch out world! Here comes Diana! 🙂


  5. Hello Heather,
    Your story telling style is great! We sometimes fail to do the very things that are essential to our success online because we want to be different.
    While we need to be different, we shouldn’t forget the “petty” things. Thanks for the great storyline Heather.

    • Hi Emmanuel!

      Glad you enjoyed the story! 🙂 I think being different is ok as long as we’re taking a solid system that is working for someone else, implementing it step by step to fit our marketing and our materials. That way it’s still uniquely ours, but we know it’s a system that will work. 🙂

      That’s my opinion anyway.

      Thanks for your comment! I so appreciate you stopping by!


  6. Hi Heather,
    That was a fun and creative way to do a post! The storytelling really made it fun and hit upon the imagination! You make a great point too, thank you for sharing!


    • Thanks Stacy!

      Glad you enjoyed my story. It was a break from my typical writing style and I wasn’t sure if everyone would like it…although it was a lot of fun to write!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. WOW! Heather, this is fantastic. What an accurate story you told. it is positively brilliant that the blogger was forced to choose one marketer’s system and then to realize, at long last, ALL parts of the system must be implemented.

    You are so right that most people have piles and piles of “stuff” they have purchased. Though they are great programs from successful people, unfortunately the newbies do not understand that it is the synergy of the system that works–not the parts. Far, far too many people are addicted to distraction and the next best deal.

    Heather, as a result of your post, I bet you save countless people time, frustration and money. Well done, my friend. Aloha. Janet

    • Hi Janet!

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂 I loved it and I hope that I’ve saved people some of the time/money I’ve struggled with myself.

      I’m working with a couple of marketers and studying their entire systems right now and I’m seeing lots of little things that I didn’t see before at first glance. Time will tell, but I’m seeing results with the tiny little tweaks I’ve been making as a result of implementing one system.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  8. Hi Heather,

    Loved the great story and the truth it tells too.

    I hope that it does save many a newbie the heartache and costs so many of us have had to endure but I have my doubts.

    This is not because your story isn’t powerful and totally correct but because somehow most of us have to go down this avenue to learn the lessons experientially.

    Even if this does happen for readers of your post, I am sure they will get to “Duplication station” eventually and then they will remember your post and say, “Heather was right you know.” 🙂


    • Hi Marcus,

      Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment! I know that we’ll all make our own mistakes in building our businesses, but hopefully we can avoid a few here and there by following the steps of a leader and learning from each other. 🙂

      Since I’ve been following fewer leaders more closely, I’m starting to notice more of the nuances of their marketing systems that I never realized before. And as I implement them I’m seeing better results overall.

      Maybe I can see it because of the mistakes I’ve made or because I’m at a different point in my business? I’m not sure…but I think I can relate it to reading a book more than once and having different things stand out from it the second and third times around.

      I can’t help but to think that I’ve been missing some integral steps along the way, picking and choosing what I like best from each marketer and creating my “own system” instead of putting to the test online a complete system that is already proven?

      Hindsight is 20/20…so I guess I’ll have to wait to see what happens in the long run. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and for giving me more food for thought on my post!

      I appreciate you, Marcus!

  9. Heather,

    Great to see that you’re implementing sound! You are definitely leading by example.

    Conveying your message by story made this so compelling. I enjoy your writing (and now podcasts) anyway but this was a treat.

    I wonder how many times did we board the wrong train? How many times did we miss the right stops; stops that were rife with opportunity along the way?

    It’s comforting when you have the feeling of being on the right track, no doubt about it. It’s an even better feeling when you see the rewards of implementing the strategies you’ve learned.

    Thank you for an informative and engaging article 🙂


    • Hi Jon,

      Gotta be honest, and say you pushed me into the audio version. 🙂 Thank you!

      Glad the story worked. I wasn’t sure what the feedback on it would be, but it was a lot of fun to write and break away from my traditional style.

      I have no clue how many wrong trains I boarded, but I know it’s been many. I agree that there is something so exhilarating to be on the right track and feel it in your gut!

      Thanks for the comment!


  10. Bryan Salek says:


    This was great reading to ponder as I drift off to sleep. I like to pick and choose the pieces I like from each of the leaders. I need to take some time and go back to review. Thanks for an entertaining and thought provoking post.


    • A little bed-time story, huh Bryan?

      I think we’re all pickers and choosers and it’s not a bad thing, but I think it may be why sometimes we don’t get the results we want to get. Leaving out something that may seem small to us, could actually be an integral part of the system as a whole.

      Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it!

  11. Dev says:

    Hello Heather,

    Another great post. Your story telling style is awesome. Btw. It is great to see you’re doing audio versions of the post. keep at it.

    Btw. I like the new colors of this blog. Nice work Heather.


    • Thank you Dev!

      Glad you like the blog colors and the post. I’m not sure I’m done tweaking yet…but I think the content shows up better now.

      Experimenting with the audios. I’m curious to see what the results from it are. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your comment!


  12. Hi,Hetaher,
    I bet you had lots of fun writing this story. It is so uplifting and unique… or even, better to say, clever, as your moto is. We are on the right train and track, driving in the good direction with clevermarketer! Being on the right track is what everyone wants, but of course it does not come over night…one must miss a few trains and skip some tracks in order to realize which line is the most suitable one.

  13. Hi Heather, I am so glad you took the risk. It was a fun read with an important lesson! Hope to see more of these posts.

  14. after reading it i am sure you are too a writing lover as i am =) GOOD ONE!!!