Consistency + Quality of Your Content = Your Response in Social Media and Your Income

social-media-signs-response-equals-quality-contentI just watched a great video by Greg Martin explaining the signs he looks for in his social media accounts to know if consistently posting quality content is getting a good response in social media.

When you getting started online, you’re hopeful and excited and may feel that within minutes of tweeting your first blog post, the world is going to be so moved by the content and you’ll be receiving a flood traffic to their blog, but it never happens that way.  It can often be confusing to know if what you’re doing is working and it is sometimes hard to have the confidence in the path you are taking.

Getting a response to the content you’re putting out there takes time.  It takes consistent posting of quality content to get clicks.  The more people see you putting out great content the more they’ll want to see what you’ve written next or check you out farther by going to your blog and friending you on Facebook.

In the video Greg shares the signs he looks for that help him gauge how his readers liked the content he shared.  But, I would like to focus on another nugget I gained from his video.

I love that Greg shared on the video that when he first got started he got no response from twitter, but he kept at it and over time he started to notice more clicks coming through.

The more you read, learn, blog about, and and contribute value to your followers on twitter, the better you will get at writing content that pulls at the hearts of your readers and leaves them wanting to share the love.

The formula I see, based on Greg’s video, is Consistency + Quality of Your Content = Your Response in Social Media and Your Income.

Here’s the video.  Enjoy and please comment!  You can find Greg Martin at @YouniqueBiz on twitter, and on his blog.

If you have questions about building your network marketing internet business, please contact me!  On twitter you can @reply me or feel free to give me a call and let me know how I can help. 815-218-4726


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