Is Content Creation Overwhelming You in Your Network Marketing Internet Business?

Creating content is easier than you may think!The secret to successfully building your network marketing internet business is creating content rich information and spreading it online in several places where your potential prospects will find it, like it, and come to you looking for more.

If you’re like me, you are a busy being a mom and the thought of creating lots and lots of content can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

I spent months after I set up my blogs knowing I needed to be blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and you-tubing on a consistent basis, but I was a paralyzed by my procrastination because it felt like so much work and I was already a busy mom of 3, running 2 businesses from home.

Little did I know, the solution was as easy as reheating left-overs for lunch!

The secret is creating content that you can leverage to gain maximum exposure for your network marketing Internet business.

  1. Start out by creating content-rich blog posts; optimized of course, with keywords in your title and keywords throughout your post, and in your post tags.
  2. Send out an email to your list with a link back to your blog. Don’t send the whole blog post in your email…create intrigue by only sending part of it in the email and send your readers back to your blog for the rest of the story!
  3. Take that blog post, using the free software, Camstudio, or the paid software Camtasia and create a 2-3 minute video scrolling through your blog post sharing the highlights of it on the video.
  4. Strip the audio from the video or read the article and record it to create a podcast out of it.
  5. Rewrite and expand on your blog post to create an ezine article.
  6. You could also create a Squidoo lens and or a HubPage out of the content from your blog post.

Other tips for creating content you can repurpose:

Make sure all your tags, keywords, and content links back to your blog and that you’re posting links to all this content in your social media updates.  Because some people like to read, some like to listen, some like to watch, you’ll be catering to people in the way they like to take in information, in the locations they like to hang out.

Creating content that you can leverage by re-purposing it is a great way to feed your hungry market with valuable content and keep the overwhelm ogre at bay, when you’re building a network marketing internet business!

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  1. Hi Heather,

    I think creating quality content is not just a leverage. I personally think its the key to be successful in internet marketing especially in search engine optimization. Since the Google Panda update, Google now prefers quality over quantity. It favors site that provide quality content and there basing it on the bounce rate. If you’re bounce rate is less, there’s no doubt that you’ll get good rankings for your site.


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